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Welcome to the 90's: Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks, direct-to-video stars.

Author: Miyagis_Sweaty_wifebeater ( from Sacramento, CA
31 August 2005

Back in Action (1994) was another direct-to-video-movie that starred two of the biggest players in the rising rental market. Billy Blanks plays a former decorated solider who's sister is mixed up with a local gangster. He knows that he's no good and she'll end up in trouble or worse. Roddy Piper co-stars as a hung over drunken cop who crosses paths with the enraged Billy. How will theses two be able to help each other out? Roddy wants to bust the mobster and Billy wants to put them six feet under. Will these two hot heads be able to work together and take a bite out of organized crime?

Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks found new careers in making low budget direct-to-video-action-films. This was a few years before Mr. Blanjs struck gold with the Tai-Bo gimmick and no longer needed to play in these cheesy films. Another underrated action duo. Blanks and Piper made a very interesting team.


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Wrestling the king of the kickboxers...

Author: Frank Markland from United States
22 February 2007

Rowdy Roddy Piper stars as tough guy police officer who joins forces with martial arts expert/vigilante Billy Blanks to bring down mobsters, who have kidnapped Piper's journalist squeeze(Bobbie Phillips) and Blanks's sister much action and karate chops fly. Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper's charisma (notice I didn't say acting) lifts what would be just another throwaway action flick which consists off the team up two tough guys with different styles, however as expected Back In Action features tons of admittedly spectacular action sequences which always offers a big bodycount. Admittedly all of this is silly, most of it predictable and derivative but Back In Action certainly lives up to its title and fans of the genre will enjoy the big bodycount which compensates for all the shortcomings Back In Action contains.

* *1/2 out of 4-(Pretty good)

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Good Chemistry Between Two Leads, Lots Of Action. A Definite Winner!

Author: magilvilla from Robinson, IL
29 February 2000

This is an excellent "B" movie. Blanks and Piper work really well together. The story is decent. But story doesn't count, action does. And there is more than enough action to keep people happy. Blanks and Piper are good in the numerous fight scenes. Overall a really good movie that any action fan should check out.

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Worth tracking a copy of this down!

Author: Prolox from Canada
12 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

RODDY PIPER is a cop & BILLY BLANKS is a vigilante, who team up to take down a series of bad guys for different reasons, Piper because his partner was killed by these sleaze balls during an undercover operation & Blanks because his sister has been abducted by the group, now naturally like in pretty much all the buddy action flicks, they hate each others guts at first, but soon realize that they need each other in order to take these bad guys out & keep themselves alive. I heard lots about this movie from action fans & I was eager to see it, but I could not find a video store that carried it for rental, finally this baby came on TV & let me tell you something, unlike most direct to video action flicks, this one is worth tracking down, if you can find a copy of it, unlike most Hollywood action films that seem to have more talk than action, BACK IN ACTION is loaded with fights, chases, shoot outs etc. The villains were so well written & Blanks & Piper made for some likable hero's, they acted well together & it's such a shame that a sequel has not been done on this movie, the action scenes are exciting & the plot keeps you interested right to the end & there's never a dull moment. Highly recommended for action fans!

**** stars

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The sound effects guys worked overtime for this one

Author: gridoon2015
31 March 2010

For a movie that is largely sold (on posters, taglines, etc.) on the strength of the Billy Blanks - "Rowdy" Roddy Piper teaming, "Back In Action" doesn't really feature as much of their teamwork as you might expect - it's only in the last half hour that they join forces to go after the same targets. It's a bit of a shame, too, as these two do have some strong chemistry (in their first scene together, they fight each other, and it's amusing to see Blanks' kickboxing vs. Piper's brawling), and the rest of the "plot" is far too weak to hold your interest in other ways. The action in general is nothing really special in quality, but it's hard to complain about the quantity at least. The two women in the film, Bobbie Phillips and Kai Soremekun, are gorgeous, but it seems a bit of a waste to cast Phillips in a martial arts actioner and give her only about 10 seconds of fighting in total, considering how much a$$ she kicked in the same year's "TC 2000" (also with Blanks). Also be warned: this is an extremely violent film. I wasn't surprised to read on IMDb that it was originally rated NC-17 in the USA, and banned (!) in the UK. ** out of 4.

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Perfect Display Of Good Chemistry

Author: XCoRyX from XCoRyX
21 March 2002

Both piper and blanks were great in this B movie action flick.While the rest of the cast was laughable as far as serious acting was concerned,but these 2 carried the movie,and the fighting did also.Its not a joke when i say piper is a good actor...he fits the action scene perfectly and deserves a bigscreen movie...this was one movie that should have been in at least some theatres...better then many of the theatrical released action movies out there today,and is a good night of entertainments worth for action fans,not the kinda movie u can watch everyday though...5/10

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Film was released theatrically in U.S. in 1993

Author: TWE from Dallas
19 January 2009

Just a minor note: some have said Back in Action was a direct-to-video release in the U.S. which isn't accurate. It was released for a brief run in the Southwest in 1993, playing at United Artists theaters including the University Quartet in Little Rock. Based on my memory, however, the lure of the 35mm prints did not attract huge audiences although I think it made a second week of release at one location as a split run. While Shaprio-Glickenhaus Entertainment did handle the Foreign Distribution Sales, it arranged with United International Pictures (UIP) for the domestic theatrical run in the U.S., probably just for the video store campaign as much as anything.

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very good original action

Author: ( from London
20 March 2002

A very good action film. What made this one original was the difference in fighting style between the 2 leads first lead: roddy piper, who does the wrestling style. Second lead, blank who does the martial arts style

It makes the fight scenes so cool, and original, especially the fight between piper and blank. The story, from what I can remember is good enough. It's not a brilliant story. But the story doesn't make or break the film. It's the real excellent fights that make this film. Obviously, this is not a film that girls would like. Girl tend not to appreciate a witty fight scene, girls would prefer it if the wit was in the story, which they won't get in this film. Hence this film wasn't rated higher (females gave it low ratings - see the statistics) But I am a man, so I loved this film :)

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One Cop. One Vigilante. Alone, they're unstoppable. Together, they're invincible!

Author: RTheManF89 from United States
3 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At first, I actually had no idea that Billy Blanks was an actor, but after seeing the poster for this film, my interest had been captured. I was treated to a really amazing beat 'em up fest. Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper sure know how to kick some butt.

The movie centers around veteran police office Frank Rossi, played by Piper, who after his partner Wallace is brutally gutted by a ruthless drug gang, becomes bent on avenging his partner's death. Meanwhile, Billy (Played by Billy Blanks), an ex-Special Forces agent, is trying to protect his sister from the same gang, lead by Kasajian, played brilliantly by Nigel Bennett. Rossi and Billy eventually team up after a number of confrontations when Billy's sister and Rossi's reporter girlfriend Helen (Played by Bobbie Phillips) are kidnapped by Kasajian's gang.

This movie really knows how to deliver. It's sad that there is really not that large of a following, but we can always hope that it will gain more cult recognition in the future. I hope Universal considers releasing a DVD of this movie someday, in widescreen.

Highly recommended.

EXTRAS: The tape contains a trailer for Mr. Write (1994) before the movie starts.

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Roddy and Billly are the new Wesley and Woody!

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
28 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In 1958, Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier starred in The Defiant Ones (later remade as Fled in 1996). A decade later, Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr. starred in Salt and Pepper (1968), the title of which pretty well spells out its intentions - in our overly-PC society we won't see its like any time soon. Then we saw Robert Culp and Bill Cosby team up for Hickey & Boggs (1972). But then "Black and White Action" reached its highest pinnacle to date in 1993 with the titans Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper in...BACK IN ACTION! Roddy Piper plays Frank Rossi, a cop on the edge on the mean streets of Toronto. He's trying to stop a crime syndicate run by the evil Kasajian (Nigel Bennett) and his ultra-sadistic henchman Charles "Chakka" Bender (Matt Birman). When the gang shoots Rossi's beloved partner Wallace (Barry Blake) during a graveyard shootout, and then Chakka savagely eviscerates Wallace in front of Rossi's eyes, Rossi vows revenge.

Meanwhile, ex-Special Forces soldier, and now cab driver Billy (Blanks, who must have a Tony Danza-like contract wherein he can only play characters named Billy) gets swept up in the mayhem when he attempts to protect his sister Tara (Kai Soremekun). Her boyfriend is in the Kasajian gang, and she witnessed plenty of murder, and now she's the gang's number one target.

It thus transpires that Rossi and Billy come together, initially with different goals, but now with the same one: eliminate the Kasajian gang. But will their incessant bickering do them in before the gang does? Back in Action delivers the goods. There is plenty of action and they sure don't skimp on the violence. The young-looking Piper is extremely charming, and has genuinely great comic timing and charisma. and this is easily Blanks' best performance. His karate moves are done with aplomb (and with a lot of growling and grunting). The filmmakers give the viewers a lot of what they want here - a REALLY evil villain that will elicit boos and hisses, constant action and violence, and a bit of nice camaraderie between the lead dudes.

What's weird is that this is the first Blanks/Piper vehicle, yet it is called BACK in action. Shouldn't the follow-up, Tough and Deadly (1995) be called Back in Action? What are they back from exactly? Anyway...

Bizarre antics ensue when two men, who can only be described as "The Karatio Brothers" invade Blanks' apartment. They seem to be twins with beefy physiques who wear striped spandex and seem like a meathead version of Mario and Luigi. Luckily Billy fights them, gratuitously (?) in his underwear. Another great (?) Blanks moment is when he runs in slow motion while screaming and shooting two machine guns. Compare that to self-indulgent dreck like Ticker (2001) where Steven Seagal simply walks down a hall and does nothing action-related. The villain Kasajian in some sort of trance, chanting "smoke is death" over and over again. And watch out for "The Giant"...

Piper's contract must include a 15-minute fight scene, which occurs during the prerequisite bar brawl. He gets to employ some of his wrestling moves such as a sleeper hold and a choke slam. Roddy and Billy should have been the "Wesley and Woody" that swept Hollywood in the mid-90s. Alas, it was not to be. Can you imagine these two in Money Train (1995)? For a fun, entertaining time, with a lot of high-quality technical elements like good camera-work, Back in Action is prime stuff.

For more insanity, please visit:

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