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One Great Guilty Pleasure

Author: anthony1516 from canada
5 July 2001

Did i say guilty pleasure, thats what models inc was. the show followed around the lives of MODELS and the troubled lives that followed them. Models inc was a spinoff of Melrose Place which was another great show in the making, but models inc was a unique soap that had original storylines and characters. This show had it all from sex, lies, prostitutes, and even shocking cliffhangers hopefully they will release these on dvd someday and if anyone can get a copy on tape its a must see.

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A great soap

Author: mk723 from New York, USA
14 April 2003

I'm not, nor have I ever been a big soap opera fan. Like all other pre-teen girls, I succumbed to the wiles of 90201, but Models, Inc. was probably my all time favorite soap. The acting was pretty atrocious (though not all of the actors were bad) but the plot lines were extremely interesting, the characters very motivated, and the writing quite enticing, if not a tad cheesy. I never forgave television in general for canceling this show, especially when it ended in a cliff hanger. I waited, and waited for the next season, so that I could find out what happened, but alas! My waiting was in vain. Quite a disappointment.

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FOX has issues

Author: Vampcurse from United States
22 March 2005

I actually really liked this show, it was sexy and alluring, everything a 15 year old girl needs at that point in time. But unfortunately what irritated me, was that FOX decided to cancel it after ending it's what, second season (I honestly don't remember what season it was). One problem, THEY ENDED THAT PARTICULAR SEASON WITH A CLIFFHANGER!!! How can you end a series like that? They did it just recently too, with the show Firefly...warning: Sarcasm alert: of course it will lose viewers because the show doesn't make sense. When you air the Pilot LAST, that's what happens. All I can say is FOX needs to pull it together. So frigging annoying! But that's FOX for you!

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Everything you never knew you wanted!

Author: sexysalonikon from Australia
6 November 2006

Pure bitchiness! A despicable delight from beginning to end. Model's Inc. was huge in Australia, and for all the obvious reasons. It had sex, backstabbing, lies, secrets and all the fashion one could ever ask for. An average soap opera yet it had a unique edge. The show was typically campy, but reached out to woman and sought to entertain and define them. The 90s had already resurrected the soap opera genre and the sexy formula of "young, female leads" was a popular way of saying "woman know what they want and how to get it".

Starring former "Dallas" icon Linda Gray as the head of her own modeling agency, and featuring Kylie Travis, Stephanie Romanov, Carrie-Anne Moss and former "Dynasty" star Emma Samms, Model's Inc. was wicked, cunning and simply divine. Woman sashaying their way down the catwalk, into the boardroom and the bedroom, it had it all and lasted only 29 episodes, leaving all die-hard fans craving one more fashion show! But it certainly has remained a memorable piece of television and has even paved the way for future soap opera delights such as Fashion House. But Model's Inc. will remain an original. It simply was so refreshingly entertaining. Long live Hilary and her lovely models!

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A good show

Author: mk723 from New York, USA
28 June 2000

This was actually a pretty good show ~! Granted, the acting wasn't so great, and some of the plot had been done before, but I was extremely upset when I discovered that it was cancelled after one season, because I wanted to know what happened at the wedding which was the last episode ever. Anyway, it was very entertaining.

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One good soap

Author: zack2085 from Cali
7 July 1999

I was never really been a soap opera fan. The only one that I watch is 90210, and that's what I call a good nighttime soap. Briefly, in 1994, there was a series called "Models, Inc." I was a sucker for it. It had the common soap plotlines; murder, cheating, sex, models, it had it all. It was basically just fun to watch. It only lasted one season, but boy, what a good one.

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pretty models sunk - by haters

Author: RavenGlamDVDCollector from South Africa
5 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now this show represents one of my top searches in my quest for All the Pretty Actresses on DVD here at ElectricLadyLand. And what with Cassidy Rae and her gorgeous blonde mane (sigh!) being here to provide the eye candy... But I digress, or I am going to, so let me head back to the right track, and ask why BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and spin-off MELROSE PLACE are on DVD, but not MODELS INC. as well? Those two sold well enough to be released in their entirety, so I'm sure MODELS INC. would not have disappointed at the DVD box office. But no, and downloading it only yields a German soundtrack for the first half of the series, and my German-understanding abilities aren't what it should be at all. There are snippets available in English, especially of the different endings involving the Carrie Ann Moss character being sold into slavery and Grayson getting shot, but this only leads to confusion. Okay, so this show attracts detractors by the score, haters who are so jealous of pretty girls that they come with preconceived notions determined to hate the show, and again okay, it's not as good as MELROSE PLACE, but it just never really got a chance to hit its stride like that one did. I absolutely adored watching it way back then, and would have been glued to the screen again if I was given the chance. Sadly though, this one seems to be just another lost cause, with offers on the Internet that just doesn't pan out when you investigate, hello there, iOffer (sic), you guys for real or what? Pity DVD-Rare doesn't stock MODELS INC., 'cause that one is a good friend that can be trusted.

The show got canned for the same reason NIGHTINGALES got the same treatment half a decade earlier: the haters got their way. Why is it that the haters always get their way, and not the fans?

Report Back: Message posted 27 May 2014. A couple of members have contacted me to say that it is available on YouTube. Thank you for your patronage, it is appreciated, but I cannot download or stream from YouTube :( that little artwork really sums it up! I did visit my old haunts again, inspired by your support, and found MORE THAN HALF OF THE EPISODES ON VUCLIP unfortunately nothing on WapTrick and WapNext. My desperation is just bigger than ever, though. So near and yet so far. But an especially big thank you to the guy who inspired me so much, I just did not know how to contact you, and now I've kinds lost your info. To Astergine, I'm still waiting for your bank account number. To Max Zorrin from Denmark, thank you, you pointed out that it is also on Daily Motion. Hey, after all, this is the main reason why I am on IMDb, not to write reviews, but to scout for my Hard-to-Find targets.

Still 27 May 2014. Just checked Daily Motion, and no, that one is taboo to my little touch-screen BlackBerry as well.

Thanks to everybody who helps!

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Best prime-time soap ever

Author: teresahillfan from USA
5 January 2002

Probably not surprisingly, I was a fan of many of the Fox prime-time soaps of the '90s -- "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Melrose Place," "Pacific Palisades." But "Models, Inc." was by far the best of them. It's a shame the show only lasted one season. I had really gotten into the characters and storylines.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on tapes of this series, don't pass up the opportunity. Because it only lasted 29 episodes (30 if you count a finale that was done after the demise of the series), it plays almost like a miniseries.

The show features standout performances from Teresa Hill, Kylie Travis, Stephanie Romanov and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Take it from a soap fan: This one is the best.

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all the glamour of dynasty for the 90's.

Author: mjc_227 ( from united states
13 March 2000

I feel that " Models inc.," is one of the best primetime soaps ever, it has all the glitz of "Dynasty" and all the intrigue of "Dallas". But it is for the 90's! the acting rocked, and the models were great looking!

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Much better than "Melrose place" and "Beverly Hills"

Author: Kid-18 from Odessa, Ukraine
28 September 1999

I think that "Models Inc." much better than "Melrose place" and "Beverly Hills 90210". And not only I think so. All my friends and relatives who watched "Models Inc." think the same. There were many boring series in "Melrose place" and "Beverly Hills". But I always watched "Models Inc." with a big pleasure. And actors played much better. Especially, Linda Gray, David Goldsmith, James Wilder and Emma Samms. And I don't know why is this one isn't popular.

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