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Low key but ultimately rewarding family drama about parental responsibilities
Andrea(Renessa Blitz)is being raised her grandmother Anna(Janet Laine- Green) but believes Anna is her real mother. Ergo, Monika(Marnie McPhil),who Andrea thinks is her older sister, is really her mother. This situation seems to be becoming more common recently so the storyline alone should appeal to many viewers. The movie does have many things to recommend it. The movie starts off showing Anna as an irresponsible parent and Monika as a maturing woman ready to take over her rightful role of Andrea's mother. However, things are not so easily resolved. The ending of the film is believable and very satisfying. The script and acting(featuring great performances by veteran Canadian actors like Jayne Eastwood, Tom McCamus and Albert Schultz) are equally strong.Another plus is the soundtrack featuring pleasant blues arrangements by Gordie Johnson. One major flaw is the film's editting. Some camera shots and transitions are so poorly done that it detracts from the film's potential. It would be nice to re-view this movie after a more competent editing. As it stands, this movie serves as a reminder to film makers not to neglect the technical side of movie making.
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Female but not feminist
przgzr18 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A movie with family secrets slowly revealing... Females with troubled childhood having some hard times today... So familiar, isn't it? But – surprise: can you believe – not a single hint of incest, no sexual molestation! As if this movie was made 50 years ago! Not only that: main character was pregnant at 14, but this wasn't a rape; and even more, she didn't make an abortion but she loved her baby! And there are several men among these females, and they don't make women's life easy, in fact they made many mistakes – yet they are no monsters, they are no villains, they are only very human. But none of the females is perfect either, one was neglecting her kids and leaving them even on other continent, second was a drug addict and runaway, and the youngest is also not a sweet victim, but instead of going to school rather plays in cellar pretending to be some adult celebrity. All of them are humans too.

If any of you haven't noticed that this isn't a USA movie, you must be shocked. Anyone addicted to Hollywood factory products and any political correctness believer must be out of mind to see that such a movie can exist. It breaks every possible rule, neglects every cliché, avoids all thousand commandments for modern (= Hollywood) dramas, if this genre exists any more. It is so Canadian that it is a must-see for all of us who recognize how far ahead their movies (especially dramas and children movies) are compared to those made across the southern border... regardless if they are made in English or French speaking part of the country.

The authors never, not for a single moment, preach or express any attitudes about so important issues they show. Only one message: forgiving and tolerance can solve (almost) everything, but we have to know what our priorities are. And though we must keep our values, we must be ready to change for sake of those that we care for. We must love them though they are not perfect, and we can do it only after we admit to others and (most hard to do) to ourselves that we are not perfect either. Yes, we know all that, we were told that so many times before... but did we really understand that, and how much of that were we ready to input in our lives? Music is very important part of the movie. Unfortunately, if you don't like blues or jazz, be ready to put volume down, don't give up watching.

Some scenes are maybe less convincing, but never over the edge of believable. As this was not a comedy, the ending could have been tragic (to warn people what consequences their acts in life can bring), but that might lead to preaching; besides, the offered solution is very realistic and in no way cheesy as 95 percent authors would make.

I guess many readers won't share my opinion and my comment will get bad marks. However I'm not doing it for voting list, but to make people (those who are still not poisoned by Hollywood and PC) pay attention on this extraordinary drama.
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