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6 Jan. 1996
Searching for Boris Karloff
Gary and Wyatt get to meet Dr. Frankenstein who is not happy that they did a much better job of bringing someone to life than him. He drains all of Lisa's energy to create the bride of Frankenstein.
13 Jan. 1996
Men in Tights
Wyatt and Chett become professional wrestlers.
20 Jan. 1996
Puppet Love
Lisa creates a puppet of Gary's on-line persona for his first date with his cyber girlfriend.
27 Jan. 1996
Lisa is kidnapped by an alien race who want her to be their queen and to help them procreate.
3 Feb. 1996
Phantom Scampi
With a buddy dart, Principle Scampi becomes Wyatt's best friend. After Wyatt tires of him, he becomes a school phantom sworn to protect Wyatt.
10 Feb. 1996
Grumpy Old Genie
When Lisa's body is stolen by a hacker and replaced with an old man, Lisa creates a world where old men are the sexiest things on earth.
24 Feb. 1996
Funhouse of Death
Fighting over a girl at a carnival, Lisa seals Gary and Wyatt up in the funhouse until they make up.
2 Mar. 1996
It Takes a Geek
The boys and Chett have to steal Principal Scampi's computer after Lisa gets trapped inside.
9 Mar. 1996
Slow Times at Farber High
After all the brain power at Farber is sucked out by a magic brain vacuum, Gary must outwit a giant orb formed by the brain power that wants to take over the world.
16 Mar. 1996
Chett World
When Chet can't get a job, Lisa creates the store "A Man's Man World" that specializes in his favorite things: cigars, monster trucks, beef jerky and paint-ball. It is run by too former rats (REAL Rats) who with Chet's help plan to take over the world.
23 Mar. 1996
By the Time We Got to Woodstock...
Gary and Wyatt get stuck in 1969 when Lisa loses her memory and thinks she is a hippie. Chet is also there and tries to correct the mistakes of Richard Nixon's presidency.
30 Mar. 1996
You'll Never Eat Brains in This Town Again
Lisa zaps up two real zombies for Gary and Wyatt's movie Night of the Blood-Sucking Zombie Sophomores.
6 Apr. 1996
Demon Lisa
On Halloween Lisa is possessed by a cyber demon who controls all of her powers.
13 Apr. 1996
Cyborg Sam I Am
Lisa brings Wyatt's favorite toy action figure Cyborg Sam to life.
27 Apr. 1996
It's a Wonderful Life... Without You
Wyatt and Lisa show Chett what life would be like if Wyatt was never born. Not only does everyone have a better life, but Lisa can't bring her and Wyatt back.
4 May 1996
Lisa's Childhood Memories
Lisa is sad because she doesn't have any childhood memories so the boys whip up some wild ones for her.
11 May 1996
After Gary and Wyatt get credit for saving an airliner, Lisa is unhappy that she can't go to the ball being thrown in their honor. She sneaks in and she and the President fall in love.
25 May 1996
Family Affair
When Jenny's family doesn't like Gary, he wishes that they did. Now Gary is dating the entire family though he sees nothing wrong with this.
1 Jun. 1996
Gary & Wyatt's Bloodsucking Adventure
Being vampires that can control chicks and yearn for YooHoo is cool for Gary and Wyatt until Chett and Principle Scampi become vampire hunters.
15 Jun. 1996
It's a Mob, Mob, Mob, Mob World
After Wyatt wished that his family could be closer and have better family values, Lisa goofs and turns them into a Mafia family.
22 Jun. 1996
Strange Daze
After a wish to technologically upgrade their high school, the student body turns into a bad teenage science fiction movie.
29 Jun. 1996
Community Property
After fighting over Lisa, the boys end up in a custody battle in cyber court.
6 Jul. 1996
Master Chett
After too many memory wipes Chett now knows about Lisa.
13 Jul. 1996
A Pirate musical comes to life at Farber High.
3 Aug. 1996
Swallow 13
After Chett swallows an invitation to a rave, Lisa miniaturises herself, Gary and Wyatt and the three of them travel through Chett's body à la Fantastic Voyage (1966).
10 Aug. 1996
Strangers in Paradise
Chett wishes to be trapped on a desert island and things go way wrong. Lisa goes trapped with him, they're in the Bermuda triangle, her magic doesn't work and a hurricane is coming.

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