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Season 3

8 Apr. 1995
Earth Boys Are Easy
To find the ideal girlfriend for Chett, Gary, Wyatt and Lisa reel in a girl named Ali who is really an alien who wants to eat him after they have sex.
15 Apr. 1995
Lisa creates a super secure computer to protect her files and Gary immediately forgets the password. Now Lisa is human and goes through several new experiences.
22 Apr. 1995
Wyatt laments that his grandmother doesn't have the energy that she used to. Lisa zaps Nana who starts to pull the energy from everyone she meets and ages people including the boys.
29 Apr. 1995
Rock Hard Chett
After Chett is struck by lightning, Lisa makes him invincible. Chett then becomes the superhero Star Spangled Butt Kicker and fights crime until the invincibility wears off at the wrong time.
6 May 1995
Lucky Suit
A lucky suit borrowed by one parent gives the other parent bad luck thanks to Lisa.
13 May 1995
Gary Wallace: Boy Reporter
Gary joins the school newspaper to get close to a girl and Lisa gives him a pen in which anything he writes about becomes true.
27 May 1995
Hot Wheels
Lisa zaps up a car named Nadine who has such a great personality that Wyatt dumps Mindy and falls in love with the car.
3 Jun. 1995
Bikini Camp Slasher
Gary and Wyatt have Lisa zap them into the movie Bikini Camp Slasher.
10 Jun. 1995
What Genie?
Phoebe, a friend of Wyatt's, learns about Lisa, takes control of her, wipes the boys' memories of Lisa and ends up with her own national talk show.
17 Jun. 1995
Sci-Fi Zoned
After Gary and Wyatt have a falling out, Lisa zaps them into their favourite TV series "The Sci-Fi Zone" which was why they became friends in the first place.
24 Jun. 1995
The Wyatt Brief
Gary learns that Wyatt is going to steal his date at the prom, so Lisa gives him Chett's personality which his date really likes.
1 Jul. 1995
Free Gary
When Lisa turns the boys into lifeguards on a Baywatch (1989) beach, things are great until Gary gets turned into a merman and another electronic genie is found.
15 Jul. 1995
Quantum Wyatt
To try out various careers Wyatt leaps from career to career.
22 Jul. 1995
Fly Boy
When Gary is caught flying around with a pair of magical shoes, two F.B.I. agents show up who investigate strange and weird incidents.
29 Jul. 1995
Teen Lisa
Lisa and the boys changes places. Lisa is a teenager at school who falls for the most popular guy and the boys mess up trying to perform magic.
5 Aug. 1995
Dead Can Dance
When Chett meets the ghost of a 12th Century ancestor, he travels back in time to be a warrior.
12 Aug. 1995
The Legend of Red Brick Wallace
The boys go back to the Wild West to meet a family folk hero.
9 Sep. 1995
Spies 'R' Us
After breaking their virtual reality spy game, their high school changes and the principle wants to take over the world.

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