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Season 1

9 Jan. 1994
Camp Sebastian Flight and his friend Steve McCracken,ever desperate for a girlfriend,are cabin crew for Scots-based Air Scotia,whose one plane,piloted by mad captain Hilary Duff has them as junior to bossy stewardess Shona Spurtle. When Shona is named the new face of Air Scotia,the subject of a video and magazine covers,the lads try to sabotage her,using her fear of fish but when a rabid female Scots Nationalist tries to take over the plane Shona uses the fish as a handy weapon to disarm her.
6 Jan. 1995
Air stewards Steve McCracken and Sebastian Flight find their short haul work with small charter service Air Scotia extremely limiting and Steve is further depressed at hitting thirty so when the opportunity to apply for long haul work arrives they both apply. This means having to suck up to their sour boss Shona Spertle but when Shona's long-lost father appears among the passengers hand-cuffed to a policewoman and Shona helps him escape she agrees to put a good word in for the lads if they keep it quiet. However only one of them is successful. What will he do?
13 Jan. 1995
Due to falling standards Air Scotia staff are ordered to attend a weekend training course, run by the formidable Gretchen Betjeman, with a cash prize for the student with the best exam result. Steve finds romance with fellow New Seekers fan Heather but when Gretchen's old flame, Captain Hilary Duff, the world's most unbalanced airline pilot, turns up for a night of passion, Sebastian sees a way to stop the exam going ahead.
20 Jan. 1995
Sebastian returns from his Florida holiday to find that Steve has spent the night with a young lady but it is actually Shona,a fact both she and Steve want to keep quiet. However,after Sebastian has lost the passengers' breakfasts and served up the contents of his Duty Free bag instead,an irate Shona blows the lid on what really went on.
27 Jan. 1995
A remake of the pilot episode in which Steve and Sebastian are annoyed that Shona has become the 'new face' of Air Scotia, which involves having her photo taken for the in-flight magazine, as well as a video demonstrating her work, overseen by a lustful director. Knowing that Shona has a phobia of fish the lads try to sabotage the video by arranging for a dead salmon to fall out of a locker onto her. However, when Avril McKechnie, who broke Steve's heart at school and is now a fervent, bagpipes-carrying Scottish Nationalist, tries to high-jack the plane, Shona uses ...
3 Feb. 1995
Shona is overjoyed when sexy pop star Guy Wersch is a passenger and organizes a birthday party for his little daughter Aurora Borealis,involving Sebastaian having to forfeit his dignity by dressing as a giant dog,though the tot herself is more interested in her investment portfolio. Guy is indeed anxious to take Shona away from Air Scotia for a new life with him - though not quite as she had imagined. Sensing the pulling power of rock stars Sebastian composes Scotland's first song for Eurovision 'Pif Paf Pof',performed by the crew but sadly they end up with 'nil ...
10 Feb. 1995
Desperate to find the recipe for fifties confection 'Tablet,' biscuit manufacturer Vincent Stoat abducts Professor Agnes Wormit,who has perfected its formula and put it on a floppy disc. When Ferret,Stoat's henchman,loses the disc on an Air Scotia flight,Shona,Steve and Sebastian are all kidnapped and taken to Stoat's factory. Along with the professor they are to be killed to prevent the secret recipe becoming public. However Stoat has reckoned without the one man who can save them - Captain Duff.

 Season 1 

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