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2.12  Performance Animation: Catch 'Em in the Act 1.9 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1.9/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

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1.1  Creature Makeup: Masks and Mirrors
1.2  Optical Effects: Optical Illusions
1.3  Creature Articulation: The Art of Imitation
1.4  Miniature Pyrotechnics: Baby Blasts
1.5  Forced Perspective: Eye of the Beholder
1.6  Ride Films: Riding the Movies
1.7  Action Miniatures: Fast and Furious
1.8  Matte Paintings: The Panoramic Art
1.9  Computer Animation: Electric Dreams
1.10  Cinematic Flight: Up, Up and Away
1.11  Models and Miniatures: A Model of Perfection
1.12  Stop Motion Animation: One Step at a Time
1.13  Atmospheric Effects: Eye of the Storm
1.14  Digital Enhancement: Painting by Numbers
1.15  Sound Effects: Audio Awareness
1.16  Pyrotechnics: Bombs and Other Blasts
1.17  Weapons: Hits and Misses
1.18  Physical Effects: Causes and Effects
2.1  Digital Effects: Digital Dawn
2.2  Sound for Animation: Animated Audio
2.3  Puppeteering: No Strings Attached
2.4  Live and Archival: Blasts from the Past
2.5  Interactive Effects: Ever-Changing Effects
2.6  Falling Effects: Falling Stars
2.7  Motion Control: Unforgettable Shots
2.8  Aerial Action: The Danger Zone
2.9  Animatronic Animals: Fooling Mother Nature
2.10  Mechanical Effects: Nuts and Bolts
2.11  Matte Paintings: Big Shots
2.13  Horror Makeup: Fright Factories
3.1  Aging Effects: Coming of Age
3.2  Space Effects: The Space Race
3.3  Blue Screen/Green Screen Effects: Hidden Colors
3.4  Mechanical Sea Creatures: Aqua Animatronics
3.5  Underwater Effects: Dive
3.6  Miniature Characters: Tiny Characters
3.7  Virtual Reality: Cyber-Effects
3.8  Train Wrecks: Crash Course
3.9  Alien Life Forms: No Place Like Home
3.10  Effects Photography: Moving Experience
3.11  Stan Winston: Creating with Character
3.12  Plane Crashes: On a Wing and a Prayer
3.13  Exotic Creatures: It's a Jungle Out There
4.1  Combining Stop Motion and CG: In Living Color
4.2  Body-Altering Effects: Body Building
4.3  Devastation Effects: Movie Mayhem
4.4  Tornadoes: Twist and Shout
4.5  Twinning: Four Heads Are Better Than One
4.6  Full-Scale Effects: Trouble in the Skies
4.7  Maritime Effects: Effects on the High Seas
4.8  Computer Animation: Fine-Tooning
4.9  Human Actors and Dangerous Animals: Animals on the Attack!
4.10  Talking Fantasy Characters: Mouthing Off
4.11  Action Effects: Ultimate Action
4.12  Creepy Crawlers: Your Worst Nightmare
4.13  Ghost Effects: Ghost Stories
5.1  Far Out Creatures: Old and New Friends
5.2  History Unleashed: Down and Out
5.3  Rick Baker: The Transformer
5.4  Aerieal Rigging: Don't Look Down
5.5  Robots: Mechanical Movie Stars
5.6  Prehistoric Creatures and Volcanoes: Cities Under Siege
5.7  Disasters at Sea: That Sinking Feeling
5.8  Demons: Hollywood Goes to Hell
5.9  Scaled Destruction: Big Things Come in Small Packages
5.10  Deep Space Encounters: Is There Anybody Out There?
5.11  Animal Stars: Animals on the Rampage
5.12  Aerial Mayhem: Terror at 35,000 Feet
5.13  Creating Environments: Out of This World