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A parody, not meant to be taken seriously, you poor "critics"!
dragonfixer26 March 2003
Of course it's cheesy, it's supposed to be! It's parody, not an "action" flick! If you expected a Steven Seagal movie, you should have gone to one! Those of us who appreciate the nature of satire and parody can find it everywhere in this movie! Any one who has lived in California has seen several elements of this chase on their own televisions, LIVE!

The names of the characters are great, (Cary Elwes as Steve Horsegroovy, Ron Jeremy as a camera man, Bree Walker, an L.A. anchorwoman, playing an anchorwoman, and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing a redneck moron named Will) and their roles are exaggerated, as they should be in a spoof. If you just don't get it, don't waste your time watching it! And please stop crying about it. Lighten up!
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Predictable but great!
gundamgirl23869 September 2002
Ok to be truthful if you have never seen this movie before you are probably going to guess the ending by 10 minutes in but don't let that stop you from seeing it! This movie is great no matter how many times you see it. There is something for everyone in this movie.. Humor, Romance, Action, Drama etc. Even if it is very predictable I don't think there has been a single time where this movie has been on cable and I haven't watched it. Just try it, you'll love it!
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I can't help but like this movie
Golden_Emu30 October 2002
This actually was a pretty good farce really. I do agree that it was pretty cheezy full of stock characters and B-Movie acting, but c'mon! It was a send up of how the media blows everything up to something massive and how it sends everyone farther, feeding the media's fire in the process. What made this apt to me was that after seeing this movie, I watched O.J. take that mid-day drive down the highway with the LAPD right behind him. The movie got at least the media part right.

Also, it's fun to watch Henry Rollins play a cop (of all things) and Anthony Kiedis and Flea from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers as redneck hero wannabes. So long as you don't take this movie too seriously, it's pretty funny.

Also, watch right up to after the credits - Charlie's nod to his dad's role in "Apocalypse Now" is just hilarious.
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Good movie
Bozo3 March 2008
I don't know why this movie is so underrated. I never hear anything about it, as if it's a bad secret that no one wants to get out. I don't see why. This movie was fun to watch. I know, its kind of simple and not very "edgy" or anything like that, but who cares really. It's still good. Charlie Sheen gave a great performance as Jackson Hammond, an escaped convict who is the cause of the chase. Kirsty Swanson was also very well cast as the spoiled, kidnapped, rich daughter; Natalie Voss. Henry Rollins was also very well cast as the cocky Officer Dobbs, and Josh Mostel was good as Dobbs' partner, Officer Figus. Marshall Bell was actually not the type of person to play Ari Josephson, Hammond's lawyer. But he managed to pull it off well I see. Everyone else was well cast for the most part, no flawed performances to speak of. The story was kind of shallow but still enjoyable. There were twists and turns here and there but it all worked out. The soundtrack was GREAT. The Offspring, NOFX, Rancid, and Bad Religion are some of my favorite bands and I was surprised that their songs were played in this movie. I rate this an 8/10, see this movie, it is somehow very good.
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A film to watch more and more, always exciting, always something new!
sjl00410 June 2004
Enjoyable acting and the subplots are hilarious and impressive. A must!

This film is about an escaped con, Jackson Davis Hammond who was wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit. He is on the run to avoid the ruling to put him in jail, which he was sentenced the day before.

Jack has just stolen a car and is at a gas station when 2 cops enter and hear of a car that's stolen and Jack panics, kidnapping the daughter of one of the richest men in America using "unprofessional" means. He takes her hostage and drives off in her shiny new BMW. At the same time as the hijacking, a film maker and cameraman are in the back of a squad car for the making of the cop show documentary "The Fuzz". When the two cops in the front hear over the radio the announcement of a kidnapping, they go in pursuit and quickly chase behind them. The cop driver is a bit arrogant and wants to impress the audience of the show being recorded. The other cop is a large fellow who seems wiser but wimpy, he always corrects his partners statistics such as when they tell the film maker how long they've worked together. It made great viewing to see their character development. Humorous clips from this film include the POLICE car hitting American football players as the chase goes across a park and the other cop saying, "would ya watch!", the vomit scene when the girl kidnapped is CARSICK, the spillage of frozen corpses from a medical truck, the running commentary from the skycopter, plus a few other surprises! Cameo appearances from Anthony and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers are welcomed and the finale is classy (but judge for yourselves). I've seen this film over 150 times easily and it is so amazing I recommend you all watch a film at least twice to understand other areas to further the films enjoyment. The rest I shall leave for the film to explain. Its been under rated but I've seen 2800 films and a film that keeps you in (mild) suspense, makes you laugh on many occasions and gives you some decent action plus lots of fun cannot match this awesome film, enjoy.
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This movie doesn't get old
addvictim2927 January 2009
I'm giving it 8 stars for reasons other than Kristy Swanson. Yes, obviously this movie isn't a masterpiece nor was it made to be. It was made to be a fun action movie that wouldn't disappoint. I watch this movie ALL the time and it never gets old (premium channels seem to LOVE it). The plot is so simple that it leaves so much room for climax and twists...if that makes any sense. I mean, how could you go wrong with Ron Jeremy filming news coverage of Charlie Sheen being chased down by Henry Rollins and the Red Hot Chili Peppers while falling in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer at 120 mph?! You can't. This one's a classic in my book (which also includes Weekend at Bernie's, Home Alone, and Bandits).
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Big, dumb and thoroughly enjoyable
millennia-23 June 2000
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Hollywood made a film adaption of the bestselling Nintendo 64 games 'San Francisco Rush'? Probably not, but here it is. Much like Sheen's other 1994 movie, 'Terminal Velocity', 'The Chase' is a entertaining action film looking for a brain, which it can't seem to find. It's good, lighthearted fluff with likeable leads, some good scenes, and an excellent film-long chase (thus the title).

It's careful not to get too complex, and will likely appeal to those of us who enjoyed 'Speed'. On problem I had was the premature ending. It happened way too early and left several crucial plot points unfinished. Also the script comes and goes, one scene it's there, the next it's gone. That gets tremendously annoying, and the lack of good dialog at times hampers the impact.

Still, 'The Chase' is an entertaining piece of cinema if you have an afternoon to pass with nothing to do, even if it is rather predictable.

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Probably one of Sheen's best!!
Andy Spring12 October 2000
I loved it. You see Charlie Sheen in a role, where he can show his best acting talent! That's being a Psycho and being a charming innocent guy at the same time. He just tries to get out of this shiny-good justice of America by escaping from California to Mexico. There are a lot of very funny scenes, and the whole movie never begins to be boring!
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Don't take it too seriously
rbverhoef15 April 2003
You can really enjoy 'The Chase' as a simple movie if you don't take everything too seriously. Or may be not serious at all. There are some nice scenes, Charlie Sheen has a funny thing in this movie and Kristy Swanson is a beautiful lady. Just enjoy a simple movie like this.
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Terror on the freeway baby...yeah!!!
mpurvismattp14 February 2014
This movie just seems to have a special place in my heart, it reminds me of freshman year in high school, VHS tapes and summer vacation (damn I miss that sh!t). Where else can u get Henry Rollins as a douchebag cop who thinks he's Dirty Harry, his partner the revolting blob, Anthony Kiedis and Flea in their hillbilly white trash Monster truck, Cary Elwes as Steve Horsegroovy the super cheesy anchorman, Tigers blood in a clown suit, Angela from "Who's the Boss", Ron f-ing Jeremy, and the mega babe known as Kristy where else that's where! The Chase is not an action movie, sure there's action in it but its a comedy and its meant to be satirical (especially involving the media and the way they like to blow EVERYTHING out of proportion) and it's not high brow comedy, but its effective. If u haven't seen this flick check it out, I mean i enjoy artsy movies and indies as much as the next guy but sometimes a good dumb comedy is just what the doctor ordered. So just sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy the ride.
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One Of The Most Annoying Movies Ever
ccthemovieman-12 August 2007
I liked the premise to this film, and can watch numerous crime movies and usually be entertained. However, this movie is so filled with annoying characters and is weak in its attempt to be funny it was brutal sitting through. That, and incredibly dumb dialog. Some of it, I realize, I was meant to be a parody, but it didn't succeed on that level, either. The worst of all the disgusting characters was "Natalie Voss," played by an exceedingly-irritating Kristy Swanson.

Adam Rifkin wrote and directed this garbage. He was way too young and immature and the material shows it. You can see he is desperately trying to be cool, hip and - wink - "smart," but he, like the characters in the movie, are anything but that. A good word to describe the movie - acting, script, etc. - is probably "inept."

And, boy, what a predictable ending. This movie is perfect for a 16-year-old who is clueless and wants to see car crashes, wise-talking people, and a hard-rock soundtrack. Anyone over 21 who possesses a brain is advised to stay away from this "crash."
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GREAT movie
George F14 December 2004
I just finished watching this movie. My fiancé, bro, and everyone else who saw this movie just loved it! It's so good! 10/10. Loved the music,especially the love making scene (Breakdown by: One Dove) and the end song (Next life by: Suede) Great choice of songs!

Whenever my girl and I cruise and Breakdown plays, we are reminded of this great movie.

Charlie and Christy have great chemistry in this film.

I agree with everyone on this sight who voted this movie as an all time great worth watching over and over.

Cant wait for it to come out on DVD.
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A lot of fun!!
neilclelland22 June 2001
I don't think anyone would argue that this is the greatest movie that has ever been released, with huge gaps in the plot pretty much universally bad acting - but it is a lot of fun! Charlie Sheen plays himself essentially, hamming it up in a ludicrous plot where he kidnaps a rich mans daughter with a candy bar and ends up being chased down the highway by half the area's police force and all of the news channels!!

Henry Rollins give the film's outstanding turn as a vicious, yet naive police officer who is being filmed on the job, and both Henry and the character are obviously enjoying every minute of it.

The film tries to take a stab at the media culture (for example chasing OJ down the highway) but the attack is never really directed enough and therefore loses a lot of it's potential bite.

Seems to have a decent soundtrack though, with our Henry on it, along with the likes of Bad Religion and NOFX. All in all, don't take this film too seriously, have a laugh and just go with the lunacy of it all.
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Lighthearted Fun, But At Times It's Too Much
Pistolpete33201026 July 2008
How many times did we hear that Jackson "wished things were different?" Probably one too many times. We get it Jackson, life screwed you and the system is flawed, it must be since you got the blame for something you didn't do. With all that in mind, The Chase is still a light fun car chase movie, with enough action to hold you over.

I remember awhile back watching this Charlie Sheen movie and liking it a lot for what it was. A fun little action flick that can provide great entertainment if you don't take it very seriously.

In The Chase we are provided with some action as Jackson (Charlie Sheen) is speeding along the freeway. We got some typical type-casted characters in the two guys in the big green monster truck. You know, the ordinary, dumb, pot-smoking surfer like dudes, except with a little twist of being extremely patriotic to the point of stupidity. Maybe they aren't too patriotic, it could be that they just want television time, which is definitely apparent during the interview scene after the crash.

All in all, The Chase has its moments. The scene where Jackson kidnapped Natalie Voss (A daughter of a billionaire man) is pretty hilarious merely because of its ridiculousness. The image Jackson gets before giving himself up of pulling out a gun on the many officers and getting shot down is hilarious in that sort of unintentional way. The stereotyping that cops are egocentric and power hungry is pretty funny and apparent in the final scene, and also during the part where one of the cops claims to "Be a street prophecy." Now with all the positives I've covered you would think I love the movie. Well, I do like it, for what it's worth. It certainly has little to work with. It's just a guy kidnapping a girl, and then the rest of the 80 minutes is him driving away from the cops on a freeway. There's a little comic relief, and some action here and there, but it's all the same and it just becomes a bit too much. It just becomes too repetitive, because those humorous moments and action sequenced parts are few and far between. I'm being repetitive by talking about it this long. In the end, it's a light, somewhat entertaining comedy. Charlie Sheen is the only thing memorable, and the only thing that really makes this movie watchable. 6/10
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Pretty terrible (2/10)
The_Big_Daddy13 August 2002
I'm really surprised at how highly rated this movie is. It was pretty god-awful - poorly written, far-fetched, and stupid. Yeah, I got the point about how the rich control the media, about how rich kids want for the "real world", etc, but none of those themes had any depth. What the movie was really about was sexual tension between two classically good-looking people, explosions, and people who are ungrateful for what they have. A good movie for a 12 or 13-year old boy but otherwise, leave it alone.
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Kristy Swanson is hot
predagio28 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Kristy Swanson is hot in this movie. If you don't see it for any other reason, see it because of this. I could just imagine kissing her in that car scene, well they were mostly car scenes, heck it was one big car scene, but would you want her all over you on the front hood! I mean come on! Kristy Swanson I love you, wherever you are Will you marry me Kristy Swanson? I think I've fallen head over heels for you. Maybe we could emulate the roles, I'll be Charlie Sheen and you can be you.Anyhow, I got off on a wild tangent there, what I'm really trying to say is the movie is funny, and good. So if you don't see it on TV get the video, how many people can actually write ten lines in this shiz anyways? I just wanted to give my props!!
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Fun to watch!
wishkah723 January 2000
Okay, so this movie may not be Oscar or Golden Globe material, but it was still fun to watch anyway! The soundtrack was cool, and it one of my favorite bands The Offspring played a song! Speaking of rock music, this movie also had Henry Rollins and Flea and Anthony from the Red Hot Chili Peppers! That's one of the reasons this movie was fun to watch!

In this movie Charlie Sheen plays a wrongfully-accused man who kidnaps a daughter of a rich business man. And they go on an ongoing car chase and get into a lot of funny situations that are just enticing for those who love car chase movies, like me! My personal favorite parts were when those corpses fell out of the van, and when those news reporters riding on their van had their cameras on Jack and Natalie asking if she was okay and Jack flipped the bird and the camera broke in the street! I was laughing so hard at those parts!

So, if you're a car-chase movie fanatic, you just might enjoy this one!
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Really Hot Stars Charlie Sheen & Kristy Swanson Make The Chase
tbills225 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I understand that The Chase has its own relative standard of being good, but I need to be clear, The Chase, this movie, is very good. It is a good, good movie. It is not bad. It's not a bad movie. It may appear to be bad, but it isn't bad. It's good. It is a highly enjoyable parody of cop chase movies done in fully focused entertainment. It's not stupid. It may appear stupid, stupid isn't the right word, but it isn't stupid, it is, in fact, very smart. It's not a high end artful film, clearly, more of a common man's classic chase flick with superbabe Kristy Swanson and sexy boy Charlie Sheen. It has mostly fine direction and editing, almost excelling in these areas, relatively speaking of course. It's very good. It's a major movie for teenagers for one. Henry Rollins and the best of the Red Hot Chili Peppers make unforgettable appearances. While The Chase is constantly throughout playing to its genre derived stereotypes with bad boy Sheen and distressed damsel Swanson, it does it in a way that is highly relatable to the audience. You can casually watch The Chase and there is nothing to dislike. Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson make this movie so watchable, and more than just one or two times. I've watched this movie many times. It's good. I cannot exactly speak to just how hot Charlie Sheen is in this movie (he's looking pretty good from where I'm sitting), but I can, however, speak in great length to the incredible hotness of Kristy Swanson. She is soooooo hoooooooot. Kristy Swanson is soooo, sooo, so sweet, in this movie and every movie she's in, but God, she looks unbelievably fine in this film! Way to go, Kristy, for being so damn super sexy! I love Kristy Swanson, and Charlie Sheen as well! The Chase tries to be real, and true to life, and it is. Everyone who loves movies should eventually watch The Chase. It's a good movie. It's not bad.
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Highy underrated
ss97-115 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is one of the more underrated movies out there. It is fast paced, entertaining and funny. And above all it was different and original. It was a great parody of the modern media hungry America we live in and was somewhat ahead of its time. The documentary style that invades the film is not unlike the Youtube reality we see today, and it makes the film seem less outrageous and more plausible.

Sure the premise was a bit far fetched, and the love story a bit unrealistic.....but if you can suspend belief the movie is a lot of fun.

Charlie Sheen is great as the wrongly convicted escapee, a role that he did not really have to stretch for but still he was excellent if understated. Kristy Swanson was at her best IMO as the abducted millionaire's daughter, she was annoying and at the same time sexy. You just had to love her.

But the "supporting" star of the movie is without a doubt Henry Rollins. He plays the well-intended but power-tempted lead police officer so well it is scary. Rollins is funny and entertaining the whole time. He makes you really see into the plight of what the modern cop is facing from many angles.

The other supporting roles, in which many famous people are sprinkled in from Carey Elwes to rockers Flea and Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but all roles are really well done and satire rich.

I would say those just looking for some high octane entertainment with a thick dose of satire and parody mixed in would like this movie.
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Every chase ends up in an inferno
Koustubh Bhattacharya14 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Charlie Sheen plays a simple man troubled by authorities and charged with a crime he has not committed. When forced to run away from custody he foolishly kidnaps a beautiful girl from a store as a hostage, taking her car along. What he doesn't know is that the girl is the daughter of a billionaire and soon cops of the the entire state are after him. He decides to cross over to Mexico and thus begins a long theatrical chase.

Covered by the media as a breaking news and pursued by a long cavalcade of police cars this odd pair of kidnapper and kidnapped engage on a long dialogue shortly interrupted by the girl's parents where Charlie finds out that her parents are too dominating and pushing on her. Charlie confronts them on her behalf and thus gathers a slight admiration and confidence in her. She soon decides to go to Mexico with him and they plan to spend their lives there spending on the money they fish out from her dad as her Ransom.

with some difficulties produced by the media and two small town idiots in a large green truck (played by Anthony Kedis and Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers) trying to stop them, Charlie and the girl finally reach the Mexico border where the police surrounds them and Charlie imagines that he will be shot now, but the girl saves him and they manage to board a police chopper which they hijack to reach their destination.....
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Question about the Music
Sliderone19 June 2002
Hello! I'm from Germany.I have seen this film.It's GREAT !!!!! Very cool and funny. I have a question about the music in this film. Can somebody tell me who is the Artist of the music or what is the title of the music,which is played at the End of the Film when Charlie Sheen sits in the Car and thinks of all,what was happened. Help me please,please,please!!!!!!! And if you know more about all the music in this film,tell me it,please!!!
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bryceh3 March 2001
Warning: Spoilers

If you watch this movie as an action movie you probably won't get a whole lot from it. The movie is a statement about us. About our bloodthirsty nature. We ourselves don't go out and get in highspeed chases regularly so we glue ourselves to our TVs when one does occur. It's a scaled down version of the real thing but we don't have to face any consequences. The Chase so obviously touches on this idea I'm amazed that anybody would not pick up on it. Everything is exaggerated in the movie. The police are arrogant. The media trys to pull of insane stunts just to get the right camera angle. Cars crash all over the place. This movie certainly wasn't made to be realistic. It's deeper. It gives us a glimpse of what the human race is degrading into. For instance, the cadaver scene is quite grotesque, dead bodies falling onto the freeway and getting run over by cop cars. Yet the media shows it with little more descretion than a simple comment. Later, they get all worried about Jack's obscene gesture on live TV. The movie tries to show us how bloodthirsty we are. Bottom Line: While this is a car chase movie, action fans will be bored. If you are looking for a the type of movie that tries to make a statement about our society, The Chase is for you.
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Take it for a Spin
sparklecat10 March 2004
Adam Rifkin's 1994 actioner "The Chase" - which stars Kristy Swanson as a poor little rich girl and Charlie Sheen as her kidnapper - succeeds with some clever media satire and a modicum of style.

Sheen and Swanson are likable as the leads, and Henry Rollins contributes a funny turn as the zealous cop on their trail. Rollins Band, along with Suede and punks like Rancid and NOFX, fill out an energetic soundtrack. This might not be the stuff of legend, but it makes a decent video rental."The Chase" is basically the cinematic equivalent of a plastic frisbee - its lightweight, but it still flies.

Don't forget to play "Spot the Ron Jeremy Cameo" with your friends!
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Even worse than Battlefield Earth
mdeguerre8 March 2003
This movie is even more insulting than heavy doses of prime-time reality television. It was painful.

A bad movie that knows it's a bad movie is at least acknowledging it's stinkyness and for that you have to give most stinkers a little respect but this movie made absolutely no attempt to admit to itself just how unbelievably bad it was. You'd have to see it to know.

Its only value to society is that it can be used to gauge just how terrible other movies are, as in: "Boy that movie was horrible. Not nearly as bad as The Chase, but still awful."
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