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Great blast from the past is now on Get TV
Dana26 June 2017
They're showing this on Get TV now. Just caught the first episode today. Excellent episode and will continue watching. Love Cheryl Ladd in this and all of the other characters are great, too. Gorgeous scenery. Opened with the beautiful Hawaiian song, "I'll Remember You." That song brings me to tears.
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Singularly the worst based-in-Hawaii show ever
Garison Piatt6 August 2010
Start with the address, which doesn't exist, and move on to the crude treatment of Hawaiian culture. Cheryl Ladd's character treated every aspect of Hawaiian cuisine with disgust. Local culture was ridiculed. No one spoke pidgin, except for comic relief. When they needed to show a heiau, instead of using any one of the thousands that dot Oahu, they built one at the base of Punchbowl Overlook.

This show was an affront to everything Hawaiian, and that it was carried into syndication while Byrds of Paradise -- which embraced Hawaiian culture -- was canceled mid-season was a slap in the face to Hawaii, her people, and anyone who truly cares about the Islands.

If you enjoyed this show, for everyone's sake, stay on the mainland.
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It was a decent show!
Syl8 September 2006
I was at a phase where I was watching lots of shows filmed in Hawaii but I never got into lost because it supposed to represent another island or the jungle. Anyway, I liked Cheryl Ladd in this role and Richard Burgi who is better known to us as Carl, the former husband of Teri Hatcher's character Susan on Desperate Housewives. I liked the show for the scenery, story lines, and guest characters. I don't know why we don't utilize Hawaii's beauty to film television shows and movies. It was shown on Lifetime for awhile but it's gotten lost in the mix along the way. I still would love to go to Hawaii. I guess it's Paradise on earth and I would like to get there someday.
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My Feelings on One West Waikiki
kalika-429 January 2005
I didn't find out about One West Waikiki until after it was already canceled and showing in reruns. This was a great show that wasn't given a chance. I would like to see it brought back with the same cast. I also had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii and saw many of the locations used on the show. I am also wondering where the location was for the building known as One West Waikiki. My brother thinks that the exterior shot was filmed at Kapiolani Park. I think my favorite episode was "Kingmare on Night St." which was the episode of Holli's dream. Another one of my favorite episodes was the one with Doug McClure. Kimo Kahoano was great as the professor. I hope someday this series will be shown again, revived with the same cast, or released on DVD.
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Female Medical Examiner solves the crime, sound familar
mpmurr23 March 2002
For those who are enjoying "Crossing Jordan" there was an equally good show which was almost exactly the same except shot in Hawaii. Yes "One West Waikiki" starring Cheryl Ladd was an excellent example of showing good acting with excellent locations and reasonable plots. Fast forward seven years and lo and behold NBC schedule "Crossing Jordan" a copycat of "One West Waikiki" without the beautiful scenery...go figure.
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Detective work and the beautiful Hawaii combined with former "Charlie's Angels" star Cheryl Ladd made this series work.
Brian-27211 May 2001
I only watched a couple shows of this series and I liked it. Cheryl Ladd looked very sexy on this series and with the Hawaii setting and the all too often murder mysteries you really enjoyed watching "One West Waikiki". Too bad no reruns they no longer show a couple of years ago Lifetime aired some episodes late at night but no more.
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All the right elements made for the best show ever.
chrnaess15 January 2000
This was a great show that had all the right elements. Great settings, beautiful weather and an extremely good looking Cheryl Ladd combined with a really fine Richard Burgi as the two stars. All this was combined with interesting and exiting plots and fine background music.

It was a shame for all human kind they cancelled it, never ever had all these elements worked so well together. One West Waikikii gave me high quality standard entertainment that surpasses other great T.V shows.
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