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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Fans, Here’s Why ‘Despite Yourself’ Didn’t ‘Bury Its Gays’

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Fans, Here’s Why ‘Despite Yourself’ Didn’t ‘Bury Its Gays’
[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1 Episode 10, “Despite Yourself.”]

Human life is a fragile thing — it can end in mere moments, with a few words and a panicked snap. And that’s what we saw happen on “Star Trek: Discovery” in the mid-season premiere, when Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz) confronted Lt. Tyler (Shazad Latif) with the news that his identity might be suspect, and Tyler reacted by breaking Culber’s neck.

In a matter of seconds, “Star Trek: Discovery” delivered perhaps the show’s most shocking twist to date — and one that may have seismic repercussions for fans of the show who have embraced the relationship between Culber and Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp). Which is why everyone behind-the-scenes wants to make it clear: While, yes, this is a tragic moment for the first gay love story on a “Star Trek” series, Dr. Culber’s death is not the end.

IndieWire spoke with
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What Selfie Taught John Cho About Acting, Life and... Cosplay?

Selfie‘s series finale was released on Hulu three years ago this week — after the rom-com’s quick cancellation on ABC — but the quirky, short-lived endeavor made quite the impression on star John Cho.

“I remember working so hard on that show, but it had been a long time since I felt this way. I was so exhausted, but I felt happy in the sense that I was giving all of myself to something that I liked. My emotional memory of that show is satisfaction,” he tells TVLine.

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The 9 Best Holiday Episodes of '90s TV Shows

The 9 Best Holiday Episodes of '90s TV Shows
If you were a child of the 1990s, the holiday season meant buying glittery, lotion-based gifts at Bath & Body Works and Limited Too. It also meant actually enjoying candy canes, eggnog not giving you indigestion and – best of all – watching holiday episodes of your favorite shows, some age-appropriate and some, well, not.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit nine of the most quintessential holiday television episodes of the 1990s:

1. Rugrats, ‘The Santa Experience’

Nothing screams “The Holidays Are Here And Everything Is Joyous” louder than a Rugrats episode. The cartoon’s take on Christmas is particularly
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The Ultimate Gift Guide For the '90s Pop Culture Fan

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We all know '90s nostalgia is hot, hot, hot, and you can get in on the trend by giving a nostalgia-themed gift this holiday season. Anyone who watched and loved TV shows like Saved by the Bell back in the day or still quotes '90s-era movies like The Big Lebowski will find something in here to enjoy, whether it's a cute t-shirt, silly mug, or some other fun accessory. RelatedSaved by the Bell Cast: Where Are They Now?15 Gifts For People Who Can't Stop Watching Friends Reruns15 Reasons My So-Called Life Is Still Relevant to Your Life
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Cheers for tears! How Dawson's Creek helped teen TV get emotional

From the Oc to Riverdale, the erudite 90s phenomenon changed the face of pop culture – and spawned the ultimate emotional meme

• Read a ‘lost’ page of Dawson’s Creek’s script

No matter how old you are, no matter how untouched by human emotion you pretend to be, it is going to happen to you. You are going to develop feelings for a soapy TV drama aimed at American teens. If your formative television watching years occurred in the 90s, there were innumerable opportunities to develop unexpected infatuations: this was the decade of My So-Called Life, Party of Five, Felicity, Buffy and – rising like a phoenix above all its angsty contemporaries – Dawson’s Creek.

In the late 90s, screenwriter Kevin Williamson was being hailed for his part in reinvigorating the horror genre with his smart, sarcastic, self-aware scripts for the hugely profitable Scream series, I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Faculty.
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My So-Called Life’s A.J. Langer Has the Best Love-at-First-Sight Story You’ve Ever Heard

My So-Called Life’s A.J. Langer Has the Best Love-at-First-Sight Story You’ve Ever Heard
A beloved ’90s TV star walks into a bar in Vegas, sees a strapping, very tall (6’6″) man in a kilt – and immediately falls for him.

And he falls just as hard. That’s how My So-Called Life star A.J. Langer, in Vegas on a bachelorette party in 2002, met the man who would become her husband, Charles Courtenay – a lawyer who was visiting from Britain with his London Scottish rugby team.

“We caught eyes and smiled. The kilt was a novelty. The smile was all I needed,” Langer, 43, tells People in this week’s issue.

For his part, “We instantly got
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‘My So-Called Life’ Star A.J. Langer Is Now Living As A Countess

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Many remember A.J. Langer as Claire Danes’ best friend Rayanne in the ’90s sitcom “My So-Called Life”, but what Langer is up to now may surprise you. The actress is now living as a Countess in a castle! Related: ‘My So-Called Life’ Creator Reveals What Season Two Would Have Looked Like Langer married Charles Courtenay, the 19th […]
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My So-Called Life Star A.J. Langer Is Now a Countess Who Lives in a Castle!

My So-Called Life Star A.J. Langer Is Now a Countess Who Lives in a Castle!
A.J. Langer became a fan favorite as rebellious best friend Rayanne to angsty teen Angela (Claire Danes) on the ’90s cult hit My So-Called Life.

Today, she’s living a world away from her Hollywood roots. In 2005 she married Charles Courtenay, who is the 19th Earl of Devon, and the couple are raising their children Joscelyn, 10, and Jack, 8, in his ancestral home of Powderham Castle in the English countryside.

“Countess is a work title,” Langer, 43, tells People in this week’s issue of her aristocratic title. “We’re still A.J. and Charlie.”

Having lived most of her life in Los Angeles,
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Timeless Vampire Jared Leto Tries to Guess His Own Age in Photos - and It Doesn't Go Well

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Timeless Vampire Jared Leto Tries to Guess His Own Age in Photos - and It Doesn't Go Well
There's been much debate over the years as to whether 45-year-old Jared Leto is some sort of ageless mythological creature. Since his days on My So-Called Life in the '90s, he's managed to keep a youthful, handsome glow, regardless of whether he's rocking a mohawk or long, luscious ombré waves. In a segment for Ellen DeGeneres's YouTube show Show Me More, Jared was shown two photos of himself and challenged to guess which one he was younger in - spoiler alert: he was pretty bad at it. He also pokes fun at his past hair and beauty choices (guyliner!) as well as his facial expressions (or lack thereof). Watch the video above now, then ogle his hottest shirtless pictures (which also haven't changed a bit).
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This Is Us Recap: Rocky Road

Need to catch up? Check out the previous This Is Us recap here.

You know that feeling when you sense you’ve experienced something already, but there’s no way you could have? It’s a major theme in this week’s This Is Us, which draws parallels both heartwarming and more-than-vaguely troubling between the modern Pearson family and its forebears.

Read on for the highlights of “Déjà Vu.”

Are You Going To The Buffalo Tom Show? | In the past, Jack is three weeks sober and finding living without alcohol tougher than he thought it would be. Mainly, he tells
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Exclusive: 'EastSiders' Season 3 Premiere Date Revealed -- Plus, See the First Photos!

EastSiders is back!

Created by director and star Kit Williamson, the critically-acclaimed Lgbt web series returns for its anticipated six-episode third season later this fall, and only Et has the exclusive first look at the new season.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign (with over $80,000 raised!) and two Daytime Emmy nominations, EastSiders will debut with brand new episodes on Tuesday, Nov. 28. The episodes will be available on DVD through Wolfe Video and digital platforms like Vimeo, Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and

The new season, which centers on a country-wide road trip, will feature returning players Constance Wu (Fresh Off the Boat), Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life, Star Trek: Discovery), Stephen Guarino (I’m Dying Up Here) and RuPaul’s Drag Race star William Belli.

Related: Season 2 of Critically-Acclaimed Lgbt Webseries 'EastSiders' Looks 'F***ing Amazing'

Et exclusively premieres the official season three poster, which has the simple tagline: “Best. Road. Trip. Ever
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'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Wilson Cruz to Receive Point Courage Award for Service to Lgbtq Community

'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Wilson Cruz to Receive Point Courage Award for Service to Lgbtq Community
Wilson Cruz’s work with the Lgbtq community if finally getting the recognition it deserves!

The 43-year-old actor will be honored with the Point Courage Award at this year’s Point Honors Los Angeles Gala on Oct. 7 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

The award recognizes those who have advocated for the future of the Lgbtq community and believe in the vision that investing in today's potential will produce a brighter tomorrow. Last year’s recipient was Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts.

"I am honored to be receiving the Point Courage Award,” Cruz said in a statement. "It's important that we continue to uplift and strengthen our Lgbtq youth who are the future of our community, and remind them that their voices are heard."

The Point Foundation is the nation's largest scholarship-granting organization for Lgbtq students of merit.

Exclusive: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Cast Reveals Details of Spock Family Surprise!

Cruz, best known
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Is Millie Bobby Brown About to Be the Youngest Emmy Winner of All Time?

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Image Source: Netflix Anyone who's seen Millie Bobby Brown dominate the small screen in Netflix's Stranger Things knows the young actress has serious acting chops. While critics and fans agree that Brown's talent is extraordinary for an actor of any age, her skill is particularly stunning considering she's just 13 years old. Brown's riveting portrayal of Eleven has even scored her an Emmy nomination, but many are wondering if she can actually beat the award show's "kid curse" to take home a statuette. It's not that kids haven't won Emmys in the past; it's just that they don't win very often. In the show's 69-year history, just three awards have gone to actors under the age of 18 (and two of those awards went to the same person!). The youngest Emmy winner, Roxana Zal (pictures below with costars Ted Danson and Glenn Close), was 14 when she won for her supporting role in
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“Transparent” Gets a New Showrunner for Season 5


Transparent” creator Jill Soloway is stepping down as showrunner of the critically acclaimed Amazon series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming fifth season of the family dramedy will see Soloway be succeeded by Jill Gordon, whose credits include “Cupid,” “My So-Called Life,” and “The Wonder Years.”

The first season of “Transparent” kicked off with Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) coming out as transgender to her ex-wife and children. The premise was inspired by Soloway’s own family. The fourth season of the series, set to bow September 22, sees the Pfeffermans traveling to Israel together, or as Sarah (Amy Landecker) calls it, “Orthodox Jewish Disneyland.”

Soloway’s presence will still be felt in Season 5— she’ll continue to write, direct, and exec produce the Emmy-winning series about the La-based Pfefferman family.

The “Afternoon Delight” writer-director is an exec producer on Amazon’s “I Love Dick,” a comedy about a wife and husband who become infatuated with a male professor. The fate of the series is unknown — the streamer hasn’t confirmed a second season yet. She’s also an exec producer on Angela Robinson’s “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women,” an unconventional love story about the trio behind the creation of “Wonder Woman” that’s currently screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Gordon most recently created and wrote for “Heartbeat,” an NBC medical drama about a heart transplant surgeon.

Transparent” Gets a New Showrunner for Season 5 was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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‘Transparent': Jill Gordon to Replace Jill Soloway as Showrunner

  • The Wrap
‘Transparent': Jill Gordon to Replace Jill Soloway as Showrunner
Jill Soloway is stepping down from day-to-day showrunner duties on their flagship show “Transparent” over at Amazon. Jill Gordon has joined the show as the new showrunner and executive producer, a source close to the production confirmed to TheWrap. Gordon most recently created and executive produced the NBC medical drama “Heartbeat,” starring Melissa George as a heart transplant surgeon. Her other credits include “90210” and “Cupid,” but most famously as a producer on three iconic shows: “My So-Called Life,” “The Wonder Years” and “Doogie Howser, M.D.” Also Read: 'Transparent' Star Kathryn Hahn on Show's Comedy-Series Emmy Snub: 'For Sure' a Surprise Soloway will.
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Jared Leto's Method Acting: How the Oscar Winner Went Blind for Entire Shoot of Blade Runner Sequel

Jared Leto prepared to play a blind character in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 by spending his entire time on and off set during the shoot trying to navigate the world without sight.

The actor, 45, told The WSJ. Magazine he “stayed really focused” throughout the shoot.

That’s putting it mildly. The magazine reports that the Oscar winner wore customized contact lenses that made his eyes totally opaque. He was then guided around set the entire time and never saw his costars — not even before or after takes.

“We all heard stories about Jared, how he transforms into the characters.
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There Was Really No More Beautiful Thing Than Jared Leto in the '90s

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There Was Really No More Beautiful Thing Than Jared Leto in the '90s
Jared Leto, thee of many hairstyles and questionable red carpet looks, has come a long way from his days as Jared Catalano on My So-Called Life. The 45-year-old may be a global rock star and Oscar winner now, but back in the '90s, Jared was the epitome of the hot, brooding, maybe-not-all-there-intellectually guy you used to skulk around the corners of your high school to stare at. He rocked a flannel shirt like it was nobody's damn business, and those baby blues could stare right into your soul. Even though we certainly wouldn't kick 2017 Jared Leto out of bed, there's just something so nostalgic and sexy about the middle-parted hair and baggy jeans-wearing Jared Leto of yore. Kick back and scroll through these tasty photos of Jared in the '90s. RelatedProof That Jared Leto Has Had as Many Girlfriends as He Has Hairstyles
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Riot grrrls, beta males and fluid fashion: how My So-Called Life changed TV forever

The show lasted only one series, but it rewrote television’s rules, breaking down conventions and giving teens an authentic voice

Related: My So-Called Life to Utopia: are these the most foolish TV cancellations ever?

“We all felt that it was time for a teenage girl to be front and centre.” It’s weird to hear that now, but it was even weirder to hear it then. My So-Called Life creator Winnie Holzman was one of the few who felt this way in the early 90s. At the time, teen girls who were taught to be seen and not heard had started loudly rocking out to the feminist antics of the riot grrrls, but mainstream culture wasn’t playing along. The likes of Beverly Hills 90210’s Brenda Walsh and Saved by the Bell’s Kelly Kapowski were all they had for role models, conventional beauties stuck within an equally sparkling entourage.
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Everything You Need To Know About the Upcoming CBS All Access Series

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Everything You Need To Know About the Upcoming CBS All Access Series
As the first new “Star Trek” television series in over a decade, “Star Trek: Discovery” has gotten a lot of attention since it was first announced in November 2015.

There have been production delays and some behind-the-scenes drama – specifically, the departure of original showrunner Bryan Fuller. But fans are now finally on the verge of actually getting to see the sci-fi drama in action — there’s even a premiere date, which means it’s really happening.

Read More‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast and Crew: If You Don’t Understand Diversity, You Don’t Understand ‘Star Trek

Below, here’s everything that’s been revealed to date about what to expect from the upcoming CBS All Access series, from when and where it launches to the producers’ groundbreaking narrative choices.

Season 1 Has a Complicated Release Strategy

The first episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” officially premieres on Sunday, September 24 at 8:30 p.m. Et on CBS (the actual network). At that same time, the episode will also be available on demand and on CBS All Access, and CBS All Access subscribers will be able to watch the second episode as well.

The first two episodes, according to CBS All Access President and COO Marc DeBevoise, “set up [the show] like a movie. They will serve to create the foundation of the story line for the series.”

Yes, viewers will need to subscribe to CBS All Access to watch the show as a whole. “Discovery” will run for eight episodes this fall before “Chapter 1” (that’s what CBS is calling the first half) ends, with “Chapter 2” picking up in January 2018. Essentially, it’s the sort of split-season approach viewers have seen before with shows like “Breaking Bad.”

“Discovery” Has No Connection With Chris Pine

Sorry for the nerd moment, but the recent feature film revival of “Star Trek” technically exists in a different timeline from the established “Trek” television universe. The events of the 2009 film established that every time you see Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on screen, they’re part of what we call the “Kelvin-verse,” named after the spaceship destroyed in the opening minutes of the first film directed by J.J. Abrams.

“Discovery,” meanwhile, takes place 10 years before James T. Kirk became a Starfleet officer, but in the same timeline that “The Next Generation,” “Deep Space Nine,” and “Voyager” exist in. If this proves confusing, just think to yourself that movies and TV shows are different entities. Because, in this case, that’s true.

The Show’s Lead is a Female First Officer, and She’s Probably Met Spock

Meet Michael Burnham!

What we know about her so far: She’s human, and the “ward” of Ambassador Sarek (played here by James Frain), which means that she is technically the adopted sister of Sarek’s son Spock. The producers have been otherwise tightlipped on what Burnham’s relationship with Spock might be, beyond a “wait-and-see” messaging.

Burnham was raised on Vulcan, and considers Sarek a mentor. Her parents are dead, and Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) is another mentor figure. At Comic-Con, it was also mentioned that she graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy (no easy task) and is a rising star in Starfleet.

Martin-Green’s availability was mentioned as a factor in the show’s delay in launching — executive producer Alex Kurtzman told critics that the casting process “was a tough search. And, you know, you’re always hoping for the perfect person to walk in the door, and we really did not want to set out until we knew we had what we needed, and we saw Sonequa… We saw her work, and we went, ‘She’s the one.'”

Unfortunately, Martin-Green was committed to “The Walking Dead” at that time, so according to Kurtzman, “we felt that that was another reason to wait. And so, we did.”

Here’s Why Burnham’s First Name is Michael

According to co-showrunner Aaron Harberts, the name “Michael” was selected because of Fuller. “We’ve worked on many shows with Bryan, and it’s a motif. It’s his signature move to name his lead women with names that would typically be associated as male,” he said during the Television Critics Association press tour.

“An archangel is named Michael as well, and it just had a lot of potency for us,” he added.

Martin-Green had a strong take on that choice, saying that “I appreciated the sort of statement it makes all on its own to have this woman with this male name… I also just decided for my creation and for my background and whatnot that I was named after my father.” If we ever see Burnham’s father in flashbacks, know that his name is theoretically Michael.

The Cast is Crazy Diverse Beyond Its Lead

“Discovery’s” supporting cast includes Michelle Yeoh, Jason Isaacs, James Frain, Maulik Pancholy, Sam Vartholomeos, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, Mary Chieffo, Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell, and Rekha Sharma.

Many of these actors are non-white and/or playing aliens, such as Jones as Saru, who is a member of a new alien race called the Kelpien. Kelpians are very tall and apparently have hooves — click here to see Jones demonstrate Saru’s very specific walk during the Comic-Con panel.

Yes, The Klingons Look Different

“Discovery” features not just new alien species, but new takes on established races. As IndieWire observed when the first trailer premiered, the physical representation of Klingons in “Star Trek” has never been consistent over the course of the franchise’s history, so it’s no surprise they look different yet again.

According to Harberts, the new look for the Klingons was deliberately driven by Fuller: “One of the things he really wanted to do was shake up the design of the Klingons, and one of the first things that he ever pitched to us when we were deciding whether or not to come on the show was his aesthetic for the Klingons and how important it was that they not be the thugs of the universe, that they be sexy and vital and different from what had come before.”

Harberts credited creature concept designer Neville Page and make-up department head Glenn Hetrick with working with Fuller on the Klingon design — it was just one of the elements that the producers pointed to as a sign that Fuller had had a lasting impact on the series.

“We honor what he did, and we love so much of what’s there, and much of what’s there… it came from his mind,” Kurtzman said.

“Discovery” Will Feature the First Gay “Trek” TV Romance

At Comic-Con, it was revealed that Rapp’s character, science officer Paul Stamets, would be in a relationship with the Discovery’s chief medical officer Hugh Culber, played by “My So-Called Life” star Wilson Cruz.

While the film “Star Trek Beyond” chose to reveal that Sulu (as played by John Cho) was in a committed relationship with a man, this is the first time a television series has not just depicted a gay character, but given him a fleshed-out romance. It’s one of the show’s most promising commitments to diversity.

This Is “The Most Serialized ‘Star Trek’ Ever”

According to executive producer Akiva Goldsman, “Discovery” will be more serialized than any other “Trek” series, and he held the first season of “Discovery” up against “Trek’s” previous experiments with ongoing storylines (most notably later seasons of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” which featured multiple examples of multi-episode arcs).

This goes beyond a shift away from “Trek’s” pre-established “mission of the week” format — it has lead to a fundamental change in the “Trek” ethos. Decades ago, “Trek” established a reputation in its writers room for the concept that its central characters should not be flawed characters, that they should instead represent the best that humanity might have to offer on a week-to-week.

There have been exceptions to this principle — witness “Deep Space Nine’s” revolutionary choices, as just one example — but “Discovery” will deliberately veer away from this famous “Trek” tradition, established by original creator Gene Roddenberry, who wrote in the original “Next Generation” series bible that the show was about characters who “have been selected for this mission because of their ability to transcend their human failings.”

Roddenberry’s directive meant that “Trek” characters were supposed to be “above” interpersonal conflict, but that’s a concept that “Discovery” will be veering away from, as a result of its new format. “It’s longform character storytelling. And without conflict, there is no longform character storytelling,” Goldsman said.

Also, In “Star Trek: Discovery,” We Are At War

When “Discovery” begins, things aren’t great between the Klingons and the Federation, and thus the show will deal with some serious drama. “You know, war is the greatest conflict of all,” Martin-Green said, “It’s just about asking those deeply profound questions of “Who am I, and who are you, and how do I relate to you? How do we live with each other? How do we make acculturation a two‑way exchange, rather than me dominating you or you dominating me?”

Goldsman explained: “We are in a time of war, and we are trying to find out who we are as a Federation and as a coalition of peoples in the face of adversity. So it is entirely the outcome role of the show to arrive at the principles — the utopian principles that I think are endemic to ‘Star Trek,’ and at the same time not to suggest that doing that is simple or easy. You can’t simply be accepting and tolerant without working for it, and so this show is about that struggle, and we are really insanely proud of that attempt on our part.”

Star Trek” Will Always Be About Optimism, Even At Its Darkest Moments

Kurtzman mused that “Discovery” still aimed to pay true to classic “Trek’s” legacy. “I think the defining characteristic of Mr. Roddenberry’s universe is its optimism, as everybody on this panel has discussed, the belief that we can do better; the belief that we can connect; the belief that species and people around the entire galaxy can figure out a way to exist in the Federation; and that wars, if they have to be fought, can be stopped. And we talk about that all the time,” he said.

Goldsman noted in regards to the show’s commitment to inclusion that “we take it really seriously. I mean, for us, ‘Star Trek’ is deeply meaningful. It doesn’t mean we are not going to tell stories that people who don’t like ‘Star Trek’ or have never seen ‘Star Trek’ won’t enjoy, but what you have up here is a lot of folks who can find a TV show [to be] wish fulfillment, can find it close to their calling. It may sound absurd, but it’s true for us, and we are delighted about it.”

Star Trek: Discovery” premieres on CBS All Access September 24.

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TV Od: have we reached Peak Television?

Do the high-profile cancellations of The Get Down, Sense8 and Girlboss suggest the telly bubble is about to burst?

Have we found ourselves at the beginning of the end of the “Peak TV” era? Last year, such a question was unthinkable. In 2016 alone, Netflix spent an estimated $6bn on 123 original shows. But this past June, the streaming juggernaut suddenly and shockingly took a hatchet to some of its most high-profile titles. First to bite the dust was Baz Luhrmann’s hip-hop fantasia The Get Down. Notorious for its exorbitant budget – a rumoured $12m per episode – rather than its stylistic bravado, The Get Down was put to rest after a (two-part) single season. The Wachowskis’ epic Sense8, with its vast sprawling cast, multitude of locations, unbridled sexuality and challenging storylines, made it to a second season but, despite a small but voluble following, was unceremoniously taken off life support (two-hour finale
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