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Season 3

20 Aug. 1997
To Mend and Defend
The group take refuge in the Principal Office, fending off Megabyte and Hexadecimal's onslaught on the city. A game cube inadvertently interrupts the attack. Enzo, unable to resist his Guardian protocol, enters the Evil Dead inspired game.
27 Aug. 1997
Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place
Phong convinces Dot that in order to give the citizens of Mainframe something to believe in, Enzo must face the User in a game alone as their Guardian.
3 Sep. 1997
In his quest for dominance, Megabyte continues his propaganda campaign against Enzo and those that remain in the Principal Office while the rest of Megaframe is defenseless against the destruction.
10 Sep. 1997
Game Over
Megabyte uses Hexadecimal's viral energy to penetrate the firewall. Enzo, AndrAla and Frisket enter a game they cannot win.
17 Sep. 1997
Matrix and AndrAla ride a game into a ravaged system, recruiting a group of brave sprites to train in game play.
24 Sep. 1997
Where No Sprite Has Gone Before
AndrAla and Matrix find their way into a system run by a group of Superguardians who were once spectrals whose leader bears a striking resemblance to Bob.
1 Oct. 1997
Number 7
Matrix is ready to give up his search for Mainframe when it seems he's found it in the form of a game. When AndrAla and Matrix reboot, they take the form of Megabyte and Hexadecimal. The goal of the game: find number one.
8 Oct. 1997
The Episode with No Name
Matrix and AndrAla finally land in a system that has ports to the Net, Matrix meets Guardian Turbo, who explains that a dangerous virus named Daemon has infected all Guardians save for Bob and Matrix.
15 Oct. 1997
Return of the Crimson Binome
Of all the bars in all the Web, Captain Capacitor walks into the one Matrix and AndrAla are hiding out in. With the help of Web surfer Ray Tracer, they set sail for the Edge of Beyond.
22 Oct. 1997
The Edge of Beyond
While The Saucy Mare sails through the Edge of Beyond, AndrAla is bitten by a Web creature that steals her energy. Matrix must learn to trust Ray to save her.
29 Oct. 1997
Web Riders on the Storm
While hunting for the Web creature that bit AndrAla, The Saucy Mare engages in a full-blown battle with a swarm of the monsters. Just when it looks as though all hope is lost for the crew, a new protector arrives.
5 Nov. 1997
Having achieved their mission to find Bob, Matrix, AndrAla and the crew of The Saucy Mare set course for Mainframe.
3 Jan. 1998
Glitch Bob, Matrix, AndrAIa and the Software Pirates return from the Web to find Mainframe devastated by a war between Megabyte, Hexadecimal and the Mainframe resistance.
10 Jan. 1998
The Mainframe resistance devises a plan to take back the Principal Office. Matrix alone faces Megabyte, who is trying to access the Web. Meanwhile, Glitch Bob gets tied up with Hexadecimal.
17 Jan. 1998
System Crash
In an attempt to save Mainframe from complete system shutdown, the sectors must be powered down. Glitch Bob enters the core to keep the Principal Office online. Tears begin opening all over the city, releasing saved Users from past games.
24 Jan. 1998
End Prog
The remaining inhabitants of Mainframe have survived Megabyte's bane, but the system is destroyed and dying. As their final hope they must cause a full system crash to spur the User to perform a restart.

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