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Ambitious and Surprising Sequel
idlehands2k26 November 2001
After the disappointing "Children of the Corn II", the 1996 direct-to-video sequel subtitled "Urban Harvest" moves the setting from a rural Midwestern town to the Windy City of Chicago. A change of atmosphere gives the "Children of the Corn" franchise a much-needed boost and this entry is sometimes scary, often imaginative and boasts some unique special effects.

A couple (Jim Metzler and Nancy Lee Grahn) adopt a pair of abandoned teens. The older one (Ron Melendez) is conflicted with his Gatlin, Nebraska past, while the younger one (Daniel Cerny) prepares to recruit an all new batch of followers to resurrect He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

The movie is pretty tense and actually works on many levels... but the finale -- while planned out well -- looks really cheap onscreen and brings about lots of unintentional laughter.

"Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest" is one of the strongest entries in the franchise, and for the first 85 of its 91 minute running time, it proves to be a first-rate thriller.
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come on people, it's not THAT bad!
sony-66 March 1999
mostly everyone on here has been saying that this movie sucks and that the acting is bad, but the acting actually is very good. That was what made me sit through this movie, also I'm a fan of these movies anyway, I live for horror! the best performance in ths movie was given by Daniel Cerny, the worst performance was given by Ron Melendez. so, peace out.
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strangely enjoyable
snafflemonkey16 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Surely there can't be more children from Gatlin trying to find a new home? This entry changes the setting of the series from a small rural town to the big city and the change of location doesn't really work. The concept of the children killing all the adults because of "He who walks behind the rows" could work in an isolated town but in a large urban area the idea of the huge cornfield springing up from nowhere is just more laughable than anything.

Having said all that there is much to enjoy in this film - the acting is better than is usual for this sort of thing, the special effects - up until the end, are quite good and there are some effective horror moments and the running time doesn't drag.

As has been mentioned by others the monster at the end of the film is something to behold, it looks extremely fake but oddly it just adds to the charm of this sequel.

This entry is the last to really follow the storyline from the first 2 with any regard to a continuing plot until the dire part 6, so if you enjoy cheap horror your better sticking with the first 3.
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Good movie that falls apart in the last 10 minutes. !SPOILER ALERT!
LT-1031 December 1999
Warning: Spoilers
I know that there not the best movies ever made, but I enjoyed the first two movies in this series. I was thinking the same about this one but the part with the living scarecrow and the horrible special effects from the monster changed how I thought about this movie. !SPOILER ALERT! It would have been better if Eli was killed more slowly and then end it with a few flashes and stuff, throw the ministers bible in the flashes. That way the horrible monster effect could have been avoided. I didn't think Eli's step-mother should have died (I forget her name, lets call her the girl from General Hospital) It was a very good death scene but it should have happened to someone else. This movie really wasn't totally necessary, but it can be entertaining you just sit back and go with the flow.
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Almost good...
...but ruined by the ending. The infamous ending of the third part of the Children of the Corn series feels like a disaster of epic proportions that kills what otherwise could be a near perfect movie. Nevertheless, this movie has many good things that are worth a watch.

The plot is a very good twist to the well-known saga of "He Who Walks Behind the Rows". After the horrifying events in Gatlin, two brothers, Eli(Daniel Cerny) & Joshua(Ron Melendez) are sent to a foster house in Chicago. Their new family is very eager to have children and gives them a warm welcome, but Eli & Joshua feel the cultural shock as they try to get used to the urban environment. While Joshua tries to fit in, the younger Eli begins to plant corn in order to bring the cult of "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" to the world.

It is indeed a very good script, and for the most part it works. It is a huge improvement over the past sequels and in my humble opinion, sometimes it even surpasses the original. Daniel Cerny's performance is outstanding and one wonders why he suddenly stopped working when he was one of the very few child actors who could give a believable performance.

The eerie atmosphere is back and there are great moments of suspense and surrealistic imagery. This is what Children of the Corn movies should be. The direction is pretty good, and it handles the script with perfection and lets it flow with good rhythm.

If all these is so good, what can be so bad that makes the movie fail in the end? Without giving spoilers, let me just say that even when the SFX are top-notch for a low-budget movie; the ending pretends to be of epic proportions and ends up being one of the biggest SFX disasters ever.

Don't get me wrong, even with it's HUGE SFX faults, it still is better than average, but it breaks everything that was build up to that moment, the eerie atmosphere fill with suspense turns into a savage gore fest in the style of "Evil Dead" but without the talent. It just feels like a different movie.

Overall, it's worth a rent, especially for Daniel Cerny's performance who truly saves the film(no surprise that it's when he is gone that the movie falls down). It's good entertainment if you see it with a open mind.

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Best in the series! (Spoilers)
willywants21 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
PLOT: Two young Gatling residents are orphaned after the younger brother kills their father. So, the terror of Gatling goes urban when the two boys are placed in the custody of two foster parents. The younger brother (who by this point is established as the "evil one") bought some corn seeds along for the road and plants them in the courtyard of an abandoned warehouse, bring He Who Walks Behind the Rows to the city. He winds up possessing his high school peers, and soon his older brother feels called to stop him.

DIRECTING:8/10- I was very impressed with James D.R. Hickox's direction. Lots of slow-motion shots, "28 days later"-type photography, wide shots, and more. Good job!

ACTING: 9/10- Performances are all-around excellent, especially Daniel Cerny.......What ever happened to him? everyone else does great, too.

WRITING: 7/10- The script is full of solid scares and characters, Cerny's character (Eli) is given especially memorable lines.

GORE: 9/10- This is easily the goriest entry in the series. A man gets his arms ripped-off (made me cringe), his eyes and mouth sewn shut, and is then left to die, A woman's face catches on fire than litterally melts on screen (This one will give little kids nightmares for sure), a man's head is ripped off and is left on the end of a cartoonishly long spinal in the air (Gory, but more likely to arrouse laughs), a woman's head bursts open to reveal a colony of insects, a man coughs up cockroaches then dies, a man's face is torn up by a living statue of the virgin mary, a woman falls on a spicket and is impalled through her head, bloody water flows through her mouth, A man gets a scycle through his heart, a homeless man gets his eye's gouged out by vines, and a creature at the end of the film uses tentacles to mutilate many teens. There is also mild creature violence.

MONSTERS: We get a killer scare-crow creature, a giant multi-armed tentacle monster, killer vines,a living statue, and more.

SPECIAL F/X: 9/10- Effects-nut screaming Mad George (The man responsible for the gnarly effects in "Society")cooks up the goods here, and gets an A in my book. The gore effects look excellent and painfully realistic at times. Nice!

MUSIC SCORE: 8/10- Very dark score here. Best score in the series and used to great effect.

FINAL VERDICT:"Children of the corn 3" is the best in the series, case closed. The performances are fantastic, the direction is stylish, the effects, for the most-part, are excellent (With the exception of a giant monster at the end), the score is dark and moody, and it's a good change bringing the dried-up plot to Chicago. Recommended! My rating for "Children of the corn 3"--7.5-10.
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epitome of tacky horror
leandros1 May 2009
Apart from the Texas-sized loopholes in the script, this film is one of the corniest horror films I have ever watched. Stephen King is credited as one of the writers, and this is surprising to see as it is unclear if he has actually contributed to the script or this film was inspired from King's initial novel. The acting is quite mediocre, but the special effects are of record tackiness, with human puppets of the amazing quality of voodoo dolls. The gore factor is satisfying, even unexpectedly high. The reference to environmental issues as a contemporary premise to any evil we see on screen is flimsy and ephemeral. Overall, spare a few bucks to rent this on a Saturday night in with your friends and pizza.
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A notch above your average straight-to-tape flick
Bronis23 September 1999
COTC3 is not that bad. Seriously. It is a gory, silly, watchable horror flick that, despite being a third in a series (that never should've started anyway), is a notch above your average B-horror film. I recommend it because it's got a lot of clever gore and some freaky scare scenes. Infinitely better than the last two, this one's a lowest common denominator entertainer. GRADE: B-
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