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Season 2

9 Sep. 1995
Blows Its Top
Topic: Volcanoes. To help them understand how the Earth makes islands, Ms. Frizzle presents the kids with an island that hasn't been discovered yet.
16 Sep. 1995
Flexes Its Muscles
Topic: Body Mechanics. Ms. Frizzle takes the class to a field trip to R.U. Humerus's Body Shop.
23 Sep. 1995
The Busasaurus
Topic: Dinosaurs. Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a dinosaur dig, courtesy of her old school chum, paleontologist Dr. Carmina Skeledon, and travels 67 million years back in time.
30 Sep. 1995
Going Batty
Topic: Bats. When Ms. Frizzle invites the class' parents in to see that their kids are learning about bats, Ralph and the gang are convinced the Friz is a vampire.
7 Oct. 1995
Butterfly and the Bog Beast
Topic: Butterflies. The class needs a new mascot for its soccer team. Phoebe suggests butterflies, but everyone thinks they're wimpy--until the Friz flutters in.
14 Oct. 1995
Wet All Over
Topic: Water. The class takes a wild ride with the Friz through the water cycle.
21 Oct. 1995
In a Pickle
Topic: Microbes. Keesha and the class return from vacation to find her prize cucumber has turned into a pickle. Could the Mike Robe Gang be to blame?
28 Oct. 1995
Revving Up
The school district's vehicle maintenance inspector, Junkett, is about to condemn the Magic School Bus.
4 Nov. 1995
Taking Flight
Shrunk inside Tim's model airplane, the class goes on a high-flying field trip to find out how things fly.
11 Nov. 1995
Getting Energized
Topic: Energy. The class is ready to plug in their "Double-Trouble Wheel of Wonder" at the town carnival, when they discover all the electrical outlets are taken.
18 Nov. 1995
Out of This World
Topic: Space Rocks. When Dorothy Ann warns the kids there's an asteroid headed straight for their school, Ms. Frizzle arranges a friend trip into space.
25 Nov. 1995
Cold Feet
Topic: Warm/Cold-Blooded. Liz has gone off to a mysterious place called Herp Haven. Thinking she's in trouble, the class rushes to Herp Haven, where they turn into reptiles.
2 Dec. 1995
Ups and Downs
There's a monster in Walkerville Lake. Wanda competes with Gerri Poveri, a TV reporter, to be the first one underwater.

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