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Alternate Versions

A heavily edited version has aired on Cartoon Network removing all objectionable language and non-kid-friendly scenes.
Original Theatrical Release during the scene when Ace inspects Snowflakes tank, he only sneaks out and finds the missing stone from Finkle's ring. In the home video version, he jumps out and prentends to be Hans, the Dolphin Trainer. The HBO version shows the Theatrical Version.
Network TV version features footage not shown on the video version, including:
  • A scene in a bar in Ray Finkle's hometown;
  • Ace gets up on stage with the band Cannibal Corpse during the concert and sings;
  • Ace attempts to extract information crucial to locating the bar from a distraught gas station attendant.
  • Ace calls Emilio from the mental hospital and an elderly resident immitates him. Ace takes Melissa home after they leave the mental hospital and she kisses him goodnight.
  • Ace visits his hippie friend again and tries find out a connection between Einhorn and Finkle looking at their credit report. Also, Ace phones Emilio from the Mental Hospital to tell him about Finkle and Einhorn.
Many scenes added in the T.V. version which are missing in the home video version add missing essential story elements, making the rest of the picture more understandable.
In the network version, there is an additional scene near the end where Snowflake, upon Ace's command, steals Einhorn's gun. Ace then tries to command Snowflake to give the gun to him, but the dolphin gives it back to Einhorn instead.

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