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A Dark Day for ABC TV, killing this GREAT show!
amandala29 June 2002
ABC is committing crime against democracy by shutting down this show. Politically Incorrect being on was proof of democracy, it being killed is proof that democracy is in great danger. This was a great show, one of the best political talk shows in the history of TV.
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The show sure lives up to its name
Carmen-527 October 2001
The show is called "Politically Incorrect" for a reason-- a simple reason, really that the opinions expressed on this show are not necessary over all "acceptable" ones. Nevertheless, Bill Maher and his guests should be allowed to express them.

Do you have to always agree with Bill to like this show? Well, no. I think if you always disagree, then you probably won't. If you sometimes agree, then you can enjoy it.

In fact, I find myself sometimes acting as the fifth panel member. Yes, I know the panel can't hear me, but it's much like a reaction to sporting events. You realize the players and the refs can't hear you, but you yell out your opinion anyway. And that's what I sometimes do. The show can get me thinking too and afterwards, I like to talk to people about what they think about the issues brought up on the show.

The show has taken a more discussion oriented format since returning to the airwaves after the September 11th attacks. Before, the guests used to comes on stage one at a time to be greeted by Bill before taking their seats. (The pretty ladies would be received with a kiss on the cheek while everyone else just shook Bill's hand.) Now, everyone is already seated and is introduced by Bill and the audience applauds for the panel after all the guests have been introduced.

During the breaks, there used to be a quick joke by Bill that would sometimes lead into the next segment's discussion. So far, those quick jokes have been taken out. Also, Bill used to announce at the end of each show who tomorrow/Monday's guests will be. (Also, they were announced during a break by announcer John Cramer). But now, the final segment is more a parting thought time.

And, the PI poll has disappeared. I noticed it returned to the website once again, but the results have not been shown during the show.

Whether any of these things once done by the show will return, I have no idea. Do I want them too? Well...I kinda miss those quick jokes...and besides, I'd like to see this show back to the way it was.

Now, as for my opinion of Bill himself...

I do like Bill enough to enjoy this show. No, I do not always agree with him. I do find his views at times to be out there. But, I also find some of the things he says to be very much on target. "Why are teachers with their crappy, crummy salaries out-of-pocket buying supplies for the students?!" Good question, Bill.

I have noticed he is rather stubborn though and it does seem like he doesn't consider other opinions. But, he does at times too...though rarely. :)

Overall, I do like this show for getting people to think and allowing them to express their viewpoints. ABC took a chance keeping this show on after major sponsors pulled out, which surprised me! But I'm glad they did. There needs to be a forum for open discussion. Why not this one?
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Always worth seeing
matlock-67 August 2003
If for nothing else, people should want to see this because Bill Maher was fired for exercising freedom of speech.

Each evening for 30 minutes (well, less actually because of commercials) Maher and a panel of 4 guests would discuss a topic or two, sometimes calm and quietly, sometimes erupting in full-out arguments.

I guess my opinion about the show is biased, though, since I seem to agree with Maher on most topics and enjoy seeing him argue with "head-in-the-sand" conservatives. But I genuinely like the free-for-all discussions which aren't scripted or guided by ratings.

I wished this show was an hour instead of just 30 minutes. And now that it's gone, I really miss it. Fortunately, Maher has a new show with pretty much the same format on HBO, where we don't have to hear a silly "*beep*" every time someone says a word that someone's grandmother in Vermont would be offended by.
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This was some of the best TV ever
For anyone who might disagree, This show was great! Bill maher is one of the funniest, brightest people around. They keep taking his shows off the air and it sucks! I liked it when John Taylor from Duran Duran was on. It was great when Arianna Huffington was on and the people that disagreed with him badly. He would make people back down when they would say something stupid. In my opinion he is one of the most HONEST talk shop people. It's too bad that more talk shows can't take a lesson from Bill. I just wish that they'd come out with this show on DVD like Carson. It's just as good! Better actually. JPC
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Don't worry, you still have the Daily Show
Kipper3425 November 2003
I confess to never having seen Politically Incorrect, but I have seen Bill Mahr's stand-up and read some of his monologue-style jokes on the internet. It seems to me that he was unjustly cancelled, and thank God that a quality network like HBO had the balls to pick up a show like this. Comedy Central let Bill on the loose, and he went to ABC. Now they have a new prodigy in the form of the Daily Show. For all of its hype as a "Fake" news show, it was a more accurate report on the war than any of the 24-hour news channels (CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC). Stewart doesn't make nearly as much money as say Jay Leno or David Letterman, but I hope that he never leaves Comedy Central. One of the reasons that he is able to say and do what he does is because he's on basic cable and on Comedy Central, so people won't be as easily offended by his material. It's weird, you could watch CNN for ten hours after something important has happened to get get a rudimentary, conseratively-biased account of this event, and then watch the Daily Show for ten minutes and get a report with different perspectives represented in it and something to laugh at at the same time, i.e. Stephen Colbert or Ed Helms.
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foolproof concept, incompetent host
renaldo and clara17 August 2001
It seems necessary for a show like "Politically Incorrect" to exist; there can never be too many honest attempts at intelligent discussions between well-known entertainers (or non); it makes even people who shudder at the word "politics" get kinda' riled up.

'Riled up'- in a good way and a bad way. GOOD because, like I said- the topics are always interesting, and the guests, based on their expertise, give arguments leverage and thought,- but BAD because every time that no-talent a@#hole Bill Maher opens his damn mouth, he has to be racist, arrogant, stupid, or all 3 at the same time. The fact that he has his own views and wishes to back them up with argument is *fine*. What is not fine, however, is when someone unintentionally snaps that tiny twig called Bill's temper. Then it all goes downhill. Leave a message, because Bill's on another one of his power trips, and his a@% will not shut up until the show is over.

Basically, the premise of "Politically Incorrect" is great. The one strike against them is the host. He isn't funny, he acts and talks like he's God (which makes him being open to anyone else's ideas impossible). You'd think he was only like this on *his* show, but I found (in interviews) that he is just as rude and conceited everywhere he goes. Bill Maher is a loser and should retire. Other than his sorry presence the show is almost worth watching. Almost.
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smart and funny
Joshua Bozeman5 April 2001
Bill Mohr is a funny host, but better than that, he's really smart (for the most part.) I agree with a lot of his views, and I like the way he works, so I guess it's easy for me to like the show the way I do. Even if you disagree with what he thinks, I'm sure it's still a great show to you...anyhow, 4 guests come on and discuss current events and topics that are popular at the time. Then, Bill gives his opinions, and is constantly making fun of people...it's a great show, very nice premise, and always funny.
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Too bad it's gone
mjbbstnwst31 August 2002
It's really too bad that this program isn't on anymore. It not only was thought provoking but also quite humorous. I'll miss it very much and wish Bill Maher the best in whatever else he pursues. I think the program directors who took it off the air will surely regret their decision.
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Format Is Not Original, Better on PBS
John23 May 2002
The concept of having a round table of people with different backgrounds, different opinions, and different social classes coming together to discuss issues is not new. Several programs on PBS do this or have done this. The diverse backgrounds of the panelists are necessary to initiate debate, to cause chaos, to formulate new ideas and perspectives, and for the panelists to, hopefully, learn from each other. If everyone shared the same views, the discussions would not be interesting to either the panelists, the moderator, or the TV viewers. It would not be interesting television. On PBS, the panelists are extremely stimulating on an intellectual level. They are well-established and well-respected in their fields. Usually, they are not mainstream celebrities. Usually, one must have a decent intellectual disposition to enjoy these panel discussions on PBS.

Bill Maher brought this concept to Comedy Central, and he fueled a fire! He brought this concept to the less intellectual of America who would usually have never paid attention. It was funny, of course, a little looser in language and format, lightweight to appeal to younger viewers. It became successful to where it moved to the big time, NETWORK TV.

Though I did not watch it on a regular basis, I became tired of the oversaturation of well-groomed, well-dressed celebrities. A sparkling appearance does not make their opinions more insightful. However, because it was a major network concerned with advertising dollars, ABC had to continue with these celebrities, even if they didn't have much to say.

The show, as of the time I wrote this, has been canceled. This was, most likely, caused by Maher's comments after September 11, 2001 when he referred to the American Armed Forces as "cowards". It was probably taken out of context.

Anyway, the show was fun, while it lasted. However, just because his show is dead, does not mean that this discussion format is dead.
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Kind of disturbing
BlackBalloon29 August 2001
Politically Incorrect IS entertaining, no question about that. What bothers me is WHY is it entertaining? What is it about this show with the weird, upsetting little host that people like? Maher's image is that of some sort of "bad boy"- he's friends with Larry Flynt and Hugh Heffner and is reportedly a frequent visitor to the Playboy Mansion. Personally, this creeps me out. I don't want to imagine Maher having sex. Maher seems to be fairly intelligent, but also seems to think too much of himself. It's odd, because at the same time, he seems kind of humble. He seems to think that his opinions are so apparent and backed up by empirical evidence that everyone should have them. And he's mean and nasty about it. That's what scares me. Is it any wonder this guy frequents the Playboy Mansion? If you have to be mean and nasty to get your point across, did you have a very worthwhile thing to say to begin with? I usually say "no". Sick of hearing him say the Bible is a bunch of baloney- I happen to agree with him, but it would be a lot more interesting if he would not make such sweeping generalizations. The Bible may be old, but it still provides a lot to a lot of people. And just last night he said that Judaism was the "coolest" of the Western religions. Give me a break. Bill thinks that just because he is tired of feeling guilty for being a little single pervert that he can poo-poo everyone with at least a decorum of purity about them (i.e. Christians). He should be forced to take Bible classes so he can actually say something interesting the next time the topic comes up. And why is he so proud of not watching cartoons?? What a twerp.
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jprice-419 July 2000
Politically Incorrect is a talk show hosted by Bill Maher. With 4 different guests every night talking to him. The show started on Comedy Central in 1994, later moved to ABC-TV in 1997 or 1998.

This is a best late night show on TV.

It is.

I give it *****.
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Host doesn't have conviction, talks only to shock
merrywhether25 January 2002
I have been a viewer of Politically Incorrect for about two years. Recently, I have decided to stop. I like people who state their TRUE beliefs, no matter how unacceptable or shocking. Maher is not one of those individuals, but says things only to shock and fluster, rather than share his true ideas about policy. I have heard him contradict himself, change his mind in a nano-second about series issues, and speak out of sheer ignorance without knowing the facts. I have heard enough.
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Smirky Schmuck
qormi12 January 2008
Bill Maher loves all that is left wing liberal and attacks anything conservative/right wing. Most annoying is that this guy is in love with himself. He never hesitates to brag about his active sex life to anyone who'll listen. Hey - Bill Maher looks kind of like a dolphin with those little beady eyes and fixed grin. I'm not surprised that showbiz types have a steady flow of willing bimbos. Dolphin Boy, you're a legend in your own mind. He's your typical America hating liberal dope who consorts with wealthy people while pretending to be in touch with the little guy. Some of his comments like calling the 911 terrorists "brave" or comparing retarded children to pet dogs indicate what kind of person Dolphin Boy really is.

By the way, imagine painting red circles on Bill Maher's cheeks - he looks exactly like that creepy puppet from those "Saw" flicks!
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great concept, hollow execution, but I watch anyway...
xhari_nairx11 July 2001
Politically Incorrect has a terrific concept: put together an eclectic panel of guests to debate politics and current events in an informal, loose manner. I usually watch the show if I'm watching TV when its on, but I still rarely find an episode very satisfying. The length of it is a problem... perhaps an hour would be too long for ABC but the half hour long format and frequent commercial breaks rarely allows the guests enough time to discuss anything in depth and they are constantly making half-points or no points. Of course the mix of entertainers and political figures unfortunately creates some bottle necks. The producers usually try to get at least one conservative on the show... since there are very few conservative entertainers, the episodes usually features entertainers representing the "liberal" side while politicians, consultants or radio talk show hosts represent the conservative. Not that this makes the debates slanted always, but the entertainers are usually more interested in sound bites than making valid points. I think the producers should make a better effort to get liberal guests who are more suited to political debates. There should also be more of an effort to get guests with different views. Bill Maher himself is too into himself to be focused on keeping the discussions focused and lively... there are way too many screaming fits. That all said, the show is pretty entertaining and worth watching... but the show has the potential to be a lot better... too bad Mahler isn't old enough to retire... the show could use a better host.
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