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12 Jan. 1997
A librarian's daughter feels smothered by her mother. The mother tries to do everything for her daughter, not allowing her daughter to make her own decisions and live her own life. Monica helps the mother and daughter.
19 Jan. 1997
Mark is a distinguished lawyer who returns to his old neighborhood. He represents a tobacco company in a class action suit. What Mark does not know is that his father works for the tobacco company and has lung cancer.
2 Feb. 1997
Crisis of Faith
A minister is involved in a car-accident and his son dies in the other car. Now the minister is beginning to doubt his own abilities - and God - just when the son's surviving friend, a girl he convinced not to steal the church's teen-center money to run away from her overbearing father, has the strength and need to talk to him.
9 Feb. 1997
Angel of Death
Tess works with new angel Celeste. A magician promotes himself as the angel of death but has a terrible secret from his past that haunts him. Celeste works as the magician's assistant.
16 Feb. 1997
Clipped Wings
Monica is due for her angel evaluation. She runs into Kathleen, a fallen angel who tricks Monica into another meeting room. Andrew & Tess wait for Monica in the right place. While waiting, the angels recall previous assignments.
23 Feb. 1997
Amazing Grace: Part 1
Tess revisits the Green's. She tells them God says they need to stay in one place for a while, but Josh needs to go with Tess. Josh has to help Monica see, since she is temporarily blinded. Josh is involved in a drive-by shooting.
9 Mar. 1997
Labor of Love
A woman hopes to surprise her husband by flying to Paris with him, but has her own surprise when he is with another woman who is pregnant with his child. The other woman goes into labor during flight, and the woman helps deliver the child.
16 Mar. 1997
Have You Seen Me?
Hank sees a picture of a missing child on a milk carton and realize it is his younger brother. Monica helps him find out the boy was kidnapped years ago. Tess and Andrew help the real father and the lawyer who helped place the young boy.
30 Mar. 1997
Last Call
Monica is told she can use one miracle to help someone at a bar, but as all the patrons seem to need help, she does not know how to decide which person to help.
13 Apr. 1997
Missing in Action
George is an old army veteran from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, who thinks he has nothing left to live for. He has also been removed from six separate retirement homes. Monica is assigned to show him the joy of living again.
27 Apr. 1997
At Risk
The angels help troubled teens that commit crimes by matching them up to disabled children.
4 May 1997
Full Moon
A rapist who was convicted and now paroled goes to the town of the victim. She is terrified of him. The rapist visits her, asking for forgiveness. She refuses. The angels help all of them with the healing.
10 May 1997
An Angel by Any Other Name
The angels are in a small town, where a group home opens their doors to children with Downs Syndrome. The neighbor across the street finds these children disturbing.
11 May 1997
Inherit the Wind
A father is disappointed in his son, Kevin, who parties and squanders money as a way of life. When the father dies, Kevin finds out he is cut out of the will and his inheritance. Kevin must learn to get a job and earn his own money.
18 May 1997
A Delicate Balance
A mother spends all her time focusing on her daughter's gymnastics career and does not notice her son feels neglected.
21 Sep. 1997
The Road Home: Part 1
Joe Greene returns to his brother Russell's home where his son is living. On the drive, he causes an accident that kills two people and puts a child in the hospital. He does not tell anyone. Part 2 is finished on the Promised Land.
28 Sep. 1997
Great Expectations
A couple expecting their first child have a baby shower at a café where Andrew is the temporary worker. Tess and Monica are Lamaze teachers. During a visit to the doctor, the parents learn their child has Down Syndrome.
5 Oct. 1997
Nothing But Net
The angels help a teen and a basketball player. The basketball player is an aggressive player and lives his life with anger. His fan is the teen who wants to live his life like the player.
12 Oct. 1997
Children of the Night
The angels help some homeless children who have banded together to be a family. They need a secure place to live and to find their faith again.
19 Oct. 1997
Jones vs. God
A distraught farmer in a drought-stricken community files suit against God. Tess arrives to defend, and Monica to testify. The trial teaches the farmer and everyone else in town the value of being good neighbors, and also drives home a stern lesson about the inherent folly of theodicy--an attempt to judge God by human standards.
26 Oct. 1997
The Pact
At a summer camp, four teenagers are planning to commit suicide because they are HIV-positive and feel they are going to die anyway. The girls come with attitudes as well. The angels help them see life is worth living.
28 Nov. 1997
Monica and Rafael have a day off and go to the beach. Their vacation is cut short when they find a message in a bottle from someone asking for help.
9 Nov. 1997
My Dinner with Andrew
Andrew is an eligible bachelor placed on auction to raise money for medical research. A female doctor wins the bid for Andrew, but then refuses to go on a date since she is too busy. Andrew teaches her to enjoy the life God gave her.
16 Nov. 1997
Libby's father was on the Hollywood Blacklist in the 1950s, but is now being honored. Libby's father is dead, but his best friend and Libby's mother are to accept the award. When Vera refuses, Libby finds out the truth from that time.
23 Nov. 1997
The Comeback
Carol Burnett and her real life daughter star as a mother and daughter with acting aspirations. Monica teaches them that their luck is not from signs and omens but rather is the love from God.
7 Dec. 1997
Annie is a bitter widow who is losing her eyesight. She is angry with her friends every since her husband died years previous. The angels help the friends talk to each other and find the truth about the husband's death.
21 Dec. 1997
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Wayne gets upset when Joey breaks a special ornament for the Christmas tree. He leaves the house and Joey is alone. Monica visits Joey and takes care of him, telling his a story of Christmas past. After much worry, Wayne comes home.

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