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It's good to know someone remembers this excellent show

Author: B.E. from Cheney Washington
7 August 2000

I saw this show in its original network run and was totally blown away by it. Intelligent scripting, interesting characters and great performances made this crime series transcend it's genre.

And like most shows that are a little to original and intelligent to be pigeon-holed into a neat little category, the network morons promptly consigned it to limbo.

Karen Sillas plays Rose Phillips, a Portland homicide investigator who gets involved in very twisty, convoluted cases. The plot developments kept her and the audience guessing until the end.

I love crime and mystery stories. The more complicated, the better. The plots of Under Suspicion (stretched out over two episodes, so they couldn't be tied up in a nice little bow) are reminiscent of the best in crime literature. This is something truly rare in TV and film. Perhaps something we will never see again.

Since this show has been cancelled, Network television has steadily declined and now hit it's nadir with the brainless fad of "reality TV". I hope someday the network would give intelligent shows like Under Suspicion another chance. But that is unlikely to happen.

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Where did it go???

Author: sooz154 from United States
7 June 2006

Am I the only one who saw this series? This incredibly well-done cop show with a really terrific, complicated female lead and a top drawer supporting ensemble cast? Not since Christine Cagney has there been a as good a female detective as this one and it still pains me that it went up against "X-Files" in its time slot and so had no chance of surviving to find a bigger audience. It's been awhile, but I would love to find this season on DVD somehow. I'd still watch it. The location was unique (Portland, OR, I think...) and the cinematography was grainy and cool and it kept surprising each week. Just when I thought I'd figured out Ms. Zamprano's approach, she'd stretch it out into another direction. And, Karen Sillas was terrific as "Phil." We were just starting to know Phil's back story when she was taken from us. Did she die at the end?

Great show!

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I was hooked by this series' reruns on TNT

Author: Lovecats from Georgia
16 August 1999

Although I accidentally happened on this series of shows on TNT this summer while on vacation from teaching, I began watching or taping the shows daily. How did I miss this superb show when it was on prime time? I like cop drama shows very much and view Law and Order each week. It appears that as soon as I like a show, it is short lived. Law and Order is the exception. I am truly sorry that Under Suspicion was cancelled. I really cared about the characters, especially the relationship between Rose and Det. James Vitelli. I am NOT a sitcom person. I know they have their place. Bring on more dramas like Under Suspicion!

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Another quality show killed by networks

Author: misslu from Reston, VA
24 December 1998

At the time of release, critics simplified this as an Americanized version of Prime Suspect. While that should have peeked interest, it did the series no justice. Well-defined, flawed characters did not make it an easy, mindless program to watch. It was very complex and more human than series are generally allowed to be.

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Really want this show!

Author: xentagotf from United States
26 May 2006

I really loved this show when it was originally on the air. Since then, I have been desperately searching for a copy.

Anyone have ANY idea where I might be able to get one? I'm dying to see the series again (I was fairly young when it was originally aired) and would like to know how...

For anyone who hasn't seen the show (and would like to see it), if you ever get a chance, I would recommend it highly. It's a bit dark, but the characters are good, and the chemistry between Phil and Vitelli is spectacular.

Please, please, please someone have a copy... please? =)

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They always cancel the great ones

Author: TesubCalle
8 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's truly a shame that CBS cancelled this show. As has been mentioned by other folks here, Under Suspicion was intelligently written with superb performances to match. I can only echo that in my own rather plain way. Brilliant scripts and acting, of course, is usually instant recipe for cancellation. It wasn't until NBC's 'Boomtown' came 'round that I found a 'cop' drama worthy of watching. They axed that one too. (Actually, 'High Incident' was darned good, too, but it also had a short shelf life.) I'd love to have Under Suspicion on DVD, since the station that carried it locally never showed all the episodes.


In my restless searching for any episode info, I leaned in the season 1 finale, 'Phil' was shot by a bullet meant for a colleague. Word from the network was if the show didn't return for a second season, we could assume she didn't survive. How harsh is that?

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This film was too much for the "Survivor"-crazed-americans

Author: José MIguel Villouta from Chile
16 January 2001

I saw this in Cinemax Latin America. It wasn't billed as a TV Series, it was billed as a movie. I guess it was the pilot, and it was superb.

I usually watch american tv series, and this has been one of the best tv episodes i've ever seen. The lead actress is simply greeat. I wonder why she is not a celebrity in Latin America. That woman knows how to act. BEsides, this is (was) a new perspective on detective shows. It was extremely well written, extremely well directed and it was an intelligent show. Maybe too intelligent for U.S.A (Survivor, Temptation ISLand, BAywatch, Friends, etc)....and it was AS GOOD as PRime Suspect....It kept me biting my nails the whole time... That script should've been a movie. (what runned opossite this serie in american Prime Time Television? why they cancel all good shows like Murder One)

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The TV Show, not the movie

Author: jblake1243 from United States
15 May 2005

The "Sunday Herald" (Boston, 5/15/05)) had some brief commentary regarding the mid 90s short lived but excellent crime series "Under Suspicion", that CBS promptly canned after one season. That induced me to revisit the show at this site and to try conveying some thoughts based upon recollections of a decade ago. I remember watching it on Friday nights (I think) and have never forgotten the noir-ish moods it conveyed so well. After 10 years, details fade and one is left with general impressions and memories somewhat distorted by time, so I reviewed the episodes listings with their brief summaries and it was good to be re-reminded of Detective "Phil" Phillips who was always reliably relentless in her pursuit of justice on behalf of the mostly innocent victims of crime and evil that were brought to her attention. I think that "Under Suspicion" managed to avoid the clichés that today's slick, formulaic "successful" crime series with their wooden, one dimensional characters, countless trips to the morgue and neat, almost unbelievable wraps at the end, are unfortunately, sustained by. Further,it was probably too close in style and content to the British series "Prime Suspect" for it to be be picked up by American PBS, but it's interesting to wonder what might have developed had that happened.

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One of the best......but long gone.

Author: Dave S. from United States
4 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, I guess this excellent show was thrown on to the mile high heap of other shows which the network felt were not making enough money for them. I am positive, that if it had run more recently and then got canned, it would have wound up on DVD, but it has been forgotten about. On Wikipedia, and elsewhere I have seen the term, "Under Suspicion" used to describe the other characters reactions to detective Rose Phillips, (Karen Sillas) being a female detective on the job with the big boys. I think the title may be a double entendre, because the whole precinct that she worked in was, "Under Suspicion" by internal affairs, thus the name of the show. In most of the episodes the police were interviewed one by one - a different cop in every episode. It was done in the dark room, with the bright light in the center, reminding the viewer of classic, Cagney, film noir. That added a very nerve-wracking quality to the show, because every cop new that at any time, he might be fired or even indicted. As a result everyone was always on edge to an unusual degree and more than anyone, this included the viewer. The color pallet, was blue tinted with high contrast and laid back.

The episode entitled, "A Haunting Case" (Episode 1-14) was both one of the creepiest, and also tasteful episodes that I've ever seen on T.V. It starts with the song by Donovan, "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and the camera does a very slow pan from the harbor up to the victim. You never see the whole victim laying there, but rather three separate shots. What is left to your imagination is not only more unsettling, but to me far more sympathetic and respectful to the victim than showing the whole body. You see the expressions on the faces of the other detectives before Rose gets there. These are battle hardened police, and when you see an ever so slight wince on one of their faces, you know that Rose and the viewer are going to be in for a tough time. The perpetrator is possibly the same person who did a similar crime exactly 20 years ago hence many flashbacks to the cops when they were much younger, including one who made a terrible technical mistake. The appropriate music of that time is used. It was a very effective episode. It brings out many different thoughts, and emotions from those of us who were early 20ish back then.

I remember the fall preview write-up for this show. The people who wrote it at T.V. Guide liked the show very much. They described Det. Rose Phillips as, "...possibly a bit too hard boiled for the average viewer." Then again......if she wasn't hard boiled, she could not have functioned as a homicide detective.

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