‘Voyeur’ Is A Sneaky Comedy About Creeps, Writers & What They Have In Common [Nyff Review]

Nobody would accuse Gay Talese of being modest. The trim, dapper icon of New York journalism who runs hot and cold and ever opinionated in Myles Kane and Josh Koury’s unexpectedly comedic documentary “Voyeur” sees himself as a bold hunter ever seeking out The Big Story. He’s got reason to. The broadside books and in depth articles he’s produced over the decades, from his pioneering New Journalism story “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” to his deep-dive books on everything from the “New York Times” to the Mafia, try to tell the story of America in ways that fiction would struggle with.

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The Best Films at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival

When a few hundred films stop by the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s certainly impossible to cover everything, but we were able to catch around 100 features — and, with that, it’s time to conclude our experience, following the festival’s own award winners. We’ve rounded up our favorite films seen during the festival, followed by a list of the complete coverage.

Stay tuned over the next months (or years) as we bring updates on films as they make their way to screens. One can also click here for a link to all of our coverage, including news, trailers, reviews, and much more. As always, thanks for reading, and let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments below.

The Breadwinner (Nora Twomey)

In the Taliban-controlled Afghan city of Kabul, Nora Twomey’s debut film as sole director (she co-helmed Oscar nominee The Secret of Kells
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Tiff Review: ‘Cardinals’ is a Singular Work of Devastating Emotional Psychology

The big story surrounding Grayson Moore and Aidan Shipley’s feature debut Cardinals playing the Toronto International Film Festival stems from the fact that both men graduated from the city’s own Ryerson University. As a longtime festival venue/partner, this premiere will inevitably be treated as a homecoming. But don’t let that fool you into screaming “favoritism!” while dismissing it as a “homer” pick: it’s the real deal. Stripping away the college they graduated from, the knowledge that both are Tiff alumni after screening their short Boxing, and their Canadian nationalities still leaves you with a singular work of devastating emotional psychology and infectiously biting wit. So remove the local fanfare and judge it on its own merits because it earns that right and deserves any accolade bestowed upon it.

Written by Moore, the story centers on Valerie Walker’s (Sheila McCarthy) release from prison after serving
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Jungle Cruise: Dwayne Johnson Lobbying For Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins To Get Behind The Wheel

Fresh off his turn as the larger-than-life Luke Hobbs in The Fate of the Furious – a performance that seemingly warranted a spinoff movie involving his former DEA agent and Deckard Shaw, the volatile loose cannon played by Jason StathamDwayne Johnson is already beginning to make headway on another project: Jungle Cruise.

With a script now in place – J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay are the brains behind the latest draft – Johnson officially climbed on board the long-brewing Disney actioner three weeks ago, when it was revealed that the Mouse House is targeting a production start in the early stages of 2018. That means the search for a director to get behind the wheel of Jungle Cruise is well underway, and it seems that Dwayne Johnson already has someone in mind. As part of AP’s The Big Story (via Collider) on Patty Jenkins’ foray into the DC Extended Universe, the
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Palm of the Iron Fox

Daddy's home, and boy is he pissed!

On Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 4, we had some major Shakespearean drama afoot, right out of King Lear. Ryder the dick met his end (Yes!) at the hands of daddy Quinn, and I for one am very happy.

I'm not a fan At All of the Quinn family, especially Ryder.

I do hate Quinn's terrible accent, but at least he's a compelling character.

Ryder was just a one-note jerk, and the actor was awful Imo.

The world was better without you. You should have stayed dead.

Ryder [to Quinn] Permalink: The world was better without you. You should have stayed dead. Added: April 06, 2017

Just like Willy Shakespeare said in King Lear, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child! Away, away!"

The only thing sharper? Quinn's sword, evidently, as he gutted his thankless son.

I guess this means Quinn is back as the Baron.
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'Beauty and the Beast' to Repeat at #1 Over 'Power Rangers', 'Life' and 'CHiPs'

'Beauty and the Beast' to Repeat at #1 Over 'Power Rangers', 'Life' and 'CHiPs'
As has been the case over the last three weekends, this weekend is looking to outperform last year and, once again, by a significant margin. The big story, of course, is Disney's Beauty and the Beast as it continues to blow the doors off, becoming one of the fastest films to top $200 million at the domestic box office and, by the end of this weekend, will have topped $300 million in just ten days of release. In addition to Beauty and the Beast's second weekend, three new wide releases make their debut including Lionsgate's Power Rangers, Sony's R-rated sci-fi Life and WB's R-rated comedy CHiPs, all of which will have varying degrees of success as the top twelve should top a combined $180 million, making it the second largest weekend of the year. As of Wednesday, Disney's Beauty and the Beast has brought in $217.6 million domestically and another $244.3 million internationally. This
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