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Season 6

26 Sep. 1999
Such a Time as This
A US senator is called upon to bring to light the suffering of the people of Sudan in the illegal slave trade. Initially the senator (married to a political cynic) refuses but, nudged by her son, it soon changes.
3 Oct. 1999
The Compass
Set during World War II, 5 US troopers are caught behind enemy lines. As each one dies they leave letters, that is, all except one.
10 Oct. 1999
The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life
A support group for terminally ill people try to prepare themselves for their own death. Monica leads the group and helps each of them recognize what they want to do to fulfill their final wishes.
17 Oct. 1999
The Letter
A migrant family follows the crops. Tino has a musical gift and Tess helps him use his voice in the local church and submit for a musical scholarship. The father hurts his back and needs Tino in the fields. The angels must help them.
24 Oct. 1999
Til Death Do Us Part
Molly plans a surprise party for her husband when she learns she may have cancer. Andrew is a worker on their farm and tells Molly to tell her husband. Andrew learns he is not there for Molly as there is another tragedy about to happen.
31 Oct. 1999
The Occupant
Lonnie is a homeless man who is taken the hospital ER because he is suicidal. Lonnie's friend Duncan is the doctor. Another personality is trying to take Lonnie's soul. The angels and Duncan must help heal Lonnie.
14 Nov. 1999
Voice of an Angel
A member of an inner-city choir is more concerned with her solo entry in a competition than the group's performance.
21 Nov. 1999
The Whole Truth and Nothing But...
The angels must help a newspaper reporter remember her original ideals in finding and reporting the news.
28 Nov. 1999
Then Sings My Soul
Uncle Dudley owned a taffy store, and had a television show for the children. When he died, his son inherited the business but it is losing money. The angels must show him how much the people love his store and the memory of his father.
12 Dec. 1999
The Christmas Gift
Robert wants to visit his mother, and his wife reluctantly agrees even though she does not like the old neighborhood. As days pass, the mother calls Robert to help her, and he is killed in transit. The two women are angry at each other.
2 Jan. 2000
At a holiday party Nick proposes to Angela but she fears commitment. Angela talks to Andrew about her father, the reason for her fear, and the time capsule they built. She agrees to open the capsule and then finds the truth about her father
9 Jan. 2000
With God as My Witness
A construction worker is fired because he spoke out about the shortcuts being taken on a building being built. Desperate for a job, he becomes a chauffeur and finds the clients are gangsters. That's when his whole world turns upside down.
23 Jan. 2000
A House Divided
A boy's parents are divorced and bickering. The boy feels torn and he wants to divorce his parents.
6 Feb. 2000
Buy Me a Rose
A successful business man has time for his work but not for his wife. When he is unavailable for their 20th wedding anniversary, the wife connects with a former boyfriend.
13 Feb. 2000
Life Before Death
Monica works with a group of teenagers from Ireland for a missionary program in the United States. They are to restore an old home and must work in harmony. Two teens are Catholic; two are Protestants.
20 Feb. 2000
A Perfect Game
When thought to have been rejected by him, a woman sets up a perfect bowling game so she can have the satisfaction of shattering his joy.
27 Feb. 2000
Here I Am
At an art museum, a Vietnam vet, an artist, and a dying mother all come together for the security guard's final day. Haunted by a painting and his past, the veteran (Edward Asner) must come to terms with a tragic Christmas day.
12 Mar. 2000
Bar Mitzvah
An elderly man no longer believes in God. When he finds out his devout son is dying from a brain tumor, he must find his own faith again.
19 Mar. 2000
True Confessions
Monica and Tess enter a woman's prison to help a woman who thinks she was wrongly convicted of killing a man. Monica helps stage a play in prison to get the women to open up. Andrew must help the father of that man come to forgive the woman.
2 Apr. 2000
Quality Time
The angels must help a teenager whose family lives on a time-line for every activity. The teen is diagnosed with diabetes and it interrupts her athletic schedule and the parents' life as they try to open a new restaurant.
9 Apr. 2000
Living the Rest of My Life
A grown man is too attached to his mother to let her live her own life and have her own money. Monica visits for a clothing donation and gets Abby to visit the senior home. Abby moves there, and her son tries to get her to move back home.
23 Apr. 2000
Stealing Hope
Ricky is a gas station attendant who just lost his job since the station is closing. Monica goes to help with the closing inventory of items, and to convince him that a door closing opens another door and that he needs to pursue his poetry.
30 Apr. 2000
Monica's Bad Day
While learning to parallel park, Monica bumps into a man who walks in front of the car. While not hurt, he is rude to her. Monica is upset and it seems to affect her whole day regardless of how she tries to make it up to him.
7 May 2000
A Clown's Prayer
Monica, Tess, and Andrew attend a circus to help a young boy who has been in the circus all his life. His father is a dwarf who is the circus clown. Both have trouble accepting the father's height.
14 May 2000
Mother's Day
Monica, Tess and Andrew return to see Audrey Carmichael, now an alcoholic and still angry over her son's death. Emma, another angel, shows up to assist, and Andrew later gets in touch with a woman who may have a connection to Audrey.
21 May 2000
Pandora's Box
With a new computer in the house, a young daughter accidentally clicks a link to a porn site. When the father takes control to change the site, he becomes interested in online porn and it starts to affect his home and work life.

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