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A beautiful xmas love story

Author: Streetwolf
27 August 2001

Julia is a widow, who resides up in the mountains with her two daughters, but now low on cash she does her best to sell cakes during the Xmas holidays. Brian Harding is a city guy, who works in a bank and before Xmas holidays he has to go and repossess Julia's home because she was unable to pay the loan back. With harsh words said to each other Brian jumps back in his car on that snowy night, but ends up crashing his car not far from Julia's house. Seeing this she helps this stranger in and attends to his wounds. Brian tries his best to leave, but with the poor weather condition he is forced to stay put and slowly the two of them become friends and then more than friends. This is a really good movie to watch during the Xmas season. Gregory Harrison and Olivia Newton-John were brilliant in their roles. the part which i liked best was when Julia was trying to undress a very weak and drowsy Brian! It was just hilarious!

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Needed to be rated higher

Author: rrscoobydoo from United States
14 February 2006

This is got to be one of the best Christmas movie's ever made. Olivia Newton-John and Gregory Harrison do a wonderful job in this movie. I would love to see them in another movie together. They act together as well as Olivia and John Travolta do. I recommend this movie to everyone who love's Christmas movie's. Olivia's real life daughter Chloe is also in this movie and she does an excellent job of acting herself. Chloe and her mother Olivia also star in another movie together called The Wilde girl's which is also a movie to see. I believe Chloe will be starring in other movie's, as she is a good actress like her mother. Those who will watch this movie will by no mean's be disappointed.

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A gift of xmas wishes

Author: john191158 from australia
27 February 2001

Olivia plays a widow with 2 young daughters living high in the mountains and facing the prospect of a bleak xmas having lost her job and with the threat of the bank taking her home through non mortgage payments.

Gregory Harrison plays bank employee who is to deliver the fatal news on xmas eve gets stuck in her house due to a car crash in a snow storm on xmas eve.

Making xmas cakes to try and make some extra money for the holiday season,Olivia and daughters,one of whom is played by real daughter Chloe whose acting at such a young age is quite credible.

Despite his somewhat nasty character Olivia falls for gregory harrison who although already has a fiance and in true disney fashion all ends happily with Olivia getting to keep her house and is given a framed drawing of her two daughters by harrison.

Bleak settings help to give atmosphere to the film and Olivia is maturing as a tv actress with this film being made not long after her successful battle with breast cancer.Not a glamorous role for Olivia but one with real grit and determination. 8 out of 10.

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Although is was filmed and released in 1994, it is my favorite Christmas Movie.

Author: Holly Roberts (hbr1223) from Athens, AL
21 December 2003

The Christmas Stranger was an excellent storyline. The casting was great. The story was a lot like my life, except I haven't found the right man after my husbands sudden death. I love Christmas just as Julia, can't bake like her though. But, back to the movie, it was great, I wished I could own it on VHS or DVD. I would love that.

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(NO spoilers!) Live the romance, if you can get a copy!

Author: Larryw76 from United States
15 October 2005

This movie distribution puzzles me VERY greatly. It's near impossible to get in any North American format (DVD region 2 UK appears to be the most available version) Why not North America? No idea. Would sell like hotcakes! Set your VCR (or other recorder) if you see it on TV! As for the movie...

Imagine one of the cleverest romantic stories you will see, the leads have great chemistry, and the children (one played by Olivia's daughter, how's that for a holiday "keepsake"?)are charming and not over acted.

If you expect a musical, no, that's not it... (very little singing, and all in context of the plot) comedy, well, sometimes... drama? Hmmm... not really... My "9" rating is based on "best of class" as watchable clever romantic stories are far apart. (WAY apart!) Screenplay vs. book? (yes, I actually found a copy of the book) I was interested in seeing how they compared... not well, I fear.

Screenplay beats the book with a baseball bat, one of the very few movies I've EVER seen where the "basic" idea of the book is kept, and the details tossed out the window, with the screenplay winning hands down.

The movie is FAR, FAR better than the book, it "flows" better, is far more a solid plot than the book, comes together without the cheap "gimmicks" of the book, etc. (ever seen a screenplay beat the *daylights* out of the book? and not vice-versa?) Nice work, Darrah Cloud (screenwriter), whoever you are, I'll look up your work! The book left me wanting my fifty cents back, the movie is fun, and more fun to watch than it would lead you to believe.

Keep a heads up for this one, you'll want to snap out the "erase allow" tab on your tape to protect it! Hey guys out there! BIG heads up on this, GREAT "at home" date movie, the fact that Olivia Newton-John is at her "cute looking" best is reason enough to watch. For the ladies out there, Gregory Harrison looks nicely groomed for the part.

I read somewhere the whole movie was done in several weeks (!) Some TV episodes take longer, but don't look it.


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Olivia's best picture - definitely worth a higher rating

Author: modline from United States
3 January 2006

Olivia makes a tremendous leap in her acting abilities following a rather "wooden" (pun intended) performance as a mannequin in yet another Christmas television movie, "A Mom for Christmas." This wonderful movie co-stars Gregory Harrison, whom she would also act with in the AIDS-drama "It's My Party," and also marks the acting debut of her daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, whom, much later, would become an international singing sensation in her own right.

The film centers on a widowed mother of two young girls who is struggling to make ends meet in order to save the bank from foreclosing on her mountainside home. Bleak stuff for Christmas, huh? Then, along comes mean mister bank man, played by Gregory Harrison, who must give Olivia the bad news that the bank has taken over her house and she must move. All this fun on Christmas Eve...

Well, along comes a storm and forces Harrison to stay with Olivia & girls , and romance ensues, but not without some trials (including a dying lamb)... It really seems bleak, but it all works out in the end, and Olivia turns in her strongest role yet.

It is unbelievable that this movie has yet to be released on DVD - it was a top 10 favorite the year it was made, and has been re-run on television throughout the years since. Also, with Olivia's (and now Chloe's) popularity, the movie would surely be a strong seller. Repeated viewings have proved just how strong this film is, and it definitely ranks up there with the seasonal holiday classics that are re-run every year. It's a beautiful film.

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Author: wgunnelsiii from United States
19 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Newton-John and Harrison only did what Julie Andrews and James Garner did in ONE SPECIAL NIGHT. Still, she's never been more serious as an actress (nor has she ever been lovelier, except in the 1975 Glen Campbell special. Only Valerie Harper prevented Olivia from being the indisputable belle of Aspen in John Denver's ROCKY MOUNTAIN Christmas.)

A CHISTMAS ROMANCE is more unforgettable than ONE SPECIAL NIGHT for three reasons. Olivia is even prettier (in my eyes) than Julie; I had never seen Olivia act at this level before (corny though the plot was); and I had never seen Chloe before. Since PEOPLE quoted Olivia as saying she never accepts a dramatic role unless there's another for Chloe in the same project, I already suspected that one of the daughters in A Christmas ROMANCE was played by Olivia's own daughter. Olivia's resolute sheep-ranching widow instantly banished Julie's stuffy obstetrician from my dreams (though not from my critical memories).

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Might have been called the Bickersons Christmas but the film will have its fan base

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
24 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Julia (Olivia Newton-John) is a young widow with two little daughters. She is behind in the mortgage payments on her mountain top house, has many other bills and, to add insult to injury, loses her job. Brian (Gregory Harrison) is the banker in charge of her mortgage and, on a snowy day just before Christmas, he makes a trip up the mountain to tell her she will be turned out of her house. Yet, fate steps in. Brian, a bachelor, becomes stuck on the mountain in the heavy snowfall and must spend a few days with Julia and company. In such close proximity to each other, is it possible for two very different people to fall in love? This film is not without its charms, of course. Newton-John and Harrison are attractive people, the setting is lovely, and the plot contrivances formulaic but fun. However, the two stars do a great deal of bickering, more than is required to set the stage for the unlikely romance to follow. After awhile, this becomes a bit tedious. If you are looking for acceptable Christmas films for the family and for those who like love stories, this one will do, no doubt about that. Just be prepared for lots of acrimony before love finds its way to fruition.

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