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Music please

Author: Cpt_Berns from Belgium
2 July 2005

Was I glad to see some more of Steve and Jaime. I just loved the 1970's series. However I missed two things in all three reunion movies. First of all, I missed the 1970's look (furniture, clothes, cars, etc.) since I believe the 1970's was the ONLY decade that had style and taste (I hated the 1980's). But most importantly, where were the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman theme music? It was a mistake not to include the themes. In fact, almost all remakes/reunion movies used the theme of the original shows. Just look at Mission Impossible, The Saint, The Wild Wild West, The Avengers, SWAT, etc. They all used the themes of the shows those movies were based upon. It wouldn't be James Bond without the James Bond theme. Yet sadly in none of the SMDM-BW reunion movies the theme from either show was present.

Also, of the three reunion movies, this one is the worst. The story is bad and one has to wait until the end of the movie for a slow motion sequence (once the show's trademark). And why would Rudy Wells make Jaime's healthy eyes bionic? Weren't bionics meant to be used for reconstructive surgery?

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Final in Trilogy of Bionic TV Movies

Author: fantasmic1971 from USA
24 September 2009

Steve and Jamie are back in action again...reluctantly, as everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, putting a quick-halt to their long-awaited wedding. It was fun to see favorite characters again, regardless of their ages. And the pace of this film was a little better than the previous disaster, "Bionic Showdown". Here, Jamie's bionics start to break down, and no one knows why. Steve also re-enlists with the OSI to rescue a kidnapped agent. Okay - now, enter Rudy Wells to, if he can, solve the Jamie Sommers bionic mystery in fifteen minutes or less. A few bionic surprises at the end of the movie looked very interesting ...even exciting. Sadly, that was all we ever got, as this, it seems, would be the last time we'd ever see Steve and Jamie (played by Majors and Wagoner) again. The final scene of this movie tied up the long-running series nicely, and there was a funny last-line spoken by Majors. So, all in all, as this may not have been the greatest set of movies, we got what we got, so you might as well just say "thank you" and be happy. The original Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman television series was always a blast to watch in the '70s ...and they're still fun, to this day, to re-watch and enjoy! (And no. I did not enjoy the Bionic Woman remake/re-envisioning series. I always felt they catastrophically miscast Jamie Sommers - and the addition of the bratty sister was another colossal mistake. But it usually is when writers, for some reason, feel they have to add kids in an adult action/drama story.) I would, however, be more than willing to give the franchise another chance, should they ever decide to remake The Six Million Dollar Man. The Bionic Woman should be included in that show. That's what a fan of the series would like to see. Great fantasy stories mixed with current events would be nice as well - like, don't be afraid to have Steve fight a mythical creature, as he did in the original series. Remember, that Bigfoot episode is probably the most popular. That, and Death probe. Just stay away from dating-woes and bratty kid issues. Nobody cares who Steve & Jamie's recently orphaned half-brother/sister is...even if he or she is a goth-wannabe and a brilliant computer hacker who 4 episodes later suddenly reveals they're a black belt in karate too and they also know how to unlock any lock with the spiral part of their spiral notebook and other MacGyver so-whats!

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This movie was awesome...

Author: webguyster from United States
16 May 2007

In my 30's now, I loved this reunion. This time around, at the end Steve ends up in a precarious state, and Jaime has to save him. Go Feminism! And the ending when Jaime uses a manhole cover as a Frisbee to stop the bad guys.....way funny! Also their bionics getting corrupted by a virus.....70's technology with updates! Great sci-fi drama! I wish I could find this movie and the series on DVD, as it brings back fun memories, with a twist of modern technology we can all realte to when we have a computer problem. Some network should re run this and release the deries for the fans. I bet even kids today would love this movie!

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Bionic Ever After

Author: drspider_21 from United States
7 January 2006

Anytime I get to see Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors as Jaime and Steve is great! I liked the idea although I wish they had spent more time on the wedding and less on the mission. I wish they could have had Jennifer Darling appear. Or made reference to Steve's son (from the first bionic reunion movie) or Kate (from the second reunion movie) attending the wedding. I also liked that they were trying to upgrade their powers. I am grateful for the 3 reunion movies that aired, I just wish they could have done something with Bigfoot and Shallon. Now if they could get the seasons of both the 6 Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman on DVD in the U.S.

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Good re-union movie.

Author: Toxie2k2 from Staffordshire, UK
29 December 2005

I watched this film yesterday when it was repeated on the Sci-Fi channel, I'm too young to remember the 'Six Million Dollar Man' and 'The Bionic Woman' the first time round but I can remember watching repeats of the shows.

I enjoyed this movie although I did feel like it spent a little bit too long setting up the situation rather than resolving it.. but that's a small niggle when you have two very watchable characters played by actors who seem to be having a ball.

I would say this was made more for fans of the shows rather than new viewers, since it doesn't spend a lot of time re-introducing the older characters.

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At last! Steve gets lucky!

Author: Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW) from WILMINGTON, NC
2 February 2006

It's about time that Steve gets Jamie all to himself. Well somewhat. Steve Austin(Lee Majors) finally gets Jamie Sommers(Lindsey Wagner) to be his wife, there's only one complication, Jamie is plagued by a virus, that affects her bionics and her emotions as well. There was a funny part in the movie when Jamie accidentally knocks Steve into the water. But Steve seemed to handled it well, he gives Jamie a big bionic splash to exact measures. At least the most fun part is when the couple got to play racquetball together, and exercise as well. Things are looking up. When the terrorist groups strike they had to overcome the obstacles that have plagued them both. Especially the virus that Steve and Jamie were affect by. Then when the good guys come in Steve had to make one of them listen by bending the barrel and take his 9mm for back-up. Why the 9? Steve's left eye! That was smart. Good old-fashioned ingenuity simply pays off. Though this brings closure to the series, what happens next, is for the viewer to find out, cause I'M NOT TELLING! Rating 3 out of 5 stars.

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A nice tidy ending to the bionic saga....

Author: marty1968 from nyc, USA
16 September 2003

Although for me this was the weakest of all three bionic reunion movies, it made up for it in the end with the -finally!- wedding of Steve and Jaime. The movie itself just did'nt click right for some reason and REALLY looked low budget compared to the other two. [for example: The whole jaime having enhanced eyesight with her bionic ear was too much for even me to swallow and i've been forgiving of the special effects but did expect better in this movie. It would be cool to have an updated version of this show.. oops spoke too late "jake 2.0" just started last week. Shows like this [buck rogers & battle star galactica, etc...] live in the perfect bubble of 70's tv show; all gooey and gummy and bell bottom pants! Todays audience are too smarty-pants to take a show like this seriously, but they are great to watch. Ask a twelve year old what a nanobot is and he'll probably talk your head off for an hour. ask a twelve year old what a transistor was in 1973 and you probably would have gotten a blank stare.... Still got copies of all three movies on tape and cant wait to get my DVD recorder so i can save 'em on DVD. So anybody think Steve and Jaime had any bionic rugrats? -hey- they gave her bionic legs to jump a four story building, why not give her a bionic uterus? ;)

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True to form -- right down to the hokey '70s writing...

Author: Dimarc from New York, NY
15 May 2005

I was very pleased to see my heroes from my young teens again. Unfortunately, having made modern computers and electronics my profession, it was extremely difficult to suspend my disbelief when it came to the tech in this new and final adventure. I was also struck (dumbfounded) by the contrast between Lyndsay's and Lee's acting--she acted circles around him! No wonder Jamie had more of a following than Steve (other than her killer beauty). Anyway, while the writing suffered, it was definitely nice to finally see them wed. By the way, I don't know if the restaurant company was a sponsor, but look for the cameo of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas in the basement of the embassy. Had to rewind and look at it again 'cause it so surprised me.

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Author: Billy Clarke ( from Scotland, UK
12 August 2001

I disagree with some of the people who wrote this one off so much. It is so much more like the Bionic stories of the 70's in that it deals with the emotions of the characters and gives centre stage to the people who deserve to be there. The first TV special was a step in the right direction. The second TV special is a contradiction in terms. We hardly see Steve and Jaime. They are given hardly any scenes of action and when they are they are always cut short. What is the point of having the two stars of the series be in this Special and then pad it out with wafer thin characters? I wanted to see Jaime and Steve not 'Bionic The New Generation'. Some other time maybe but not in this movie. I found myself feeling annoyed at the amount of time the new characters had and how little the real stars were allowed to shine. I'm sorry but Sandra Bullock (no matter how talented) is no replacement for Lyndsay Wagner. When 'Bionic Ever After' was shown on SKY I was hesitant as I didn't want the same experience as 'Showdown'. It was a fitting end to the saga and I loved it. At last we had the couple who gave us the great series back in the 70's go for it in grand style. OK I admit it was slower in pace but more than made up for it in intimacy and charm, and at last we had Steve and Jaime doing what they do best. I have viewed this movie many times with friends who share my views entirely. This film has a depth to it that 'Showdown' completely lacks. Of all the Bionic films this is my personal favourite.

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Author: captain_bond from Tulsa, Ok
15 July 2000

This was A good movie...I THINK.. The problem being.. It's been about four or five years. Since I've seen it. They air Bionic showdown and the return of the six million dollar man and the bionic woman on a regular basis. That's cool. Those are great! But where is BIONIC EVER AFTER. AND WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS? GET WITH THE PROGRAM UNIVERSAL!

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