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29 Jun. 1994
Hillary Michaels is the owner, CEO and president of Models Incorporated, a top modeling agency in Los Angeles which she runs with her son David, the younger half-brother of Amanda Woodward from D&D advertising, one of the agency's biggest clients (from the series 'Melrose Place'). Tired of Hillary's aggressive and tyrant-like influence, Teri Spencer, the top model, wants out of her contract. But during an agency party, a drunken Teri is pushed from the balcony of a high-rise building to her death. The suspects include Hillary because of her anger over financial loses ...
6 Jul. 1994
Be My, Be My Baby
After a scuffle erupts during Teri's funeral, Hillary angers David by ordering him to stay away from Sarah because she considers their relationship unprofessional. When suspicion on Teri's death falls on Hillary, she tries to put the moves on Lt. Louis Soto, the man in charge of the murder investigation. Meanwhile, Julie is plagued by her slip-up in New York when a newspaper publishes the news which gives her a bad reputation, and she vows revenge against Sarah. Carrie investigates her adoptive son's whereabouts with a little help from Lt. Soto and finally contacts ...
13 Jul. 1994
It'll Never Happen Again and Again and Again
Sarah, still haunted by memories of an abusive relationship, pushes David away. He eventually gets drunk and spends the night with Julie, who gets angry the morning after when he tell her that it was a mistake. Lt. Soto loses objectivity on the murder case because of his involvement with Hillary. Meanwhile, Eric uses Linda and his blackmail money to further his musical ambitions. Also, Carrie finally meets her five-year-old son, Kyle Carson, who's father Paul Carson, a wealthy car dealer, meets Carrie for the first time where she masquerades as Hillary to get close to...
20 Jul. 1994
Skin Deep
Paul Carson joins Carrie on an out-of-town shoot in Cabo San Lucas where they are drawn to each other. Back in Los Angeles, Brian becomes attracted to Sarah and objects to her renewed relationship with David. When Sarah decides to break up with David, he counters with a proposal, but Julie breaks it up by revealing to Sarah that she and David slept together. Also, Eric's potential music break does nothing to ease his pressure on Linda for more blackmail money.
27 Jul. 1994
Strictly Business
As Carrie and Paul's relationship intensifies, Paul's wife, Marcia, issues a stern warning to Carrie to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Cynthia Nichols, a brash new Afro-American model, impresses Hillary who hires her on the spot. When Eric demands more and more money from Linda, she finally turns him down and moves out of his apartment and into the beach house. When suspicion on Teri's death falls on Brian because of his obsession with her, Stephanie becomes a nervous wreak after lying to Lt. Soto to give Brian an alibi on the day of the murder. Problems arise for ...
3 Aug. 1994
When Girls Collide
Julie takes control of the company while Hillary is in jail charged with Teri's murder and David is in the hospital recovering from the attack whom he thinks was Teri's killer. Julie then begins giving Sarah a hard time by giving most of her jobs to Linda. Linda then learns about Carrie's affair with Paul from Marcia and forms a tirade against Carrie, while little Kyle tells Carrie that he objects to her interference with his parents marriage. Meanwhile, Stephanie offers financial aid to Eric who takes a risk. Sarah acknowledges her feelings for Brian who's haunted by...
10 Aug. 1994
Nothing Is as It Seems
After Hillary is released from jail on bail, she and Julie try to nurse David back to health, while he resolves to separate Brian and Sarah. Sarah finds reason to fear Brian after David confronts him about his past. When Lt. Soto finds out of Brian's criminal record, he arrests him as another suspect in Teri's murder. Meanwhile, Linda falls in love with Chris after she finally stands up to Eric to leave her alone. Also, Paul suggests a new arrangement to Carrie who finally confesses her past to Hillary and about her masquerading as Hillary to Paul.
17 Aug. 1994
After Brian is released on bail, the spooked Sarah tries to keep her distance despite his innocent pleads and he's taken off a photo shoot when Sarah refuses to work with him. Carrie finally confesses to Paul that she is Kyle's biological mother. Paul explodes with anger that Carrie lied to him all this time and breaks off their relationship. Meanwhile, Hillary finally learns about Eric's blackmailing of Linda and threatens to destroy Eric's music career unless he stays out of Linda's life. Although David expresses frustration at Julie's attempts to play nursemaid to ...
7 Sep. 1994
Old Models Never Die
Carrie appears to be the most affected by Hillary's hiring of Monique Duran, a new model who is the dead splitting image of Teri, who moves into the beach house, prompting the fragile Carrie to move out. Meanwhile, Linda moves in with Chris at his mansion, but she reluctantly agrees to aid Eric when he is stalked by former business partners wanting revenge. Sarah hits the bottle after Brian tells her that things cannot work between them. Hillary rejects a smitten Lt. Soto's request for a renewed relationship between them and with the murder case of Teri Spencer ...
14 Sep. 1994
Good Girls Finish Last
Monique has a difficult first meeting with Adam Louder, the owner of Stage 99 nightclub when she becomes attracted to him. Linda gives a warning to Eric who finally pays off his debt to his business partners and cleans up his act. But later, Eric finds some dirt on Chris that he was arrested as a suspect years ago on rape and murder charges. A favor from Monique fails to move Julie who views Monique as competition rather than a friend. Meanwhile, Hillary tries to break up David and Julie with an lucrative job offer for Julie in Europe. Sarah reacts against her better ...
21 Sep. 1994
Ultimatums Are Us
Julie forgoes a job to Europe to help David form his own agency called J&D. They try to seal away Monique, Linda and Cynthia, but exclude Sarah. But when Hillary finds out, she threatens legal action to bring the models back into the fold. Frustrated, David leaves for Europe to set up his own modeling agency there, but refuses to take Julie with him. Meanwhile, Adam hires Eric as the bartender for Stage 99 and asks Monique out on a date, while Brian has his eyes on her too. But Monique is hurt when Adam just wants her as a escort for social functions only. Sarah's ...
28 Sep. 1994
Linda becomes uncomfortable about her relationship with Chris after signing an exclusive contract with his company because she feels that she is being possessed and controlled by him. Monique pressures Adam about his aversion to relationships and he finally explains that he is still haunted by memories of his late wife. Meanwhile, a mystery man rescues Sarah after she gets into a car accident whom she decides to seek out. After getting a face lift, Carrie returns to work in a new capacity as Hillary's assistant.
12 Oct. 1994
In Models We Trust
Linda accepts a marriage proposal from Chris, but when Eric finds out, he tries to talk her out of it. While in a scuffle with Linda, Chris falls down a flight of stairs and she asks Eric for help. Meanwhile, Adam decides to start a new life by dating Monique. A new neighbor, a surfer named Craig Bodi, briefly impresses Julie, so she bets him that she can claim Adam for herself. Sarah discovers that her rescuer, Mark Warriner, may not be all that charming when she finds out that he is a priest. Cynthia begins receiving threatening phone calls and letters from an ...
19 Oct. 1994
Love and War
A revenge-seeking Chris lies to the police that Eric attacked him, in which Linda tries to persuade him to drop the assault charges. Chris refuses and Linda breaks up with him. Julie is told by Monique to stop interfering in her relationship with Adam. So, Julie asks Craig to pose as her boyfriend to disguise her intention with Adam. Meanwhile, Cynthia's stalker makes his presence known. Brian's concern for Cynthia's safety increases as her stalker becomes more aggressive. Pardoned by Hillary, Carrie throws herself into securing financing for the agency. Also, Mark ...
26 Oct. 1994
Clash of the Super Vixens
Cynthia identifies her stalker as Frank Thompson, a former boyfriend. Brian continues to watch over Cynthia and throws her a Halloween costume party at his loft to cheer her up. Adam continues to drift away from Monique as the one-year anniversary of his wife's death approaches. Meanwhile, Julie takes advantage of the friction between Adam and Monique to invade their relationship during a charity show at Stage 99. Hillary sees the extent of Carrie's mental problems and lies to her in order to see a psychiatrist. Also, a question of commitment plaques Sarah and Mark, ...
9 Nov. 1994
Look Who's Stalking
Cynthia's stalker, Frank, continues to spy on her from an apartment across the street from hers and Brian's loft. Cynthia tries to get a restraining order against Frank, but she is denied. Then Frank successfully baits Brian into attacking him and gets him arrested. After Adam rejects Julie's advances, Craig tells her to give up on him and find that they have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Adam tries to convince Monique that he wants to move forward with their relationship. When Eric's record deal falls apart, he does not tell Linda, but later finds that his and ...
16 Nov. 1994
Blind by Love
Brian decides to seek revenge against Frank by either discouraging him, or provoke a reaction that will lead to his arrest. Julie finds out that Craig isn't a poor boy that he says he is because of his financial condition. Meanwhile, Monique learns of a plot to ruin the Stage 99 when police suspect drug sales in Adam's club after a woman dies there from a heroin overdose. Carrie enlists Sarah's help against Dr. Heller before she faces the medical panel that's to review her commitment, with Sarah posing as a former patient to claim that Heller too molested her, but it ...
23 Nov. 1994
Till Death Do Us Part
Carrie makes a secret deal with Dr. Heller for her release from the institution in exchange for sexual favors. But not surprisingly, Heller goes back on their deal and continues to keep Carrie in confinement. Julie has difficulty in breaking up with Craig and has an change of heart because she likes him too much. Meanwhile, Brian attempts to rescue Cynthia after she is kidnapped by Frank, but only ends up a captive and is forced to watch helplessly as Frank rapes and beats her, until she manages to fight back and shoot him dead. Eric gets another customer as a result ...
30 Nov. 1994
Bad Moon Rising
Julie learns that Craig is actually a famous author named Blane Tudor, posing as a surfer, who's looking for material for his new book. Julie is furious that Craig used her and her friends all this time, but it changes when he shows her the book's manuscript with a passage about his love for her. Cynthia moves away from Brian over her reaction to her rape. Meanwhile, Dr. Heller lets Hillary have a visit to Carrie before she's moved away to another institution, where they finally turn the tables where a wired Hillary gets Heller to admit about his unethical ways ...
14 Dec. 1994
Of Models and Men
The evil and devious Grayson begins her plan to break up Adam and Monique by playing on Adam's sympathy in which he moves her into his house. But when Adam continues to spend time with Monique, Grayson deliberately fakes a suicide attempt. Meanwhile, Craig takes Julie on a fantasy evening where he pulls out all stops to make up with her. Rape victim Cynthia enters a therapy group to deal with her trauma. Also, Sarah's continued drinking seals her fate with Hillary who catches Sarah during one of her drunken stages.
21 Dec. 1994
Out of Control
Craig takes Julie to Hawaii for a vacation where she ruins the trip by making business connections to further advance her career. Afterwards, Craig finally breaks up with Julie after she admits that she cares more about her career than him. After Adam learns that Grayson faked a suicide attempt, he officially files for divorce. But Grayson blocks Adam's plans for their divorce by refusing to yield her shares of Stage 99 during a divorce settlement. After her success in a photo shoot, Sarah gets an overconfident, egotistical leap and gets on everyone's nerves. Also, ...
2 Jan. 1995
Grayson Inc.
Although Adam offers Grayson a generous sum to buy out her share of the Stage 99, she has another price in mind to spend one night with him. Adam agrees, but only sees sex as a business transaction. Grayson is offended and sells her shares back to him. Meanwhile, Hillary tries to obtain financing to keep the agency in business, while in an attempt to break from her loneliness, she makes a play for Jack Michaels, her ex-husband from her second marriage. Later, after Jack rejects Hillary's advances, she calls a male escort service and gets a surprise when Eric is her ...
9 Jan. 1995
Men Don't Leave
With Grayson in charge of the agency, she puts Hillary in a second chair to her and now sets out to ruin Monique's career, but is met with aggressive resistance. When Grayson decides to put the beach house up for sail, Julie approaches Craig to buy the house in order to prevent the models from being evicted. Mark invites Sarah to his first church mass as an ordained priest, but Sarah makes a startling discovery about herself that could jeopardize her and Mark future. Brian finally learns about Cynthia's bulimia after finding her junk food stash after she faints during...
23 Jan. 1995
Bring the Family
Grayson arranges another plan of revenge after Monique crashes a invitation audition. After dropping hints to Adam, he and Eric investigate and find Grayson's two-year-old son Daniel. Julie befriends a female writer who could jeopardize her relationship with Craig while she is working on turning Craig's book into a TV movie with the intention to cast herself in the lead. Meanwhile, Sarah is forced to make certain decisions about her pregnancy, especially telling Mark that he is the father. Also, Brian tries to persuade Cynthia to get help, but she denies having a ...
6 Feb. 1995
Really Big Problems
Grayson sets out to prove that Adam is the father of Daniel while Monique is determined not to let this interfere with her wedding plans and ends up tampering Adam's paternity test. Meanwhile, Julie learns that her new writer friend was previously engaged to Craig, and she then takes a gamble on her future with him. Sarah's pregnancy becomes an issue for pro-choice Linda and pro-life Carrie. When Sarah finally decides on an abortion, her freedom of choice is taken from her when she gets hit by a car and miscarries. Mark visits Sarah in the hospital, but angry that she...
13 Feb. 1995
Adam's Family Values
Julie rejects an overtone of reconciliation from her visiting, estranged stepsister, Anna Jacobs, from Australia because Julie still bitterly hates Anna for affecting her relationship with her father. Meanwhile, Grayson recruits Carrie for a call-girl program to infuse the struggling agency with quick cash, while Grayson also uses little Daniel to get Adam back and hires Adam's right-hand man, Ben, as a guardian to Sarah, who begins giving Sarah booze and drugs as part of Grayson's plan to destroy her too. Adam and Monique lease a house for three, including young ...
20 Feb. 1995
By Crook or by Hook
Anna joins the agency, much to Carrie's chagrin. Anna then starts making advances towards Craig as part of her plan to land the lead for a movie role of his book about Models Inc. But Craig turns Anna down and now realizes the reason for Julie to detest her Meanwhile, after Grayson pulls a trick on Adam by having him arrested for an "unauthorized visit" with Daniel, both sides agree to an abiding arbitration for custody of their son. But both Grayson and Monique play dirty to get Adam to pick one of them. Also, Hillary warns Sarah to stay away from Ben, but to no ...
27 Feb. 1995
During Adam and Grayson's court battle for custody of Daniel, Grayson tries to blackmail their arbitration judge to rule on her behalf after finding out that Judge Moore is one of her clients for her call-girl ring. But when Carrie learns what Grayson did, she exerts some influence of her own and threatens Judge Moore to reverse his ruling, and turns the tables on Grayson. Meanwhile, Brian give Anna a place to stay after Julie throws her out of the beach house. Cynthia is devastated when Brian tells her that her bulimia has made her unattractive. Sarah's wild parting ...
6 Mar. 1995
Sometimes a Great Commotion
In the two-hour, nail-biting, cliff-hanging series final, Sarah's father arrives in Los Angeles for a visit, and tries to get her to alter her behavior over her drinking and drug use. Mr. Owens then confronts and beats up Ben for abusing his daughter and finally gets Sarah checked into a rehab center. Meanwhile, a smitten Cynthia wants to reconcile with Brian, but catches him in a compromising position with Anna, while at the same time Anna tries to get herself included as a bridesmaid for Adam and Monique's wedding. But Julie, Linda and Cynthia "encourage" Anna to ...

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