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Season 1

O Western Wind: Part 1
Ida Grayson shows up in Curtis Wells to meet up with her husband, but the proprietor of the hotel refuses to rent her a room because of her skin color.
Down Come Rain: Part 2
Mosby and Shelby are revealed to be in league with the men who attacked Ida Grayson. Mosby leads Newt and Aaron to the men and shoots them dead.
When Wilt Thou Blow: Part 3
Josiah finally gives Newt and Hannah his blessing to marry, and the two begin to plan the big day.
Wild Horses
A young boy witnesses the slaughter of his family by a ruthless gang of horse thieves. Meanwhile, a convicted swindler en route to prison wins an unexpected reprieve when the marshall escorting him (CALEB POWLER) drops dead. The prisoner takes the marshall's name and, reaching Curtis Wells, impersonates him. In doing so, he has the opportunity to redeem his past cowardice - until Newt recognizes that he's indeed an imposter. In a climatic siege, Caleb actually gets the chance to prove himself, winning Newt's respect and the freedom he'd long since given up on.
Judgement Day
Newt and Hannah struggle to make ends meet. Newt and Austin go on a hunting trip.
Duty Bound
Needing money to complete work on the cabin, Newt hires on as a scout for the Army, little knowing that his assignment will be tracking down deserters.
Long Shot
Coming from different directions, Newt and Mosby join forces to pursue whiskey traders.
Last Stand
Newt and Buffalo Bill team up to find the legendary Indian Chief, Iron Bow, when he goes AWOL from reserve land.
Ballad of a Gunfighter
A dispute over a woman pits Austin against a disgruntled cowboy who turns out to be a famous gunfighter, VERN PARKER.
Where the Heart Is
Rustlers ambush Newt as he drives cattle belonging to the residents of Curtis Wells toward the railhead.
When Newt and Hannah lose control of their new stallion FIREBRAND, he is stopped by JOHN LAWSON, a homesteader traveling with his wife to Oregon City.
High Lonesome
In Sweetwater, Austin kills Emile Tousaint in a bar fight. His gang seeks revenge.
Law and Order
When men attempting to purchase their land threaten Newt and Hannah, Newt turns to Curtis Wells' newest citizen, SHERIF OWEDN KEARNY for help.
The Road Home
The Hell Bitch is captured by Crow braves and Newt is left stranded.
5 Mar. 1995
Blood Money
When TRAVIS PACKARD returns to Curtis Wells after three years in prison for bank robbery, he's welcomed by some, mistrusted by others.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Newt and Hannah travel to Bismark to attend BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST SHOW, and end up helping Bill stave off financial ruin and keep his beloved show on the stage.
When photographer, CLAUDIA HARRELL sets up her camera in Curtis Wells she creates a stir because she doesn't act or dress like most frontier women.
1 Apr. 1995
Newt trails horses to Sweetwater, only to find the deal he made with the livery no longer stands.
The List
Mountain man, CURTIS, strikes gold near the town that bears his name and returns a rich man.
27 May 1995
Ties That Bind
Newt is ambushed and left for dead by a prisoner he is escorting to the gallows.
Curtis Wells is cut off from the rest of the world until the snow clears in the passes. Newt and Kearny rescue a group of minors lost in the mountains and near frozen to death.

 Season 1 

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