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Season 2

2 Oct. 1995
Carbon Copy
Dr. Long, from the Demeter City Hospital, turns traitor and starts making duplicates of the citizens. One of them, which is of Lieutenant Brogan, manages to infiltrate the Space Precinct 2040 station house, but where is the real Lieutenant Brogan?
9 Oct. 1995
Mob Wars
Vinny Artak is back, having escaped death, and now he's out to get revenge on Lieutenant Brogan with a mob consisting of him, Vacua Taz and Junna Kazar. When Lieutenant Brogan hears about this, he decides the whole of the Space Precinct 2040 station house must come together and stop him.
16 Oct. 1995
Blue Hell
Lieutenant Brogan is killed while investigating an armed robbery, and discovers that on Altor, there is a different version of Hell to that on Earth. He also meets their version of Satan, called the Blue Devil. Meanwhile, back at the Space Precinct 2040 station house, Officer Haldane takes a desperate gamble and activates Slomo's Time Vector Generator in order to save Lieutenant Brogan.
23 Oct. 1995
Graveyard: Part 1
The Space Precinct 2040 station house get their biggest investigation yet as former police captain Tara Weldon returns from her exile and plans to revive deceased police officers at the abandoned Demeter City Cemetery. Lieutenant Brogan and the other officers hear about this and race to the cemetery, but they may already be too late!
6 Nov. 1995
Graveyard: Part 2
Tara Weldon carries out her plan to revive deceased police officers at the abandoned Demeter City Cemetery, and soon Demeter City is turned into an apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by the living dead. With the Demeter City Hospital now off limits, Lieutenant Brogan reluctantly turns to Dr. Long, a former doctor at the hospital who has since turned to a life of crime. As he was formerly a lab assistant before he worked at the hospital, he may now be the only doctor capable of perfecting an antidote.
13 Nov. 1995
The Deity Father
When the Space Precinct 2040 station house get a tip on the shady bank firm of Cost and Gnostra, Lieutenant Brogan and Officer Haldane go incognito to uncover a crime organization which is rumored to have deep roots back on Earth. They find that Vinny Artak's mob is moving in on the galactic rackets, making the whole of Altor an offer it can't refuse.
20 Nov. 1995
Demon Wing
An energy feeding entity attacks a Tarn baby during a Tarn arts performance that Officer Haldane and Officer Castle are attending, and they must protect the baby from another attack. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Brogan and new partner Officer Fleur are investigating a new religious cult. Sally does some investigating as well as she smells something fishy with an oily Human Rights politician. All in all, it's a very busy day for the Space Precinct 2040 station house.
27 Nov. 1995
Alien Island
An energy being with awesome powers is sucking the life force from the citizens of Demeter City, and it's up to Lieutenant Brogan and his dangerously desirable new partner to stop the killer before the havoc spreads.

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