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Good Movie

Author: msdana72 from North Carolina, USA
2 August 2002

Although this was not the best movie I've ever seen, I did enjoy it and would watch it again. It takes open-minded people to appreciate child actors, such as Shannen Dougherty, as they assume adult roles and grow into maturity.

It was very intriguing to compare Margaret Mitchell's life to that of Scarlett O'Hara. It would be very difficult to make Margaret's life more entertaining than Scarlett's. I appreciated the reality of this movie.

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If you are a GWTW fan, this movie is a pleasant surprise

Author: slanskye from United States
16 February 2005

Not knowing much about Margaret Mitchell except how she died, but knowing GWTW inside and out from reading it at least 5 times, this movie was a treat. I can't say how accurate it is - i.e. how much of this movie is based on fact and how much is "interpreted", but it is interesting to see where some of the characters in GWTW might have come from. And I didn't even know who the actress was that played MM until I came to see the stats on it here - imagine my surprise to see it was Shannon Doherty. I thought she did an excellent job - the Southern accent was decent too. Well, I guess I must like this movie because I'm in that over 45 grouping - and not biased against Ms. Doherty.

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Terrible! - SPOILERS

Author: PaigeSG1 from Washington DC
4 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As usual, it's late night and so I turned to Lifetime to see what movie was on, not expecting anything that would actually be intriguing. I read the info for this movie and it said that Shannen Doherty was in it and that made me laugh. [and don't chastise me for bad spelling. thank you! :O) ]

This movie is about the life of Margaret Mitchell, who's the author of the famous novel GONE WITH THE WIND. I wasn't around for the release of GWTW, but later I saw it and loved it. I thought watching the life story of Margaret Mitchell would be interesting since GWTW is based on her real life. Margaret Mitchell grew up in a time when women didn't have jobs and just the thought of a woman working was just impossible. Margaret Mitchell proved everyone wrong and got a job. She also married an abusive husband named "Red Upshaw" while another man, "John Marsh", had a crush on her. Gee, doesn't that sound familiar. I don't know if she married John Marsh because I didn't really watch the rest close enough to care.

Margaret Mitchell writes the novel GONE WITH THE WIND and it is a best seller. This is where the movie ends. Before the credits rolled, there was a message that said that John Upshaw committed suicide in some year and that Margaret Mitchell was hit by someone in 1949.

Someone told me that she was hit by a car before and then I realized that I should go out and beg someone to hit me with a car because the movie was just not worth it and a total piece of crap. Shannen Doherty playing Margaret Mitchell was just terrible. There were scenes where she was getting smacked by her husband (Red Upshaw) and I was cheering that on and wishing I could smack her too! Dale Midkiff as Upshaw was well acted because Midkiff is a great actor. Matt Mulhern played "John Marsh" and he was excellent. Mulhern is a great actor and so adorable!

Watch this movie if you dare. You have been warned. You might want to either get drunk or stoned, or both, to watch this. If you watch it, don't get all angry with this review talking about how such a piece of crap it was and I don't blame Lifetime for showing it at such a later hour either (11pm-1:15am). I checked to see the ratings for this movie and realized FEMALES AGES 45+ were the ones who gave this movie such a high rating. That's not a surprise. They probably saw some woman overcome the struggles during that time era... yadda yadda yadda..... and cheered her on. That age grew up around times when women really didn't have a place in society work. I am NOT against that, but there's no need to give this movie a 10 when it's really a 1 or 2.

So yes, I give this movie a 1-2 stars out of 10.

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