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Well done, yet short lived

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
15 February 2000

The George Carlin Show was a great try for George Carlin at the television world of humour shows, but it was not on the air for long. Which is a shame because the show showcased George's terrific comedy styles (though not as raw as in his comedy specials) and gave him a cast of supporting characters that were good for his atmosphere. But, I guess it was short lived, yet it might be remembered. Funny all through the thirteen episodes.

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Funny, Funny Show, FOX never gave a chance

Author: pageboy from White Plains, NY
26 December 2001

This is one of the funniest shows to appear on network television in a long time. Unlke current hit shows like Friends and Will and Grace which just scream out pretension, like "look at us,we are beautiful, we are funny, and the critics love us!," The George Carlin Show was straight forward, down to earth comedy mainly because George Carlin is the most unpretentious down to earth, humble guy working in show biz today. With a top notch suppporting cast, Alex Rocco, Christopher Rich, Anthony Starke, this comedy delivered fall down on the floor laughs week after week, during its extremely short run. And that damn dog was so cute too. If this show ever runs on TV again, check out the episode with Tommy Chong and you will see what I mean. Susan Sullivan playing against type as George's blue collar girlfriend. This show came out around the same time that Friends did and it deserved a better shot at attracting an audience. The execs at FOX blew it big time. Cheers and Seinfeld started off very slow. Hopefully someone will release this on home video soon.

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Canceled much too soon

Author: James76255 from Texas
22 June 2002

Fortunately I taped the first episode of the series and still have it in my collection. This show was not given a very good chance to make it in today's "get ratings NOW" attitude among television executives. Carlin is one of the funniest and most intelligent comedians of all time and I would like to see him get another shot with this show. Perhaps on cable where it isn't ratings or nothing right out of the gate. I also liked Paige French who played the waitress at the bar where George's character hung out. Strangely enough, I haven't seen her in anything else since the show went off the air.

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A Memorable Attempt at a Sitcom!

Author: ( from United States
17 July 2008

George Carlin plays if I remember a New York City taxi driver who frequents a bar which is also like his second home. He is surrounded by a group of fellow barflies. A single older New York City blue collar man played by the wonderful George Carlin who also produced the entire season. Maybe the show never got the right attention because it was a far better sitcom than others on television. Sadly, it was canceled after only one season. Of course, George would go on to do what he does best which is his stand-up. Nobody was like George Carlin who was brash, honest, candid, and devoutly atheist and proud of it. George Carlin did everything else well including his roles in film especially in Kevin Smith movies like the Cardinal in Dogma and the father to Ben Affleck in Jersey Girl. George might have been more comfortable playing the blue collar roles like the New York City taxi driver struggling to survive but George was great at being George and I loved this show which never got the praise it rightfully deserved.

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Lot's of laughs

Author: zerogirl42 from United States
30 August 2006

I love this show and was very sorry to see it canceled. It was like a low-brow Seinfeld. Instead of clean-cut, comedian like Jerry, George Carlin's character is a rather sloppy, unbathen cab driver. He's a single guy with his circle of wacky friends. Action usually takes place in his apartment or in a local bar that his friend's gather at (which is sort of like Monk's as a hang-out spot in Seinfeld). I enjoy Carlin's Stand-up comedy, but he's always pretty funny when he takes on an acting job (he out-shines Bette Midler and Shelley Long in Outrageous Fortune).

It would have been nice if the show lasted longer. I have one episode that I taped off the TV that I drag out to show friends. It always yields laughs. I just wish I could fine a place to buy or watch the other episodes.

The comedy isn't for everyone. I wouldn't recommend it for people who like shows such as Friends or Mad About You.

Edit: I found a place on AOL to watch it, but you can see where Fox dubbed in other words (apparently they found the show too offensive). You also need to watch commercials, but at least it's available somewhere. I'd enter the link, but I don't think it's allowed here.

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what's taking so long?

Author: storw1 from wilkes barre, pa
23 June 2003

I've seen the list of shows that have already been released on DVD and I'm just wondering what's taking so long with "The George Carlin Show"? The show was short lived and to me that alone makes it a big seller, especially for the 1000's of george carlin fans out here! ONE season! Let's go!

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Ehhhh, It was Better Than Becker

Author: verbusen from Fahaheel, Kuwait
8 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was (guess still am) a really big George Carlin fan. I saw him in the 70's and he was talking about Malabar's and of course I'm this stoned teen just really diggin it. Than I saw him in Vegas in the 80's and the show was pretty close but now everyone was in suits. So I remember faithfully catching George Carlin and his TV show. It wasn't bad, buttttt, it wasn't like all that great. Carlin as I remember the show didn't go off on his dog farted stuff or dirty words routines, so it wasn't like the Abbott and Costello show (one of my favorites), no I basically remember George acting and looking like a grumpy old codger. He was usually bitter and it wasn't in a funny way because since it's TV he can't curse. And lets face it, everyone who likes George Carlin has seen his act on HBO and cursing is a big part of the show. So you get a grumpy George who can't do his known material in a show that he probably didn't write and thats why it didn't last long. I would have kept watching it just because at that time I was big into George Carlin, but if they were to show it in reruns or release it on DVD people would scratch their heads and say, huh (just like I scratch my head that Becker lasted more than one season)? It was George getting a paycheck, god bless him for that. I swear I didn't fart either it was that freakin dog! I was looking at him when he did it and I saw it open!

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I've seen it when I was a kid

Author: departed07 from United States
10 September 2003

and it was damn funny. I only wish that it would come back in reruns just like they used to when I woke up on Sunday Mornings at 8 pm. I love George Carlin, and i wish his show would be on DVD or on VHS for me to see.

Another funny show from FOX that didn't deserve to be in the crapper.

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