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An out of work actress (Darling Narita) is evicted from her apartment in Los Angeles. She goes to an audition at a producer's house in Beverly Hills, but he turns out to be a sleaze. Outside his house, a crazy guy (Peter Greene) throws trash cans in the street, bringing a motorcycle cop to the scene. The cop chases the girl up a dirt track, and threatens to arrest her unless she felates him. She steals his gun and uniform, handcuffs him to a tree, and makes off on his motorcyle.

The girl spends the day as a cop, albeit an unorthodox one. She goes to a cafe, gets a free breakfast, and is treated as a colleague by two other cops. She hands out dollars to down-and-outs, coaxes a suicidal drug dealer from a roof ledge, and tells a couple who are copulating on a hillside to have a nice day. Meanwhile back in Beverly Hills the crazy guy has found the real cop, and is starting to torment him.

The girl's bike runs out of fuel, and two Mexican illegals drive her to get some. They become friendly, and drink and smoke weed together. As they're refilling her bike, they're shot at from a passing car. The younger Mexican, with whom the girl had connected, is badly injured.

The girl tries to help, but then panics and rides off. She finds the drive-by shooters, chases them up an alley, and kills one of them. Later, in another alley, she finds a prostitute (Lucy Liu) fellating a client. She berates her, but the hooker's pimp appears and they beat the girl up.

After this the girl rides to the sea and bathes in it to cleanse herself. Then she goes back to Beverly Hills, where she humiliates the sleazy producer in front of another would-be actress (she puts her gun in his mouth, causing him to wet himself).

She then finds the real cop still handcuffed to the tree. She changes back into her own clothes, leaves the handcuff key where the cop can get to it, and runs off. The cop reaches his gun first, and is aiming at the girl's back when the crazy guy appears and attacks him. The gun goes off, but the girl is unhurt. As the film ends, we see the cop lying on the ground, and the crazy guy running off with his uniform.


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