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3 Jan. 1999
Fool for Love
A lawyer tells Monica about her troubled past and a lost baby. Her past has caught up with her current life. Tess listens to a man who has work problems and feels there is nothing left in life.
10 Jan. 1999
The Medium and the Message
Monica has an assignment that should take just a minute. The president of a television network wants to produce a show about angels, but sometimes forgets in his quest to be the number one network. Monica must get him to follow his heart.
7 Feb. 1999
My Brother's Keeper
Will and Jett are raised together by Will's father and compete in skiing. The father favors Jett as he is the better skier. When Jett becomes a paraplegic in an accident, the father blames Will. Jett does not want to live.
14 Feb. 1999
On Edge
A con-artist father involves his daughter in his crimes. She wants to be a figure skater and put down roots in the town they've just arrived in to skate. When the father gets caught, his daughter confesses.
21 Feb. 1999
The Man Upstairs
A salesman is in Las Vegas to renew an insurance policy with a gambling hotel. Desperate for money for his ailing wife, he gambles all the money he has while waiting for the policy renewal. He ends up selling his soul to the devil.
28 Feb. 1999
Family Business
Ben owns a car dealership which is run by his family, except for Buddy. Ben tries to control all aspects of the family, but Buddy wanted to be his own individual. After five years, Buddy returns. His father must learns to accept Buddy's choices.
7 Mar. 1999
The Anatomy Lesson
After a little girl falls in an abandoned airshaft, a man dies of a heart attack while running to get help. Monica must help the coroner do an autopsy to discover what he was doing when he died to save the little girl.
28 Mar. 1999
Jagged Edges
Andrew helps a man who will die of a heart attack. As he dies, he asks Andrew to give a box to his comedian daughter. The daughter returns home to bad memories, and finds a secret about her dead mother in the box.
4 Apr. 1999
Into the Fire
Melina cannot find a permanent job or a reason for her life after her fiancé cancels the wedding. She meets a charismatic man who tells her she can everything she wants - in a cult. Monica joins the cult with her to save her and the leader.
11 Apr. 1999
Made in the U.S.A.
Nick Stratton is a former Vietnam veteran managing a clothing factory staffed by refugees. His personal problems are exaggerated when the IRS starts chasing him for back taxes. The angels get involved when he starts mistreating his employees.
25 Apr. 1999
Full Circle
Monica returns to a woman named Kate who has more problems than the previous time. Kate is in danger of losing her house, and has not seen her son in seven years. Her son returns, and has his own child. Kate still has problems.
2 May 1999
Black Like Monica
Monica is assigned to a town troubled by racial violence -- and changed into a black mortal woman.
9 May 1999
Fighting the Good Fight
Two boys stay with their uncle since their mother is in jail. The eleven year old is picked on by his brother and other older kids. He takes up boxing to defend himself.
16 May 1999
A teenager needs a heart transplant. Her doctor has a daughter who is a friend of the teen. A heart becomes available when a woman falls and has brain damage. The angels must heal the husband and the doctor's relationship with her daughter.
23 May 1999
The angels must help a woman astronaut find her faith after her mother's death. She goes on a space mission and while working outside the missile, her teeth cable becomes loose. She is unable to contact the team inside the missile.
26 Sep. 1999
Such a Time as This
A US senator is called upon to bring to light the suffering of the people of Sudan in the illegal slave trade. Initially the senator (married to a political cynic) refuses but, nudged by her son, it soon changes.
3 Oct. 1999
The Compass
Set during World War II, 5 US troopers are caught behind enemy lines. As each one dies they leave letters, that is, all except one.
10 Oct. 1999
The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life
A support group for terminally ill people try to prepare themselves for their own death. Monica leads the group and helps each of them recognize what they want to do to fulfill their final wishes.
17 Oct. 1999
The Letter
A migrant family follows the crops. Tino has a musical gift and Tess helps him use his voice in the local church and submit for a musical scholarship. The father hurts his back and needs Tino in the fields. The angels must help them.
24 Oct. 1999
Til Death Do Us Part
Molly plans a surprise party for her husband when she learns she may have cancer. Andrew is a worker on their farm and tells Molly to tell her husband. Andrew learns he is not there for Molly as there is another tragedy about to happen.
31 Oct. 1999
The Occupant
Lonnie is a homeless man who is taken the hospital ER because he is suicidal. Lonnie's friend Duncan is the doctor. Another personality is trying to take Lonnie's soul. The angels and Duncan must help heal Lonnie.
14 Nov. 1999
Voice of an Angel
A member of an inner-city choir is more concerned with her solo entry in a competition than the group's performance.
21 Nov. 1999
The Whole Truth and Nothing But...
The angels must help a newspaper reporter remember her original ideals in finding and reporting the news.
28 Nov. 1999
Then Sings My Soul
Uncle Dudley owned a taffy store, and had a television show for the children. When he died, his son inherited the business but it is losing money. The angels must show him how much the people love his store and the memory of his father.
12 Dec. 1999
The Christmas Gift
Robert wants to visit his mother, and his wife reluctantly agrees even though she does not like the old neighborhood. As days pass, the mother calls Robert to help her, and he is killed in transit. The two women are angry at each other.

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