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Passable low-rent "Die Hard" imitation
gridoon22 July 2006
"Bloodfist VI" has its amusing moments: some lines of dialogue ("I need all your intellectual power and your technological wizardry - open the fraking door"!), some situations (like a big black dude who challenges Wilson with the phrase "Come on, sissy boy" and can only be defeated with a kick to the groin), some moments of over-the-top violence (early on, a guy gets his neck turned 180 degrees!). It also has its disappointments: the biggest one may be that there is no climactic showdown between Wilson and the No 1 villain. The fights are a little slow, but fairly realistic. But to be honest with you, the main reason I wanted to see this is that it's the last film of Cat Sassoon, who tragically died at the age of only 34. Appearing for the second time alongside Wilson (after "Bloodfist IV"), she plays the sexy villainess quite well and has a great topless scene at the very start, but no real fighting this time. Overall, "Bloodfist VI" is a harmless way to kill some time, and is worth a watch for fans of Wilson, Sassoon or low-budget action. (**)
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Entertaining thriller with lots of action
Karthik Abhiram1 June 1999
This probably is Don "The Dragon" Wilson's best film. He plays a military courier named Nick Corrigan, who finds himself trapped in a nuclear base that's been taken over by terrorists, led by a ruthless terrorist, Fawkes (Jonathan Fuller- who appears to be enjoying himself) and his men. Corrigan must figure out a way to stop them before they use the power they now have.

There's plenty of nicely done action, in the style of "Die Hard". Wilson even has some nice one-liners.
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Countdown to Zero
lone-wolf-0079 October 2010
Don "the dragon" Wilson returns in the sixth installment of the bloodfist series and this time its a low budget clone of Die Hard. Wilson plays a courier who happens to be delivering a package to a underground missile silo just as terrorist are taking over. They want to start a nuclear catastrophe and its up to Wilson to stop them. Yes its low budget but what do you expect from Roger Corman? It is really not that bad if you don't think about it too much. It's a B movie, nothing more, nothing less. Yes the fighting is not that great and some of the dialog is not the best. Plus you throw in some typical clichés from other action movies and wrap it up and you have Ground Zero. This is a good addition to the series and from that standpoint its quite watchable and actually entertaining.
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Bombs away...
Frank Markland24 July 2006
This time Don Wilson trades in his kickboxing approach for a Bruce Willis style hero who is the last man standing in the way of the launching of a nuke that middle eastern terrorists (Most who look Caucasian) are trying to detonate and then there is the whole...ZZZZZZZ The rules of the Bloodfist sequels do not imply, since parts 2, 3 and 4 were all better than # 1. So one was hoping this would be a fun yet harmlessly stupid take on Die Hard. Problem is, that while Bloodfist VI is stupid it isn't any fun. It is dull with Wilson engaging in mini-action sequences which are over before they barely start. Also of note is that Wilson is one of the better thesps here, with a cast so unconvincing as terrorists that it was just horrendous to watch. Worst of all is that the movie literally has no degree of style or energy, so we watch in sheer boredom as Wilson races around the clock to save us all. Bloodfist VI is basically as awful as # 5 and that is about all that can be said.

* out of 4-(Bad)
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A new low for this series
sveknu14 February 2007
I guess every action fan out there know that the Bloodfist-series isn't exactly the best action movies around. That means low quality is expected, but some of the Bloodfist-movies are still watchable. (Bloodfist 2 is pretty OK, for example). Bloodfist 6 is very far from being one of them, because it's horrible in every way. It kind of reminds me of the movie "Terminal Rush", also starring Don "the Dragon" Wilson, but only worse. And why is it so bad? It's because everything in the movie sucks. The acting is some of the worst I've seen (OK, I don't really care about the actors being good, but in this movie they were so utterly bad that it was painful to watch), the story is overused to the extreme, and the fighting is easily forgotten. Another failure for "the Dragon".
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What you would expect from Roger Corman
Wizard-86 February 2011
"Die Hard" is one of my favorite action movies of all time, so you can probably imagine that I try to watch every rip-off of it as possible. As for *this* particular rip-off, I have a lot of problems finding any enthusiasm for it. Let me make it clear that the faults of this movie do not include Don "The Dragon" Wilson - he brings to the movie some likability and charisma. Unfortunately, the movie he's in is produced by Roger Corman, so you can imagine that the production values of the movie are very low (though I suppose that they could have been even worse than they are.) The action scenes are very disappointing, with inept fight choreography, as well as poor direction and editing. It doesn't help that all the fights are filmed in very tight quarters, and the final fight with the terrorist boss is over in a few seconds. Even if you are a Don "The Dragon" Wilson fan, it's best to skip this one and stick with the surprisingly good BLOODFIST 3.
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maybe the worst, but surely the funniest action movie ever
brainstall.klaas11 January 2001
It was about 2 a.m. in the morning after watching a video, when this accident happened. I saw the first 10 minutes of BLOOD FIST VI- GROUND ZERO, and couldn't decide whether it was supposed to be an real action film or a comedy. After the whole 90 minutes I was myself "ground zeroed" laughing the rest of the night without a rest. Unfortunately I wasn't able to record it, but next time when it is shown on TV there will be a fan to see this cult movie.
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Fun, but awful gathering of has beens.
MovieBuffMarine18 June 2009
Predictable yarn about bad guys seizing control of a dreadful weapon and threatening to use it. Fun to watch if you can ignore the acting.

I never watched Don the Dragon Wilson's fights so I will take it on good faith that he was/is real good at it. Did he think he would be the next Bruce Lee? Hey, good attempt, but no cigar.

I remember Steve Garvey when he was in the National League as an L.A. Dodger and San Diego Padre. He was real good as a baseball player too! He had political plans after retiring from the NL; did they fall through that he had to resort to this low budget yarn?

Robin Curtis was great as the new Lt. Saavik in Star Trek III and IV, plus numerous guest appearances on popular T.V. shows. Was her career really winding down at this point?

Obviously this was light years from even being close to Academy Award Material. It was fun to watch, but it's just sad to see some players who were good in their previous acting gigs, fighting, or sports careers to star in such a film.
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The Dragon does a McClaine.
DigitalRevenantX710 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A group of Islamic terrorists infiltrate & forcibly take over a US nuclear missile base in Nebraska, killing everyone inside except for their insider. They set up a computer to obtain nuclear launch codes & manage to locate the two nuclear launch keys in order to launch the nukes. But their plan goes awry when a former Navy SEAL turned low-level courier accidentally stumbles onto the plot whilst delivering a classified message to the base. Discovering what is going on, the courier uses his skills to seize back the base from the terrorists.

The Bloodfist series has been one of the 1990s' most enduring minor B-grade franchises & a perpetual money-spinner for producer Roger Corman. Originally a martial arts showcase, the series quickly turned into a generic action series, with the only holdover for the entire series being champion kickboxer turned minor action hero Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

While I thought that the Bloodfist series was somewhat negligible in the grand scheme of things, I found this entry to be probably the worst entry in the series – tying with Bloodfist IV: Die Trying. Ground Zero is one of the cheapest Die Hard knockoffs I have seen, although it did have a small sum for a budget, allowing the filmmakers to utilise some limited special effects. The story is a bit on the implausible side – how the terrorists manage to circumvent the nuclear base's security in order to take complete control is never fully explored – even if they had an insider in the base (which was in this case), this doesn't fully explain their plan. Even if you believe this plot device, the ease with which they manage to do so is still highly unlikely.

Having said that, the film delivers on the action angle, although the low-grade action theatrics are nowhere even close to the quality of your average Die Hard clone. Don "The Dragon" Wilson is not exactly a good actor but he has been steadily improving over the series & here comes off as technically passable. His martial arts skills are underutilised, with the fights mainly using simple kicks & punches & a lot of gunplay.

Another thing I thought was odd for this film was having the military's hierarchy – in particular Wynn Irwin's general – engaged in sexist & misogynistic behaviour. Robin Curtis's major is talked down to & even finds a male sex doll in her office. This would in real life result in a sexual harassment lawsuit but here nothing is done about it. Speaking of improbabilities, the idea of having Wilson shoot the crap out of the launch computers after discovering his abort code won't work is ridiculous to say the least. Ground Zero was also one of Cat Sassoon's last films.
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