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My kids love it!
eoff8 November 2004
I think this show is both educational and entertaining. My kids (ages 2 to 7) LOVE the show and the books. Its 52 episodes now run at 6:30 a.m. ET weekdays on The Learning Channel. Because it is wholesome and beneficial, it is one of the few shows I let them watch on TV. I like the guest-star voices (Dolly Parton) and the way Ms. Frizzle's dress changes according to the theme of the day. The show is a great way to introduce children to science concepts at a young age, as it easily holds their attention the entire time and inspires their imagination. It is refreshing to see that a children's show these days can get by without violence and mean-spiritedness while also teaching the values of friendship, curiosity and persistence.
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Magic School Bus
dark_snow_angel30 June 2005
I used to watch the Magic School Bus and learned a lot from that program. I watched it when I was little and several segments were hilarious to me at that age. I still fall back on these tape to help simplify my knowledge when studying in high school. All those who say that this would never be helpful to children have problems of their own. Every person I've every known of who watched this series has found it useful and fun. Even my mother (52) watches it in her spare time. It's a helpful way to begin to teach more complicated science subjects to children. In my High school, the Graduates are required to watch one episode relating to the unit at the beginning of each unit. The Magic School Bus is useful and suggest to all parents to look into it to help commence some education in your child at a young age.
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awesome show
rabulione259024 April 2003
when i was growing up i learned all i know about science from the magic school bus and bill nye the science guy. this show was great. it had cute plots, good information, and fun characters. i wish it was still on. i give it a 10/10!
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A Cute and Educational Show...
Ginger877 August 2004
When I was in second grade my teacher always brought in videos of "The Magic School Bus". I loved the videos so I started watching the show on T.V. I enjoyed this show because it made learning fun. I learned about the human body, photosynthesis, outer space, sound, reptiles, and much more. It was cool.

One of my favorite episode was the one when the class is investigating a haunted house. In this episode the class learns about sound. I also like the episode when the class went to outer space to look for a star for Dorothy Ann. That episode was really funny.

I suggest this show to everyone and I give it 9/10 stars.
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I love this show!
prota9098 August 2008
This was the most fun and educational show out during my life as a child, it was great so fun to watch, i would always run home after school to watch this show!! its the best educational show ever made in my opinion! i am buying the collectors box set tomorrow at Toys Are Us just to refresh my child hood memories it was great, i loved it when i was little so much to do so much freedom nothing can compare to what life has passed behind, So fun time DDLOVE IT DD d DDD DD DD D so fun to watch sorry i gotta keep typing unless it wont let me put in the comment okay so retarded i tell you but seriously best show in the world SHOW IS THE BEST SHOULD SHOW THIS TO EVERY CHILDREN IN THE WORLD IT WILL PLEASE THEM GREATLY!!
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great show...wish it was still on TV covering new topics
cesardlg31 May 2006
yes, sesame street and other shows teach the basics better. however, once your kid advances to the "how it works" stage, this program hits the nail on the head. my kid likes hearing how honey is produced and what the roll of the bee-keeper as well as the queen bee, etc. There are also a lot of factoids that he just will spout off for the next few days. Sesame street was great when he was 2 and 3, but now at 4, its magic school bus time.

we just recently discovered the books and they are great also. we do story time before bed every time and usually its at least 5 books. one of these books takes about 20-30 minutes though because there are a lot of factoids in each of them and reading each and every one takes time. i learned quite a bit myself. i kind of like the book better than the show.
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this is a GREAT series
nwbeeson6 August 2005
This is a highly entertaining science series. This show has the highest artistic production values. It is as entertaining as any children's show. But unlike any other children's show, it actually imparts solid correct scientific information. Any child who has an interest in how the world really works will love this series. My children and their friends are delighted with these shows. They ask me to get more. I am a professional scientist, who has 25 years experience. I watch them looking for "dumbing down" or for factual mistakes. I have never seen either. This is the series to get to start your child on their way to understanding the world about them.
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Awesome Science Lessons For Kids
derekp-12 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show. My 4 year old is a science and animal freak. He knows more than I do and that was before we discovered Magic School Bus. Since we discovered The Magic School Bus he has learned even more and has added every video and book to his birthday wish list. This show has also stimulated his imagination. When we are in the car he plays "Magic School Bus" and pretends our car turns into different things. Each episode takes a science based subject and the class goes on a field trip to learn more. The bus will turn into something and they go off and learn first hand. For example, if the subject is space then the bus will turn into a spaceship and they will go up into space to learn. If you have a child that loves science and loves to learn this show is great. Give it a try.
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Foundational for my childhood
qasdfghj15 April 2012
Despite only seeing a few episodes as kid, mostly reruns, they impacted my vision of school and science growing up in profound ways. They taught me that science is action-packed and exciting. One of the my favorite episodes is when Ralphie gets sick and they go into his bloodstream to see the war against the germs ensue.

Even though these days I question the germ-theory, these visualizations were foundational to my understanding of various other processes I could not see. While learning, I would go into a Magic School Bus into my head and play them out in my imagination. Shows like this, and a few excellent science teachers lead me to college at MIT and pursuing a degree in science.

I wish they brought this show back or made others like it! Excellent show!
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one of the best series I've ever seen
dror-1941710 April 2017
The Magic Bus, no doubt a most nostalgic program for the natives of the nineties.

There was not one chapter I could say bad, as a rule I'm a person who loves science, so maybe I personally enjoyed more than ordinary people. All the colorful characters, each episode plotfascinates you to the screen. In short, one of the best series I've ever seen, along with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Grade? 9. Because 10is perfect, and in my opinion the series is not perfect, almost perfect.
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Great Education Video/Show
Andrew Ice29 August 2012
I remember watching this show all the time as a kid, and even in current times it's something I would highly recommend to any parent or teacher for their child, or students to watch. It's a creative take on educational purposes that actually pull the child into what's going on. It keeps them actively engaged and is quite amusing to watch as well. The show is really a play off of imagination, which is one of the most creative ways to teach a child every aspect they need to know. It is healthy for brain growth and more.

My daughter saw me scrolling through IMDb and told me to click on "that one" as I was on my way through, so here I am! Thumbs up for The Magic Schoolbus.

-Andrew Http://
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This is one of the few kids' shows I would watch.
Warning: Spoilers
I don't watch a bunch of little kids' shows but I have to say "The Magic School Bus" is actually cool.

I loved this in 3rd Grade and I wished I could have Miss Frizzle as MY teacher! Then 3 weeks ago I came across it again on the Qubo channel and I watched an episode...and at the end I found out Lily Tomlin is Miss Frizzle! I LOVE THAT WOMAN! My favorite character (besides the Frizz, of course) is Phoebe. And I love Arnold" I shoulda stayed home today, and Carlos' bad jokes. I totally think this could take on Sesame Street! It is educational and awesome, so totally, yeah!

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Why was The Magic School Bus so good?
FairlyAnonymous15 August 2014
The other day I caught my five year old nephew watching The Magic School Bus. At first I didn't think much of it, but then I caught myself sitting down and watching it for the first time in 10-12 years. I forgot how good the show was in its basic educational value.

The show follows a crazy/smart science teacher who has a magic school bus that can take her class on endless adventures through volcanoes, water, space, people's intestines, and other places. This gives the show a large variety of episode locations. This means the show can never be held back by the location because the School Bus is "magic".

While the class isn't the most interesting, they aren't boring either. Miss Frizzle always seems to know what is going on and is never "troubled" because she always has a plan. Arnold is always the nervous kid, Dorothy Ann is the bookworm, Ralphie is the muscle, and various other pretty basic character traits. However, it works surprisingly well compared to most kids' shows. This might be due to good voice acting or simply better timing on the dialogue, but all of the characters works pretty well.

The interesting thing about this show is that at the end of every episode there is a small skit where the "producer" is at home receiving phone calls about the episode just witnessed. This is actually really clever because it allows the show to... break the fourth wall while still being in its own show... literally the producer of the show has Liz (the class pet) with him so it is strange if the characters are conscious that they are in a show or not. Either way, these skits help explain "faults" in the episodes and help stop parent complaints. In one such episode, the character needs to fix the bus and they shrink down and examine the bus' engine from the inside. In real life, they would've been dead. So the ending skit with the producer has him receive a call from someone complaining about how "Unrealistic that was". So the producer comments back about why they allowed an unrealistic element in and how kids should watch out when handling gasoline or car parts. This cleverly allows the show to go into even more dangerous territory. A lower quality show would've avoided car parts in fear of parents complaining. However, The Magic School Bus doesn't avoid dangerous subjects, because it openly explains itself as to why it can do that.

The Magic School Bus is cliché at times. There's no doubt about that, however, it was a slightly early kids' educational animated show so you have to give it some credit that some of its clichés weren't as... bad back then.

All in all, The Magic School Bus is an educational kids' show that has held up fairly well over the course of time. It can be clever, risky, and humorous when it needs to be. Is it as educational as watching a documentary on the same subjects? Probably not. But it dumbs down the facts without diluting them too much, which is just enough for kids to learn. A very good show.
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not my thing at all......
XsWeEtLiLGiRL90x6 April 2004
i don't know, this really just wasn't my thing.....most educational children's shows like sesame street and barney I felt taught more, this lost my attention in the half hour when I could be glued to the screen with Sesame Street for an hour. It would also always end with the annoying ms. frizzle ending with a cheezy line at the end... such as "i always say......" I don't know, I'm sure it was a good show for some but it just wasn't my thing. I think it would be unfair for me to say something really really bad because it was educational and I'm sure did teach something. I encourage everyone to try it but not expecting greatness, but to expect something that could not be your thing.
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Watching paint dry would have been more fun...
bigben526 June 2004
This show sucked. Ms. Frizzle was annoying and all the kids could do was moan, bitch and complain about everything. I don't know about you but I can't stand teachers that sing, dress like it's still the 70's and like popping out of volcano's and sh*t. It was amazing to me that no lives were lost during any of their adventures for it would have made the show that much more exciting.

And speaking for the sake of education, I'd say that you'd actually enjoy watching Discovery Kids than watching any of this drivel. Much or the little educational value there was barely scratched the surface of the topic at hand. Thank goodness, this show has finally been canceled.
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