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Season 1

21 Mar. 1994
Thunder in Paradise: Part One
When the government cancels the order for a fleet of Thunderboats, huge speed boats with heavy armament and high tech voiced computers with supreme navigational software, ex-Navy SEALS Spencer and Brubaker need a source of income.
25 Mar. 1994
Thunder in Paradise: Part Two
A mysterious treasure may mean the end of financial troubles for Spencer and Brubaker.
1 Apr. 1994
Tug of War
Spence and Bru must once again stop their arch-enemy Hammerhead who has gained control over a top secret naval device.
8 Apr. 1994
Sea Quentin
Spence and Bru's arch-enemy Hammerhead, a dangerous criminal, takes over the underwater prison he's imprisoned in.
15 Apr. 1994
Strange Bru
Spence and Brubaker take on a voodoo drug dealer.
22 Apr. 1994
Sealed with a Kismet: Part 1
A prince becomes interested in Kelly, the owner of a local beach grill bar, who's also Spence's friend and Bru's love interest.
29 Apr. 1994
Sealed with a Kismet: Part 2
Spence and Brubaker must save Kelly.
6 May 1994
Changing of the Guard
An Earl claims that Spencer's young daughter Jessica is in fact his child and heiress, so she travels with her Uncle Edward to England to the Earl's castle to meet him and check his claims.
13 May 1994
Gettysburg Change of Address
Thunder, Spence's high tech Thunderboat-class weaponized speedboat proves to be a decisive factor in a war re-enactment.
20 May 1994
Distant Shout of Thunder
Spence and Bru must stop a Scottish millionaire who wants to unleash a computer virus over the Internet to disrupt the world economy.
27 May 1994
Nature of the Beast
Brubaker decides to help the Vietnamese officer who tortured him during the war, when the man's daughter mysteriously disappears on a strange island and he begs him for help.
8 Jul. 1994
Identity Crisis
Hammerhead releases a fake tape of Spence threatening to level Miami unless a huge ransom is paid.
15 Jul. 1994
Queen of Hearts
Dumbfounded Edward is to receive a medal from the Queen of England, Bru falls for a girl whose only interest is the Queen's scepter and Spence fights a robot dinosaur.
22 Jul. 1994
Plunder in Paradise
Spence tells Jessica about his and Bru's latest adventure of helping their Indian friend find his ancestors' burial ground, just when modern day pirates show up in search of treasure.
26 Aug. 1994
Eye for an Eye
Spence and Brubaker go to Cuba to rescue the family of a defector.
9 Sep. 1994
Endangered Species
Spence and Bru save a young boy raised in the wild from poachers. It turns out he's the only survivor of a long lost expedition and someone wants him dead.
16 Sep. 1994
Deadly Lessons: Part 1
The DEA asks Spence and Bru to help them capture a dangerous drug lord. His henchmen retaliate.
23 Sep. 1994
Deadly Lessons: Part 2
Jessie is kidnapped by the henchmen of the drug lord Spence and Bru caught, so Bru comes up with a plan.
6 Nov. 1994
Blast Off
A terrorist threatens to blow up a space ship unless he receives a huge ransom. Spence and Bru try to stop him.
13 Nov. 1994
Dead Reckoning
Spence, Bru and their arch-nemesis Hammerhead are afloat on a raft in the middle of nowhere after a skirmish. First they fight, but soon they discover that some of their memories may not be real.
20 Nov. 1994
The Major and the Minor: Part 1
Spence and his nephew are testing the M.A.J.O.R., Morphizing Acrylonitrile JPS-particle Organic Replica or in other words - an android. The M.A.J.O.R. accidentally receives Spence's memory during a scan of its and Spence's brain.
27 Nov. 1994
The Major and the Minor: Part 2
After sharing Spence's memory, the M.A.J.O.R. identifies with Spence and concludes that his mission is to protect Jessica from everyone, whether they are terrorists or Bru and the real Spence.

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