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25 Jul. 1997
Space Ghost presents the "Space Time Quiz Fun 9000", a sadistic game show where you're blasted, whether you win or lose. The unlucky contestants are David Cross and Bob Odenkirk.
1 Aug. 1997
Space Ghosts blasts Zorak a few too many times in succession and thinks he killed him. During his interview with Beck, Space Ghost is haunted by Zorak in a cloak, who is pretending to be dead and scares Space Ghost by saying he will be visited by three spirits.
15 Aug. 1997
Guest Robin Leach reveals himself to be "Zoltran", Moltar's evil brother-in-law. Later, guest Merrill Markoe gets it out of Space Ghost that he's over fifty years old.
22 Aug. 1997
In this Space Ghost-less episode, it's revealed that Birdman was the first host of the talk show, but was fired because without the sun's rays energizing him, he got sleepy during the interviews.
29 Aug. 1997
5 Sep. 1997
It's Space Ghost to the rescue when Jace's craft is hit by a lava bomb in "The Heat Thing." Dino Boy becomes lost in Horror Swamp in "The Worm People." An evil Mantis Man seeks revenge on Space Ghost in "Korak."
26 Sep. 1997
Brilliant Number One
Space Ghost keeps blaming his bad luck and clumsiness on fictitious characters. Every few seconds, a new line from "Antony and Cleopatra" by William Shakespeare appears on the bottom of the screen.
3 Oct. 1997
Space Ghost and Zorak temporarily become roommates, but Space Ghost quickly becomes disgusted with the situation. Space Ghost fires Tansut as the opening announcer. Space Ghost's pet/balloon BooBooKitty floats towards a giant pin on The Ghost Planet and pops. Space Ghost gets a porpoise as a new pet.
10 Oct. 1997
Space Ghost has dance fever on his show, much to the disgust of Moltar and Zorak. Moltar playing a record backwards causes a ghost to appear, which flies through the studio. Space Ghost eventually blasts it dead, but a note the ghost left behind reveals that he didn't want to cause trouble; he just wanted to dance.
17 Oct. 1997
There's a wacky fun slippery slide in the studio.
24 Oct. 1997
Space Ghost announces he wrote the script for tonight's show. Zorak and Moltar reluctantly go through their scripts at the whim of Space Ghost's abrupt changes and massive ego.
31 Oct. 1997
Moltar is ecstatic because his hero, CHiPs star Erik Estrada, is finally a guest on the show. However, he clashes with Space Ghost, who refuses to let Erik be the first guest; George Clinton is first. Zorak also causes problems, interrupting the Estrada interview by chanting "Let the power of ponch compel you!" Eventually, Moltar accidentally causes Erik Estrada to explode.
7 Nov. 1997
Space Ghost's identical twin brother, Chad, takes over the show and interviews The Millionaire and Sam Butera. Eventually, the police surround the studio and order Chad to come out with his hands up. After Chad bolts, Moltar and Zorak decide to go on a road trip.
14 Nov. 1997
Space Ghost's wrestling granddad, Grandpa Ghostal, visits the set and gets in a fight with Zorak.
21 Nov. 1997
5 Dec. 1997
Space Ghost tries to improve himself with a self-help tape. However, the tape eventually orders Space Ghost to destroy the Hoover Dam, which he does, and is arrested.
12 Dec. 1997
Space Ghost interviews Steve Allen and Andy Dick, mixing Broadway-style songs into the proceedings.
14 Dec. 1997
Brilliant Number Two
Space Ghost keeps blaming his bad luck and clumsiness on fictitious characters.
19 Dec. 1997
Space Ghost hosts a telethon to raise money for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, which is broke. However, by the end of the telethon, the show actually owes $814,375.76 because of how expensive it was to put on the telethon in the first place.
26 Dec. 1997
Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite
Zorak keeps interrupting the show by plugging an ointment he's endorsing. Space Ghost is impressed with guest Pat Boone and records a duet record with him. While Space Ghost interviews Chuck D, a character named Rappin' Space Goblin suddenly appears and raps educational lessons to the kids. Zorak is disgusted by Goblin and destroys him. Space Ghost retaliates by blasting Zorak.

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