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7 Jan. 1995
The Crimson Binome
Mainframe is raided by Captain Capacitor and his crew of software pirates. When Bob is captured and thrown in the brig of the Saucy Mare, 'Admiral' Dot must give chase and save the day with some fancy (mostly verbal) fencing.
7 Jan. 1995
Talent Night
Bob keeps Enzo busy on his birthday so Dot can audition talent acts to perform for the big event, but Megabyte has plans to crash the talent show.
14 Jan. 1995
Identity Crisis: Part 1
Dot loses faith in herself when an attempt to free a community of sprites from Megabyte's sector ends with their personal ID codes in Megabyte's control.
21 Jan. 1995
Identity Crisis: Part 2
After Cyrus betrays his fellow sprites by handing over their PIDs to Megabyte, Phong distorts Dot's reality to show her what Mainframe would be like if she were nullified.
31 Aug. 1995
Megabyte disguises himself as an upgrade to infiltrate the core of Mainframe.
7 Sep. 1995
High Code
A code master from the Net is searching Mainframe for a code master by the name of Tallon. It seems crotchety old Mr.Pearson might have some information to share.
14 Sep. 1995
When Games Collide
Megabyte's attempt to siphon energy from Mainframe causes two game cubes to overlap and trap him and Bob together to fight the User.
21 Sep. 1995
Bad Bob
Megabyte's continued attempts to steal Mainframe's energy lands Bob and Enzo in a corrupted Mad Max gamecube. With all of Mainframe's energy at risk for nullification, Bob must keep both the Users and the sprites from winning the game.
2 Nov. 1995
Painted Windows
Hexadecimal breaks into the Principal Office Archives and tampers with the paint program, using all of Mainframe as her canvas.
9 Nov. 1995
With no other young sprites in Mainframe, Enzo is lonely. When an aquatic game drops on the diner, Enzo makes friends with a game sprite named AndrAla.
27 Dec. 1995
Something horrible comes through Hexadecimal's looking glass, mutating her into a black supervirus. The nulls launch an offensive on her, creating a gigantic null monster.
27 Dec. 1995
The entity that came through the looking glass attacks and corrupts Megabyte, who then merges with Hexadecimal, transforming the two of them into Gigabyte, the next generation of virus.

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