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Season 1

16 Sep. 1994
Det. Rose 'Phil' Phillips, member of a homicide squad in Portland, Oregon, is appointed as the Women's Coordinator, sparking jealousy in her male colleagues. However, her partner and friend Det. Frank Fusco disappears, frightening his wife and daughter. IA soon gets involved, led by tough investigator Det. James Vitelli.
23 Sep. 1994
Serial Killer: Part 1
After the death of LeBlanc and Fusco and the arrest of a third police officer, the homicide division is understaffed. Meanwhile, Phil investigates the case of a possible serial killer who inscribes a strange symbol at his crime scenes.
30 Sep. 1994
Serial Killer: Part 2
As incriminating evidence appears to point to Judge Friedlander as the serial killer, Phil comes too close to naming him, which threatens both her career and her life.
7 Oct. 1994
Child Molester: Part 1
Shane Fusco's friend is kidnapped from the park, where she and Shane were out for a walk. Phil gets involved, investigating the kidnapping and questioning Shane about what had happened, and is helped by Detective Beck, a new member of the squad -- who is an expert in such cases.
14 Oct. 1994
Child Molester: Part 2
Rita is found murdered. As a result, Shane's personality changes, and she becomes distant and withdrawn from the world as well as from Phil. Papadakis, another new detective, helps Phil and Beck investigate the murder.
4 Nov. 1994
Wife Abuse/Murder: Part 1
Phil and Beck are at a restaurant when they observe a husband abusing his wife. Angered, Phil threatens to arrest the man. The wife later ends up dead, and Phil is determined to nail the husband for the crime.
4 Nov. 1994
Wife Abuse/Murder: Part 2
Phil goes after a man whom she thinks killed his wife. Meanwhile, Phil's affair with Vitelli is leaked to the press. Martin Fox, a famous attorney hired to defend the husband, alleges a police cover-up. The adverse publicity prompts a visit by Phil's estranged father.
11 Nov. 1994
Arson/Murder Story
A body is found in the debris of a burned warehouse, and Phil and the other detectives investigate. They suspect street kids who live nearby, particularly Johnny, who may be responsible for previous arsons. Meanwhile, Vitelli investigates a leak from the precinct to the press. Also, Lieutenant Schwarz's daughter has surprising news.
18 Nov. 1994
The Retarded Witness
A pregnant woman is shot in a drive-by shooting. The only witness Phil can find has a photographic memory - but the man also has learning difficulties.
1 Dec. 1994
Father/Daughter Murder
A businessman is found shot to death in bed. The evidence seems to implicate his daughter, who claims he molested her. Complicating the investigation, however, is the fact that she has no memory of the night he was killed.
6 Jan. 1995
Sex Harassment/Corruption Case
Phil is involved when a female cop charges a city official with sexual harassment. Tension develops between Vitelli and Phil, however, when Internal Affairs takes over the case. Meanwhile, Doc gains an admirer when Shane Fusco visits the station.
13 Jan. 1995
Koreatown Murder
A Korean spa owner is murdered; but when Phil and Beck investigate, racial tensions make the case a touchy one -- especially when they learn the man had been buying up property in a predominantly black neighborhood.
20 Jan. 1995
Holy Suspect
Convicted of manslaughter and having served his time, an ex-con priest seeks redemption by running a halfway house. His efforts are stopped short, however, when he becomes a suspect in the murder of a newspaper reporter.
27 Jan. 1995
A Haunting Case
Lt. Schwartz takes the lead on a new case that unpleasantly resembles one he handled 25 years earlier -- one in which the suspect was released on a technicality -- hoping for a better result this time.
3 Feb. 1995
Hostage Standoff
A TV reporter and her cameraman interfere with Phil's latest murder investigation. Unfortunately, the two wind up as hostages of the prime suspect.
24 Feb. 1995
Kinky Murder
Phil lands a grisly murder case involving a seemingly mousy schoolteacher. However, further investigation leads to surprising information about the teacher's personal life.
3 Mar. 1995
Cop Killing
While Lt. Schwartz is absent, Phil is busy running the station. The squad investigates a gangland-style hit on a police officer; but as the case progresses, there is interference from the FBI. Meanwhile, Vitelli sees his father.
10 Mar. 1995
Wrongful Shooting
When Det. Clarke fatally shoots a murder suspect's brother, the real suspect threatens retribution. During the resulting investigation, tempers flare as Internal Affairs questions the detectives. Meanwhile, Lt. Schwarz announces his engagement. This means Farnsworth's return, which triggers Vitelli's jealousy. A gunfight follows at the wedding, where Doc shoots the murder suspect. The series ends as Phil is apparently fatally wounded.

 Season 1 

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