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Season 4

23 Sep. 1997
Alex, Ray and Louis enroll in Driver's Ed.
25 Sep. 1997
Green Day
Alex learns a lesson in where garbage goes and vows to be more earth-friendly. Meanwhile the pollution-loving Danielle Atron has to get herself out of a possible lawsuit.
30 Sep. 1997
While on a camping trip, Alex becomes a laughingstock until a dangerous situation gets her stuck up in a tree with the snobby popular girl, Kelly.
2 Oct. 1997
Alex admires her rebellious Aunt Ashley but when things like car theft come up, she isn't sure what to think anymore.
7 Oct. 1997
Alex and Ray have to rescue Dave's beloved chimp, Oscar, from turning into Vince's new dissection tool.
18 Mar. 1997
Foot Fault
Lois innocently takes a photo, accidentally capturing Alex's powers. He thinks he could send it in and get money if it's a possible U.F.O. but what if Danielle Atron finds it?
14 Oct. 1997
The Switch
A freaky accident causes Alex and her mother to switch bodies.
16 Oct. 1997
The Storm
A flashback sequence of Alex's powers over the show while she is home with Annie during a storm.
21 Oct. 1997
Alex saves a woman using her powers, and Danielle Atron suspects Alex is the kid she's been looking for. Annie can't be of help because she is getting ready for college.
23 Oct. 1997
Senora Garcia
Alex's nasty Spanish teacher is supposedly fired, and Alex realizes how lost the class will be without her strict teaching methods.
28 Oct. 1997
The Doctor
Worried that her powers will be discovered, Alex sends Louis in her place for a doctor's appointment, which has hilarious results.
4 Nov. 1997
The Band
Alex tries to form a band with her friends and realizes that managing a team can be full of compromises.
6 Nov. 1997
Things Change
Ray starts dating a new girl and Alex gets jealous, thinking it'll wreck their friendship. Meanwhile Dave is considering turning Ray in to the chemical plant.
18 Nov. 1997
The Return
A new kid named Hunter has come to town, and Alex manages to befriend him. However, he seems to be curious about the connection between Danielle Atron and GC-161.
20 Nov. 1997
Friendly Fire
While her parents are away, Robyn moves in with Alex, but it doesn't exactly turn out like she thought it would. Meanwhile, George's tries to find out why Dave is leaving him envelopes filled with classified information on GC-161 that he's not suppose to know about.
25 Nov. 1997
Lies and Secrets
Alex catches Hunter spying on Danielle Atron and collecting things from her, assuming he is in love with her. However, it turns out he hates her and is trying to find evidence of how evil she is.
2 Dec. 1997
Without Feathers
Alex plays matchmaker for Louis and sets up a date between him and Hannah Mercury, with Alex and Hunter tagging along. Ray, on the other hand, is occupied with his new job at a fancy restaurant.
4 Dec. 1997
24 Hours
Just exactly why is all of Paradise Valley acting strangely around Alex? Did someone rat her out to the Plant, or is there something else involved? This Happens to be that the town people are playing a prank on Alex, but she thinks that everything in the prank is real.
13 Jan. 1998
Paradise Lost
Danielle Atron finally catches Alex, and her plan is more sinister than anyone could imagine.
15 Jan. 1998
Paradise Regained
Can Alex save her best friend Ray from an explosion in the town chemical plant set up by Lars, and can Hunter catch the pollution-loving C.E.O. who murdered his father?

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