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Girls in charge

Author: heedarmy from United Kingdom
13 July 2001

Just don't be taken in by beautiful women. Security guards, computer programmers and the villain's henchmen all make this mistake and endure unpleasant repercussions. This is an action movie where the girls rule, with Kinmont impressing as a beautiful and resourceful undercover agent, while ex-hubby Lamas takes a back seat.

The plot is the usual sub-Bondian nonsense, with John Savage phoning in his performance as a routine bad guy, but the budget seems higher than average and the result is some well-staged mayhem. Alexa's first fight in a grocery store is a standout action sequence.

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Kathleen Kinmont vs. Lori Fetrick

Author: gridoon
11 July 2006

"CIA II: Target Alexa" is a typical low-grade action film with medium-grade fights, stunts and explosions. Which is about what you'd expect when the name Lorenzo Lamas (here as director AND star) is involved. Thankfully, Lamas is kind enough in this case to share the spotlight with two women, Kathleen Kinmont (the heroine) and Lori Fetrick (the villainess), who both have superb bodies: sweaty, muscular and fit. They even have two fights against each other, and even though Fetrick has an obvious strength advantage, Kinmont holds her own pretty well. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea (and it certainly is mine!), then you should check this film out. If not, then there is not much else to see here. (**)

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Ultimate chick fight

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
11 November 2014

For reasons that I still can't figure out Kathleen Kinmont was absolutely essential to getting back a stolen microchip that if it fell into the wrong hands could lead to the downfall of the USA. She wants out of the terrorism game, but her real life husband Lorenzo Lamas of the CIA wants to drag her back in.

All Kinmont wants to do is raise her daughter, her daughter whose father is John Savage the terrorist who they think has the chip. He doesn't have it, but he sure wants it. Another group beat him to it.

For those who like their action films without too much strain on the brain this successor CIA II: Target Alexa is definitely for you. Lorenzo Lamas's fans will see him do his martial arts thing and Kinmont is pretty good herself. The one thing that this film really has going for it is female bodybuilder Lori Fetrick and Kinmont going at it. It's the ultimate in chick fighting.

But it ain't enough.

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Worth watching. It's just a little bit unnecessary.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
13 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since the last "CIA" film, Alexa (Kinmont) has given up working for the government and now relaxes in a small town, content to raise her daughter on a horse ranch. She thought she put her former life behind her, but Graver (Lamas) comes back into the picture. He asks her to infiltrate yet another criminal organization, to get yet another microchip, which would control yet more nuclear weapons. This time around, the main baddie is Franz Kluge (Savage), and his henchmen are Straker (Ryan) and Lana (Fetrick). Will Graver and Alexa be able to work together again to defeat the bad guys? And who can you really trust? Lorenzo Lamas must really care about the CIA franchise (such as it was at the time) and the character of Graver, because he stepped into the director's chair for this one. Sure, this movie didn't really need to be made, as it covers very similar ground to the first film while not being as good - but this movie is a lot funnier than the first one. The dialogue is sillier than ever before and some of the situations are pretty ridiculous. But it all has the backing of the classic PM stuntwork and blow-ups behind it.

Alexa's daughter has a horse named Fred the Horse, Lamas continues on with his tank top/black hat combos for his wardrobe, and his hair is much funnier and more feminine this time around. It's truly "dueling ponytails" for both him and Kinmont. John Ryan was last seen as the baddie from American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1993), and his name in the film, Straker, is one we've seen before (last seen being used by Richard Norton in Raiders of the Sun, 1992). John Savage plays a toned-down, but very similar character to the one he played in Red Scorpion 2 (1994), and he even has some dialogue involving scorpions. Weird, eh? Plus his international criminal organization seems like a boy scout camp, and his minions even dress that way.

Lori Fetrick is mainly known to American Gladiators fans as Ice, and her presence here shows this film as pure 90's. She looks like Jenna Jameson but with much more ripped arms. I wonder why OJ Simpson didn't return for this sequel? While not strictly one of the better PM's, this does have comedy, chemistry between Lamas and Kinmont, and does have the Lamas you want to see, all told. It has another noteworthy Louis Febre score, plenty of blow-ups and shooting, and is still of a good quality all around.

While it can be confusing trying to determine the difference between "Code Name Alexa" and "Target Alexa", if you must see only one, go with the first (Code Name). But this one isn't bad at all, it's still worth watching. It's just a little bit unnecessary.

for more insanity, please visit:

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Mediocre sequel... or is it?

Author: DigitalRevenantX7 from Australia
11 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

PLOT OUTLINE: Six months after she helped the CIA defeat Victor Mahler, the former terrorist known as Alexa is leaving the quiet life on a ranch with her daughter. But she is mistakenly arrested by the police after foiling a supermarket robbery. The CIA sends in Mark Graver, Alexa's former handler, to offer her a deal – help the CIA recover a machine that was stolen from a top-secret plant by terrorists working for Frank Straker, an arms dealer who is planning to sell the machine to North Korea. Both the CIA & Straker are in a race against time to steal the chip that the machine needs, which was stolen by another terrorist group, led by a man named Kluge (who is the father of Alexa's daughter). While Alexa & Graver attempt to infiltrate Kluge's hideout, Straker launches an all-out assault on the compound.

C. I. A. II – Target: Alexa was the sequel to C. I. A. – CODENAME: ALEXA, an obscure action film that became something of a cult item when it came out on video & television mainly due to it starring O. J. Simpson, who was at the time being tried for the murder of his wife & her lover. The film was nothing special – indeed it was a routine actioner that had no redeeming features (except for some half-competent action scenes & a bit of dark irony) – but producers Joseph Merhi & Richard Pepin (Pepin would later make a number of science fiction-themed action films) saw the cult following that the film garnered & decided to mount a sequel. The director's chair has been taken over by Lorenzo Lamas, the star of the first film, his co-star Kathleen Kinmont also doing double-duty by coming up with the story for the film.

The original film was a routine time-waster that had some cheesy action set-pieces, but Target: Alexa manages to improve upon it, if only slightly. The action scenes in this one are more spectacular than the original – there are various shootouts, car chases, an all-out assault on the base of one terrorist faction by another faction using helicopters, a brawl between Kathleen Kinmont & Lori Fetrick on top of an observation tower & so on. There is some dark irony at play here – two different components of the same invention (a computer that can control an entire nuclear arsenal) having been stolen by two rival terrorist groups; the two factions then waging war against each other in order to retrieve the components while the CIA sends in operatives to get back the prize.

That said, the film does have its faults. The pace is quite slow, even during the action set-pieces. The plot throws in a few plot twists which have not been carefully thought out – how did Kluge know who the opposing faction's mole in the CIA was? Not to mention the idea that Alexa would simply show up at Kluge's hideout & instantly gain access to the group is quite hard to believe. The most irritating part of the film is the part where Alexa is arrested by the cops for stopping a robbery when there is an injured witness (the shopkeeper) & three dead robbers wearing clown masks at the shop – while simply written to put Alexa in a position to do a deal with the CIA, this device is badly written. Not to mention the fact that the film transplants most of the plot elements of the original here without giving us anything new.

As far as acting goes, Lamas is more competent as an actor than he is as a director. Kathleen Kinmont (who had previously dabbled in the horror genre with the likes of HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS & BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR) gets to show off her skills as an actress, only to be put into a corner with the consistently bad dialogue she is given. John Savage is the real star of the show; his surprisingly intelligent performance as Kluge managing to give him the chance to rise above his co-stars.

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Okay action movie

Author: Skragg from United States
3 August 2005

I don't get attached to that many action movies, and this isn't one of them, actually. One off-putting thing about it is a scene where a character gives a sort of "war whoop" while machine-gunning someone - what's weird is that it's one of the GOOD GUYS doing it. But one thing made me watch it. Like "Brad the Lad", I've always been mad about Lori "Ice" Fetrick. And as he says, she's very convincing in that villainous role (that smile of hers works in a role like that as much as any other way, and, needless to say, everything else about her). I just wish she'd gotten to wear the kind of skimpy clothes Kathleen Kinmont did in the previous movie. No offense to Lamas and Kinmont, but 5 stars for the movie, and 10 for her.

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Watch it for Kathleen

Author: jadzia92 from Sydney, Australia
12 September 2003

I only watched CIA II: Target Alexa due to the presence of Kathleen Kinmont who I fell in love with ever since I first saw her in Fraternity Vacation. Overall the movie is not that good as there were lot of boring dialogue. The movie would have been much better had Kathleen's Fraternity Vacation's co-star Barbara Crampton been in the film with her.

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Inadvertently Hilarious - A Must See!!

Author: wangotango from North Dakota
16 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Quite possibly the most hilarious action movie ever made, but more likely the most homo-erotic action film ever made.

Perpetuates the stereotypes of action films made after 1994 beautifully. Apparently, militias in parts of the world contain only mustached/bearded sweaty men in camouflage wife-beaters, with additionally hilarious ponytails.

I'm fairly certain that I saw one of the uniforms in the film contain the word "Military" on a patch, which would be akin to a police officer wearing a badge that said "Cop" or "Police Office", as if it weren't obvious enough.

I especially enjoy the scene where the helicopters come over the horizon and begin firing on everything in sight - including horses, tents, vehicles, plants, etc. The only thing that doesn't explode in a giant fireball are the horses...everything else goes up in flames, particularly, the empty tents.

I sort of feel bad for the actors in this film because all of their IMDb profiles have this film listed...but...they did agree to be in the film, so this film is their punishment I guess.

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