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Season 7

15 Oct. 2000
The Face on the Bar Room Floor
The angels must help a father who wants to disinherit his son since the son is only interested in the social life.
22 Oct. 2000
A father pressures his college-bound son to join the same fraternity he joined when he was in college. The fraternity practices dangerous hazing. The angels must show the son that he has to follow his own life.
29 Oct. 2000
The Invitation
It's Halloween, and a young couple is having a party. There are spooks around, and Satan comes to the party. The angels must protect the man and his pregnant wife.
5 Nov. 2000
A young film student has trouble interviewing a 102-year-old film director who is ready to die. Andrew tells him he must stay on earth a little longer to help the student.
12 Nov. 2000
Finger of God
A storm chaser is excited when there are storms and tornadoes predicted in the area because he hopes it will save his job.
19 Nov. 2000
The Empty Chair
A TV couple find their lives and relationship deteriorating, leading them to face a wrong decision in their past.
26 Nov. 2000
God Bless the Child
A teen is about to throw away her ambitions of music and education by starting to use drugs. The angels use her love of music to tell her the story of Billie Holiday's tragic life in hopes of helping the teen follow her dream without drugs.
3 Dec. 2000
Reasonable Doubt
Monica serves on jury duty and is the lone person who thinks the accused is not guilty.
10 Dec. 2000
The Grudge
Andrew is a judge, Monica and Tess are sentenced to community service. They work with two arguing people who once were in love years ago, but forbidden to marry. Can the angels heal their feud and help them find their love again?
17 Dec. 2000
An Angel on My Tree
The family of a convicted murderer face a bleak Christmas in a town which blames them.
7 Jan. 2001
Mi Familia
Two teenagers want to marry since they've had a child, but the girl's father forbids it because the boy is a gang member. He has to choose whether to remain in the gang or start taking a direct role in the family. And when he tries to prove himself with one last job for the gang, it endangers them all.
21 Jan. 2001
The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways
Tess is late to her own party because she stops to help a snobby woman who lost her father as a child. A quirky angel reveals a secret.
4 Feb. 2001
A Death in the Family
An officer's accidental shot at a young African-American boy is taken as prejudice.
11 Feb. 2001
Bringer of Light
Andrew is a teacher who shows his students the stars and the mighty universe. A teenager believes in God and the universe and wants her mother who is dying of cancer to believe.
18 Feb. 2001
Thief of Hearts
Alice is a bitter woman who owns a small store in the lobby of a building. A young boy, Cory, steals a special locket from the store. The angels must help find the homeless boy and locket, and find a way to make Alice and Cory a family.
25 Feb. 2001
Winners, Losers & Leftovers
A father struggles with the choice he must make between his job and his son with Downs Syndrome.
11 Mar. 2001
I Am an Angel
A conceited actor who plays an angel on television resists a very young, obsessed fan who is coping with his mother's death.
18 Mar. 2001
Visions of Thy Father
Jason is a teenager who looks up to his ophthalmologist father. Since Jason wants to be a photojournalist, the angels give him a chance to do a photo story on his father. In his photo quest, Jason finds out his father is having an affair.
18 Apr. 2001
The Penalty Box
A rich teenager whose life is laid out for him, is set up when his father has to declare bankruptcy. His plans for Harvard and hockey seem lost when he has to go to a local school with a mediocre hockey team.
15 Apr. 2001
Band of Angels
After killing his elderly friend, a troubled teen is imprisoned and eventually starts a group of singers that also just happen to be delinquents like himself.
22 Apr. 2001
The Sign of the Dove
Andrew rebels when another angel of death is assigned to a descendant of a long line of people that has previously been his responsibility. Includes many flashbacks to the deaths of people that Andrew has been assigned to.
29 Apr. 2001
The Face of God
Monica must try to convince a scientist that creating life from a test tube is not what God intends. The woman is trying to create a child for a Nobel prize, and then realizes she is trying to create someone to love.
6 May 2001
Monica's faith is challenged by the devil himself after she witnesses a tragic incident.
13 May 2001
Shallow Water: Part 1
Monica is assigned to help a former member of a gospel choir, who has retreated from reality following a tragedy.
20 May 2001
Shallow Water: Part 2
Monica has found J.D. Winslow, but he's not the Jed that Diana desperately wants to come to her planned family reunion. Will Diana's faith give her the strength to face the truth?

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