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"And wait till you see who Gene's new neighbor is..."

Author: Paul M. Grossman ( from Hanover Park, IL
14 July 2002

I tuned in only for episode #14 "Hanging with Mr. Cooper": Gene is kept awake all night by his new noisy neighbors. Against his wife's advice, he heads over to the house to ask the owner to keep the noise down. He learns his new neighbor's name, Alice, but is unsuccessful at locating her at the party. He simply asks one of the guests to relay the message to keep the music down and returns home.

Sometime later he is again awakened by loud music. He returns determined to speak with Alice directly, but is surprised to find his neighbor is actually Alice Cooper. Alice and Gene works things out amicable and Gene returns to his wife's side to enjoy slumber in peace and quiet.

The fact that the promos revealed the surprise cameo shows how hard they tried to put some spark into this dull series. Look for Alice to use the opportunity to poke fun at himself as he did in Wayne's World, and in a recent commercial for Marriott Residence Inns, where he asks a father on the street, in full makeup, "You don't want your kids growing up weird, do you?"

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Marla Maples as main guest

Author: b4dlens from United States
13 October 2010

I remember this show, because I was the only other guest star. I was watching Ivanka Trump on TV today and wondering if it was her who was being held by her nanny while we taped. But it was Marla Maples' baby. Marla played a dish with whom Gene was forced to share a sleeping bag on a campout, as best I can recall. I had a small gag as a handyman repairing something up high in Gene's house-revealing a ghastly "plumber's crack" as he watched me fix it. I was hired by Barnett Kellman, who both created and directed the series. I had worked for him many times on "Murphy Brown". I remember chatting with Barnett and Gene about his co-star in "Woman in Red", as she had hung out with us during the filming of another comedy, and I thought she was quite beautiful. They opined what a mistake she had made in marrying Steven Seagal (the martial arts star). Gene was a compassionate and polite co-worker. He had remarried after Gilda's untimely passing and was doing well-although the weight of carrying a sitcom weighed heavily upon his shoulders. I miss seeing his wonderful offbeat humor.

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One episode sticks out:

Author: stardwarf from North Carolina
8 November 2002

The thing that I will never forget about this show was the episode that had Alice Cooper move in next door to Gene Wilder's character. Wilder ended up partying with Cooper and at one point had Cooper's trademark makeup.

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Gene Wilder still deliver

Author: manzarek-1 from Sweden
26 March 2004

I just love Gene Wilder and his talent! And this show I had taped and is funny and clever as watching his other pictures! it was aired in the 1990 here in Sweden so i dont know if I saw all of the episodes. To bad it was cancelled and now i cant buy a decent vhs copy of it or even a dvd. If you like Mr. Wilder than you should get this one and watch it! Highly recommended! Too bad he doesnt make any comedies anymore.

His the best!

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Good episode with Joey Lawrence

Author: amanda_adams122000
25 January 2004

Luckily, I must be one of a very few Joey Lawrence fans, who got to see the episode which he guest starred on of this short-lived show. I actually thought it wasn't all that bad, but then again it's hard to judge after seeing just one episode. He played JJ, a guy who's just came out of jail for stealing from his previous employer, and he gets hired to work for his dad's boss (played by Gene Wilder)and a poker game lands them both in jail and the boss' wife shows up at the jail to bail them out, which ruins her plans for a passionate night. There's some really funny lines here.

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Does anybody remember this show?

Author: dmm316 from Michigan
1 October 1999

Apparently they don't, since this is the first comment. I remember this show. It was somewhat humorous, but didn't really work. I only watched it because I happen to be a fan of Gene Wilder and Hillary B. Smith, who is on one of my favorite soaps. Hillary should definitely stick with soaps -- comedy isn't her thing.

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Still remember after all this time

Author: Dana H from United States
23 October 2012

I really like Gene Wilder, I think Frisco Kid was one of his really great movies. I watched it several months ago for the first time in years. My late father was a big fan of that movie as well. I caught about the first half of Young Frankenstein a couple weeks ago as well. Teri Garr used to be in so many movies back in the day.

I was just noticing after reading his IMDb page that Gene wasn't in a ton of movies or shows like many actors these days. He must have done more stage productions and/or was extremely picky about the roles he accepted, which I admire in actors who don't take every job that comes their way. Harrison Ford, his co star in Frisco Kid is that way. Not a huge resume of movies, he obviously limited himself to what he thought would be good or maybe even the co stars had a lot to do with his decisions??

I remember Something Wilder, specifically the Alice Cooper episode. It's been so long, I thought Alice was cast in the show. That may have been the only episode I ever watched, which may be why I assumed he was part of the series. It reminds me of Steven Tyler on Two and a Half Men, maybe they should have had Alice as a permanent part of the show?? :-)

What I do remember was it being funny and I did enjoy it. It would have been nice to see him in a hit show that let later generations get to enjoy his talent before he's no longer around. At least most of his work is available on DVD.

Everyone should have their kids watch his version of Willy Wonka, it's certainly the best of the two. Just my opinion, oughtta be yours. ;-)

Take care....

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Great Show

Author: (
29 April 2004

I am a big fan of Mr Wilder and just happened to tape some of the series but not all of them! They are trully great and hilarious! Hope they will soone come out on DVD!Like many of his later films they are not available on DVD -> what a pitty! They only run for 1 year and it shows they made 18 episodes total! This is the only way to watch later apperences of Mr Wilder apart for some tv movies! A great genious like he appeared also on two ep. in Darma&Greg -> wached it both and he is still funny guy!

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If you blinked, you missed it

Author: Bill C. from United States
5 January 2006

This show cam out when I went to college and I only saw maybe two episodes. They were OK, but I don't think sitcoms are for Gene Wilder.

I wish he would do some new stuff, his guest appearances shows he still has something and there are plenty of actors still working in their 70's. His later TV movies were a little better. I think his age and his illnesses and his absence from the big screen is part of it. But his early stuff is just to great to ignore. His interview on Inside the Actors Studio is without a doubt one of the best ones in the series. Gene will always be remembered as one of the greatest comedic actors of all time.

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I Actually DO Remember This Show

Author: BulldogSkin from New York
9 February 2002

I actually remember this show...fairly well, all things considered. OK, I was only 11 years old when it made its run, but my mother didn't find it funny, either. Not to diss on Gene Wilder. I wouldn't want to slam Gilda's husband too much, but I'd like to see him work on something successful again. I never was a huge fan of his (I guess I will be slamming Gilda's husband; sorry about that), but I'd like to see him take part in at least one more generally appreciated film. My parents are fans of his, though, and they really didn't like "Something Wilder." I remember it made the cover of the local "TV Guide." I wonder how...

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