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5 Mar. 1994
She's Alive
Gary and Wyatt in the quest to create the perfect woman use their computer during a raging lightning storm and create "Lisa," a computer genie who can grant their every wish.
12 Mar. 1994
Universal Remote
To zip through the boring parts of life, Lisa creates a remote that gets Gary stuck in a time loop.
19 Mar. 1994
Cyrano de Brainiac
After Lisa zaps up Einstein's brain, who speaks with a sexy German accent, Lisa falls in love with it.
26 Mar. 1994
Magnifico Dad
Giving Gary's mother a wish results in his Dad switching places with a sexy hunk which doesn't turn out as he thinks it will.
9 Apr. 1994
The Feminine Mistake
When Gary demands that Lisa immediately teach them everything about girls, she turns them into girls.
16 Apr. 1994
Airball Kings
Gary and Wyatt want to be on the basketball team and Lisa zaps the coach so that he does just that, but she doesn't give them any extra talent and the team suffers.
23 Apr. 1994
Party High, USA
Gary asks Lisa to change the high school to make the courses more interesting. Lisa adds courses like "How to Eat a Pizza" and "The History of the Bikini," but Gary still finds himself failing.
30 Apr. 1994
One Size Fits All
To impress a female fitness freak, Lisa zaps up a zip on muscle suit for the boys.
7 May 1994
Keeps on Tickin'
Wyatt is afraid to take risks and Gary is a afraid that he'll never have sex. Lisa zaps up watches that show how much longer Wyatt has to live and how much time is left until Gary has sex.
14 May 1994
Mr. President
Wyatt wants to be the President of his high school chess club. Lisa goofs and makes him President of the United States.
21 May 1994
Fatal Lisa
Gary wishes for Lisa to fall in love with him, but she falls for Wyatt instead turning into an obsessive psycho.
28 May 1994
Killer Party
When the boys throw a big wild party, their parents find out and Lisa turns them in horny teenagers. Wyatt's Mom starts to go after Gary.
4 Jun. 1994
Sex Ed
After Lisa becomes the instructor of her re-imaged sex education class, Gary gets a lab project to "do it" in front of the whole class with his sexy lab partner.
6 Aug. 1994
Lisa's Virus
Lisa gets a computer virus where she looks like she has a cold. In her debilitated state she brings her favorite soap opera to life including a homicidal killer.
13 Aug. 1994
The Bazooka Boys
To have more time Lisa creates doubles of Gary and Wyatt to do the mundane tasks in life. Unfortunately they do everything better than the originals and they decide to take over their lives.
20 Aug. 1994
The Most Dangerous Wish
Feeling unappreciated Lisa makes Gary and Wyatt's video game too challenging and Lisa gets kidnapped by the game's villain.
27 Aug. 1994
Wyatt Erectus
Lisa gives Wyatt a magic cologne. Before a double date he uses too much and turns into a caveman.
10 Sep. 1994
A Tale of Two Lisas
With demands from both Gary and Wyatt for her time, Lisa splits herself in two and each half acts like the guy she's with and driving the boys crazy.
17 Sep. 1994
Nightmare on Chett Street
Using Lisa's dream chair Gary ends up controlling Chet's body on the first day of his new job as a busboy.
24 Sep. 1994
Magic for Beginners
To enter a talent contest, Lisa gives them a book that allows them to work real magic for their magic act.
1 Oct. 1994
Copper Top Girl
Not able to find a girl that likes video games and MST3K, Gary has Lisa whip up a robot girl to go out with him for one date. Wyatt and the girl fall in love, but who is going to tell Wyatt?
8 Oct. 1994
Switched at Birth
Unhappy with their parents, Gary and Wyatt switch, but all goes wrong when Gary's parents want to send Wyatt to military school and Gary's parents sell the computer (with Lisa in it).
15 Oct. 1994
Camp Wannabe
To seek revenge on a bully that tortured Gary at summer camp, the boys go back to 1986 as camp counselors and save Gary ruining the bully's life.
22 Oct. 1994
Circuit Courtship
Lisa creates Gary and Wyatt a supercomputer named Hank that anticipates their every need. After Hank falls for Lisa, he decides to eliminate the competition, Gary and Wyatt.
29 Oct. 1994
Chett Reborn
After Chett is mistakenly turned into an infant, the boys raise him "properly" (at a very accelerated rate) and he turns into a sissy.
5 Nov. 1994
In order to impress girls, Gary and Wyatt want to become rock stars. As the group MegaHurtz, they rocket to stardom and crash and burn within a week.

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