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Disney TV at its Best
lumpmoose15 December 2004
"Gargoyles" was a series released during the "Disney Afternoon" block of the mid-nineties. What makes it so unique is that it's still the only dramatic animated series Disney TV has ever produced. It stunned people at the time with its tragic plots, realistic weapons, and clear consequences to characters' actions. It's definitely not for young children (the Y7 rating is a good guideline), but don't think it's just another brainless afternoon shoot-'em-up designed to sell action figures. The backbone of this saga is what all timeless fiction must contain: plot and character development. The writing is taut, the acting fantastic, and the animation beautiful, but they are all mere servants to the story, which stays interesting and moderately serialized throughout the entire series (just the first season has been released on DVD, 13 of 65 episodes).

Overall, I think this is the best animated television series to ever come out of this country. If you at all appreciate the art form, you'll wonder where this show has been all your life. In a time when comedies are saturating both the primetime and daytime cartoon markets, it's nice to find a gripping animated drama without needing to set your sights to the other side of the Pacific. Highly recommended.
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BEST animated series ever (?)
thrix22 April 2003
Really, has there been anyone better? I need to see that! It's almost unreal that Disney produced a series like this; mythology, technology, action, drama, strong characters, great voice acting, shakespeare refereces, breathtaking environment and a TIGHT story with no flaws or holes- all links together. Unfortunately the series has never aired in Sweden, at least not yet, so the audience here (both young and old :) has not experienced it... I'm glad I did and in english.

Gargoyles is without questioning the best cartoon series aired. It's sad they were taken off the air, but of course, a long lasting series isn't as good in the long run...
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The most unique and original TV series ever produced--there has never been anything like it, and there never will be.
Figaro-87 July 2000
I have just one question: How can Disney Television Animation produce such a wonderful show as "Gargoyles" for a couple of seasons and then go back to being Disney Television Animation? I simply cannot understand it, and if anyone has any thoughts, PLEASE share them with me! This show was a breath of fresh air on every level. If this wasn't a groundbreaking show, it certainly raised the bar sky high.

Voices--Many's the time I have thought that they could have chosen a better actor for a part in animation. Not here. The voice cast was so good that to this day I cannot imagine anyone else filling the bill. In the role of Goliath, Keith David demonstrated that he possesses one of the greatest speaking voices of any actor in the business. Jeff Bennett was also great as Brooklyn, my favorite character. (Loved the white hair!)

Music--Carl Johnson's scores were great. They beautifully set the tone and underlined the action and the drama.

Animation--Excellent. Dark, moody and stylish. The shots of the clan as stone statues are downright eerie at times. To this day, I still can't believe Disney did this one.

Plot--Action, drama, technology, mythology, humor and a little Shakespeare on the side. Folks, WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY ASK FOR? This series had the most tightly structured story lines ever--there was not a single moment of dead air anytime.

The best thing about the series, however, was the characters. For being a clan of gargoyles (with a couple of humans), these characters were as real as you and I. Things HAPPENED to them! They actually got HURT as a result of violence. They matured, sometimes in ways unexpected. They found out the hard way who their friends and enemies were. And they had to live with the consequences of their actions, which sometimes came back to haunt them in later episodes.

Here's hoping Disney will realize the error of their ways and bring this show back. If you are already a fan, may you continue to enjoy the show. If you haven't seen it, give it a chance. But be advised: Once you have seen television and the world through the glowing eyes of a gargoyle, you will never want to settle for "standard kiddie fare" ever again.
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Not the Disney mold we're used to.
Blinking_Fish17 February 2000
Gargoyles was very different from the Disney stuff we're used to and that was a good thing. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Disney but I do like it when a cartoon goes into a dramatic plot, has lots of character development, and where when one thing happens in an episode it can affect what happens in later episodes. I actually didn't know that this was a Disney show until I saw it on a cover of Disney Magazine. Most of the episodes in Gargoyles were well thought out, most of the characters have back-stories to them and there was historical accuracy in many flashbacks being truth or popular legendary. Unfortunately Gargoyles didn't have a very long run and almost as soon as it ended it was pulled from most networks and had retreated to channels Disney owned. But if you ever get the chance to see Gargoyles on TV take it.
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The best animated series ever!
Catalyst-47 May 1999
The plot of Gargoyles is like a well paved street: no holes. The creators took exceptional care to ensure a growing and continuing plot line that involved all of the characters. The idea was very innovative and inspiring. It involved a clan of Gargoyles, stone by day/flesh by night, that were betrayed by humans in 994. They were frozen in stone by a magic curse for a millenium until a multi-billionaire broke the curse. They awoke to a new world in a foreign land completely dominated by humans that were unaware of their existence. After befriending a courageous police officer, Elisa Maza, and being betrayed by the man that broke their curse and a fellow clan member, they triumphed over their enemies and became Manhattan's guardian angels. The rest of the series continued to be interesting. Incorporating Arthurian legends and mythological deities, the show always took fictional constructs and shaped them into tougher versions that were really cool. Most impressive, Gargoyles included Shakespearean characters, with a twist. Macbeth had been alive for over 900 years, and had a grudge for gargoyles. A Midsummer Night's Dream's Oberon and Titania were powerful beings that possessed powerful, and often destructive magic. With a unique blend of villains and allies, and villains that became allies, the plot of Gargoyles was ever changing and continuous. As for action scenes, I have never seen better ones. Scenes of epic sword fights, aerial combat, and hand-to-hand fighting made the fight scenes exceptional. I would like to describe the action better, but I find it hard to express in words how intense, creative, and simply awesome the scenes really are. Ultimately, Gargoyles is the greatest animated series I have ever seen, and I advise any action lover to see it. Whether you like action, plot line, creativity, or even Shakespeare, you will find all of that in Gargoyles: The Best Animated Series Ever!
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Aerie-224 February 1999
Having lived in the New York metropolitan area my entire life, Gargoyles was even more fun to watch since many of the landmarkings were places I've hung out at) The animation in itself is mindblowing. The sights and sounds of the show are true to life of Manhattan, even if you've never been there, it makes you feel like you're there.

The storylines were great. Mythology, elves, sorcery, and modern day New York, London, Japan, and Scotland (and even gay Paris!) come together to form a wonderful series that would have made Walt Disney proud. While many former Disney creations had very obvious morals (and quite a few "And they lived happily ever afters ..."), Gargoyles is the first to show a distinctiveness I've never seen, from Disney or otherwise. The emotions are real, the stories realistic (as far as you can see realistic about elves, anyway), and storylines reappear again and again. The animation and the gargoyles draw the kiddies, while the history, mythology, and more mature storylines will definitely keep the adults glued to the TV.

The show gives lessons on gun control, dealing with blindness, death, family, love, and life, without the artificial and often unrealistic way of going about it (examples including Cinderella, Barney, and lots of other shows and movies I can mention). It's not just for kids. Disney has done for Gargoyles what Warner Bros. did for the Batman Animated Series. I could watch this show with my grandmother (who doesn't like ANYTHING made after 1960) and she enjoyed it thoroughly and is now a die-hard fan. Watch it with your kids.

Sad to see the show having been canceled though. Maybe if enough people email Disney or write letters, it can be brought back. If you have the time, write an email to Disney and tell how much you love the show. Gargoyles live.
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Nothing can compare to Gargoyles. Ever.
Dave-54321 May 1999
Quite simply, Gargoyles was wonderful. No other word could possibly describe it. A great plot that continued to grow; characters that matured, lost innocence, and grew up; simply beautiful animation, even better acting on the part of the voice actors; and, most important of all, an absolutely original idea. There will never be another one like Gargoyles, ever. There can be no dispute. I don't think I will ever run out of praise for Gargoyles, nor have anything but. Everything about it was pure genius on the part of the shows creator Greg Weisman. In fact, to this day, I am certain that Gargoyles do exist because of the sheer realness of the show. And believe me, Gargoyles was very real. People died, trust was betrayed, central characters were changed forever by events in the story. One example of this is the vengeful agenda of the main "bad guy" (quotes are around the term "bad guy" because in Gargoyles, no one was truly evil, with the possible exception of the non-Fox members of The Pack.) Demona. The former love of Goliath, the leader of the clan of gargoyles that forms most of the central characters, Demona is an immortal gargoyle who was deeply hurt when her entire clan, save Goliath and his five friends, were smashed during their daytime sleep, during which they are stone statues. Betrayed, hurt, and angry, Demona has dedicated her life to the destruction of humanity. This is but one example of how the characters were developed and changed by events in the entire chronology of the series. Gargoyles is no longer on TV anymore. It could not compete commercially with Power Rangers, may they endure a thousand torments, and had to be cancelled. But, it's legacy will always live on in the hearts of those of us whose lives were touched by it and who will always keep a special place in our hearts for it. However, I may have mispoken myself. Gargoyles may be not be on TV any longer, but, they still thrive in the form of fan fiction. They are great stories, and they are written in such a way that you do not have to have seen the entire series to fully understand what is going on, although it helps slightly. And, if you wish to see Gargoyles in it's televised form, some of the very early episodes can be found in any video store in the cartoon section. Watch it. Trust me, you will never be the same once you've looked through the eyes of a gargoyle.
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The best animates show ever.
WeirdRaptor8 December 2003
I honestly don't understand why this didn't last longer. It was the best.

It was full of lovable characters beyond count: Brooklyn, Lexington, Galiath, Hudson, Broadway..the list goes on and on.

You'd never settle for the usual crap Disney comes out with after watching this for any length of time.
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What a legacy
Op_Prime5 January 2000
Gargoyles was a cartoon series for kids, but it looked like something else. While the kids watched it, it looked like something adults would get. Unlike many cartoons, this show was serious. It played on more dramatic themes and was filled with action, unlike other cartoons that were filled with pointless (yet funny) violence. This was truly one of Disney's finer animated series.
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Gargoyles is an amazing series!
mthakore15 April 2004
I started out a nine-year old watching this show. I am now eighteen years old and I still love it. This show had a lot of things that cartoons today don't have. I mean morals, great animation, great story ( most important of all), and great characters. What more could you want? Every one of the characters embodied someone you could look up to. This is especially true for Goliath. He always stuck with what was best for everybody. Even when the whole clan was destroyed, he searched out the enemy to save those that were kidnapped. That is the true measure by which humanity should be measured, doing the right thing. I kind of feel sorry for kids today because cartoons today stink for the most part. I only hope the live action movie is as good as the show was. I can't wait!

A solid 10/10
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Bring Gargoyles Back!
lldreamstar20 October 2009
I absolutely love this series, and was very disappointed when it was taken off air. I felt like it was never completed. I wish it lasted longer, and I hope Disney would re-consider creating more episodes sometime down the future (though I doubt it, since Disney is too busy producing Britney Spears # xviii.

This was absolutely a beautiful story/ love story, but it also targets an older audience.

I like how it's not all fluff like most Disney movies/ series are.

Rating: A++ 10/10

Gargoyles rule!!
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Not your ordinary "cartoon"
cirdon10 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The show is what many consider Disney's greatest. The irony of this is that the Disney Company had little say in what went on with the show. Their...lack of attention (for lack of a better term)...gave the creators the freedom to make the show the way they wanted, without being under the thumb of what's "acceptable" in media.

It sparked something in people that weren't the target audience. Go to a convention or visit the fan site forums and you may find what looks to be more like a college discussion on anatomy or mythology than a bunch of fans talking about an animated TV show.

It was noticeable when Disney started taking control again. Whole episodes were kept off-air because some people missed the entire point of the message. The episode "Deadly Force" is the prime example of this, in the episode, Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa while playing with her gun. The message: don't play with guns (unlike other shows, it actually shows the consequences of doing so). Why it was pulled for a while: Elisa was shot because Broadway was playing with guns.

Most of the people that dislike the show feel as such because they've missed key items.

Take the names, for example. Gargoyles didn't originally have names, unless, like Goliath (named by the people inhabiting Castle Wyvern for his size and strength in battle) and Demona (named by Macbeth for her ferocity in battle - "you fight like a demon!"), the names were given by humans. It was not part of their culture to name everything. When they did choose names in the 20th century, the names were based on what was around them. They lived in New York City, so their names were based on some of the sights they saw (Hudson for the river, Brooklyn and Bronx for the districts, Lexington and Broadway for the well-known streets; when the clones were introduced in Season 2, their names were based off west coast places). Because their culture was not the same as human culture, they did not initially understand the reason for names. "Their ways are not our ways." (Goliath) Other people find the literalness of the spells to be absurd. The magic in the show is very literal (though the spells are, in fact, Latin and truly translate), such is the way of the people of a millennium ago in the Gargoyles universe. David Xanatos makes a comment on this in "The Price" when he tries an immortality spell in which the spell states "anyone who bathes in this will live as long as the mountain stones." Quite possibly the only magic that isn't literal is Puck's, but he is, true to Shakespeare, a trickster and a Child of Oberon.

Which brings another factor in - the Shakespearian and mythological influences that were worked in. Oberon, Titania, Oberon's Children (including Puck and the Wyrd Sisters), Macbeth, King Arthur, Avalon, Odin, and even the David and Goliath reference. Gargoyles is what got me interested in Shakespeare's other works, aside from Romeo and Juliet that I was taught in school.

Another key point that people often miss is that there is no black and white, good guy and bad guy, straight right and wrong. That's part of what makes the show so intriguing. Is Xanatos a good guy, or is he a bad guy? The truth is, he's neither and he's both. He's a person with his own motives, and although the end may be "good," the means are sometimes questionable. Money is his power, and although it's not usually his motive, it is often his means of getting what he wants. "Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into hell." (Awakening) Demona and Macbeth seem like obvious "bad guys," but what are they, really? Pawns, not even knowing what they do (though who's pawns?). Victims of time created by the magical pact they made in old Scotland, unable to die unless one kills the other. Or, for Demona, a victim of herself, a betrayer who's convinced she's the betrayed. The complexity of the relationships between characters simply adds to its appeal.

Some people also forget or do not know that the series was created in the mid-90s, since the DVDs were only recently released. This means pre-9/11, which in turn means the rules and ways that are in place now weren't when the show was created.

When the show was created, the audience had to see things from the different viewpoints and perspectives. The same is still true, if not even moreso, since the time-frame of the setting is now a decade ago. It forced people to see controversial topics such as guns and, to an extent, a form of terrorism (one episode showed a hostage situation), along with gangs and gang "protection." There's a uniqueness to the show that makes it not just any "children's cartoon," but as some people put it, "a living novel," and one everyone can enjoy...if they have an open mind to be able to understand the complexity and depth of the storyline.
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I watched the entire run on Toon Disney, Not to be MISSED!!!
Dynomutt31200013 June 2004
This is perhaps the best American cartoon series ever produced. Even though Dungeons & Dragons, G.I. Joe, Exo Squad, Mighty Max, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, The Bionic Six, Batman, and G.I. Joe are all personal favorites of mine. This show did what they often failed to do on so many levels. The show had far-reaching consequences for every character's actions, it showed some characters pushed to their limit (Goliath in the final episodes of the first two-year run), it tackled themes other shows avoided like the plague, it had a tight continuity that the creators were not afraid to exploit or stick with (Hey, idiot comic-book publishers and their marketing staffs, pay attention and see how it is done), and it ended the series where all the characters, in one way or another, saw the worst in themselves whether they accepted it or not (Poor Demona.) I only have 1,000 words to lavish praise on this series, so the last thing I want to get in is that this show featured some of the deepest characterizations I've ever seen in an animated program.

While some episodes were poorly animated (it seems no animated show-American or otherwise-can avoid this production flaw), Disney should have turned out some other shows like this one and other animation studios should have taken the high road and followed suit. How the same company that came up with series (for television, no less) is now churning out some of the most insipid, pandering, soulless crap in animation history is beyond me?!?? This series is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a well-told, well-thought out saga, not a story, a saga!!!
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Brilliant show, not just for kids
argyle2 February 1999
Gargoyles is the only kids' show I've ever seen that contained this much continuity, introducing the concept that actions have consequences that can last more than 30 minutes. There were plot elements introduced in the first few episodes that became important as much as two full years later. You had to pay attention to this one.

When Disney bought ABC, they moved this show from the "Disney Afternoon" to the new Saturday morning line-up. However, they wanted to present it like a new show, so they re-titled it "The Goliath Chronicles." This confused a lot of fans, for a rather pointless reason. The show died that season, and I'm not surprised. Some ABC affiliates didn't carry it at all that year.

"Gargoyles" boasted a cast of voice talents that was truly beyond belief. For the Star Trek fan, the two main villains were Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, but it didn't end there. Voice talents from *every* Star Trek franchise were included: Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Nichelle Nichols, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Colm Meany, and Levar Burton all contributed. Toss in other great voices like Tim Curry (I'd listen to him recite the phonebook!), Clancy Brown, David Warner and John Rhys-Davies, and you could enjoy this show with a busted picture tube.

And let us not forget: this show was educational. It drew on elements of folklore and cultures from every corner of the globe, including Scottish, Japanese, British, Irish, Chezch, Native American, South American, Greek, Norse, African, Australian... the only continent they didn't hit was Antarctica. The show demonstrated the consequenses of violence, intolerance and illiteracy, and made it entertaining enough for kids to enjoy it without feeling like they were being preached to.

This was a great show. Find the re-runs and watch them with your kids.
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Awesome Storytelling
kingputai11 March 2009
I must say that I started this series real late. I am happy for that as now I understood the character build-up and complexity in the series.

There is no clear distinction of good or evil, which at the time this was made, was prominent in every other series. All characters are a shade of gray. Even the noble Gargoyles have done something evil sometime in the series even if it was for the greater good. All the characters and their corresponding actions have consequences. The characters feel and respond to those actions, develop accordingly. They all have a reason to do whatever they do. It's not just plain vigilant work.

The way the creators have mixed science and fantasy, hats off to them. They have also managed to keep the suspense built up across the first two seasons. It's not like they have dealt off all their aces at one go. The secrets and history of the characters are revealed slowly and nicely. The plots and the sub-plots, all make up a wonderful experience.

I agree that the third season was not up to the standard the first two reached, but in my opinion, it still is better than many shows being aired even today, be it animation or live action.

That being said, I have already recommended this fantastic series to many of my friends, would like to recommend the same to all the readers of this comment too. If you haven't already, please do watch this masterpiece.
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The Best Animated Show Ever
whatsinhisboxers243 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Gargoyles is, to me, unique- first, it's a Disney show that isn't all cutsey and cuddly, and secondly, it's got continuity, something most animated shows lack.

The strength of the show lies in the characters and the stories. There are many powerful characters, such as Goliath and Demona, as well as characters who are cloaked in mystery, such as Macbeth and Xanatos. You've got good ensemble characters such as Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington, and depth is added to all the characters over the course of the show. The villains are not just one-dimensional madmen, they too are multi-faceted and they are not evil as such, they just have questionable agendas. Some of the villains change sides, and you have cause to question the wisdom of the heroes of the show too.

The show borrows from a wide variety of mythologies, including Camelot, as well as legends from Ireland, Japan and Africa, to create a tapestry that has yet to be equaled in any other animated show. It has unparalleled creativity and remains a great show, even now, some fourteen years after it was first made. It's a shame the Chronicles (Season Three) wasn't up to the same standard- you can thank Disney for that!
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Remarkable and genuinely interesting
jackal_129126 June 2003
As a ten year old, Gargoyles was both entertaining and, in retrospect, genuinely edifying. From Macbeth to Puck and Oberon, the Shakespearean references were seamlessly worked into a show that, as other reviewers have remarked, was structured more like a novel than a disjointed kids' cartoon show. Yep, this show truly stoked my imagination.

Maybe I'm just nostalgic but this show was great! It truly is a tragedy that the show only lasted two seasons. But even a decade later i can vaguely recall the plot outlines, which means something, at least to me.

This was quality entertainment. Today's animation producers(disney included) should take a look at Gargoyles to see what a real animated series can accomplish.
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A Great Novel
morningmoo22 January 2003
Many have sung the praises of this truly exceptional show. Calling it the greatest animated show of all time is not a statement I would argue with. I would however comment that the way this story was told it felt like a fine crafted novel, not a TV show. This a series with absolutely no plot holes. Not one. By the time the final episode aired all was explained and it made sense.( I'm not counting the awful Goliath Chronicles)

In most modern cartoons, the creators get a feel for the most popular characters and shift the focus mainly to them. In Gargoyles, every character was made important to the overall story arch. It is astonishing that this was accomplished. Also, new characters were readily introduced and it didnt impede with the devolpment of the older characters. An example of this is Angela. While the main focus was on her relationship with her father, Goliath, she also developed a relationship with every other gargoyle in the clan. This proves how well thought out the plots were.

This show really tapped into the emotions of its characters as well. You actually felt Goliaths sense of rage and betrayel in the original movie when he confronts the captain of the guard who sold them out. "You are the betrayer", Goliath exclaims and you feel it. In his voice and in the words themselves, you feel his anger, his confusion, and his shock.

The villians as well had their motavations. I dont think any of them were just evil for the sake of being evil. Demona and Xanatos had some twisted psyches, which in turn made them better villians.

Gargoyles really was a groundbreaking show. This show is proof of how good a cartoon can be when its first priorty is quality entertainment and not selling toys.
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Those were the days...
SabreKhan31 August 2004
Oh, to have the Gargoyles back. One of the best animated series ever. Good for the kid in me: the fact that they're gargoyles and can fly (most of them) and generally kick butt. Good for the adult in me: there's actually a plot, and a really good one. The characters are not nauseating like the Power Rangers who defeated them. Except for the fact that the gargoyles are animated supernatural beings, they felt like real people. The show wasn't dumbed down for kids (ahem, Power Rangers and most Saturday morning cartoons since then), nor was it so adult that it was boring (i.e., the non-cartoon channels on Saturday mornings). Gargoyles was (still is, in my opinion) an excellent masterpiece of animated entertainment--scratch that--of entertainment period.
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Fantastic, if memory serves me
VichusSmith20 July 2004
I just got nostalgic all of a sudden about this show, Gargoyles. From the excellently casted voices (Keith David RULES this cartoon!) to the intriguing story lines and character relationships, Gargoyles had it all. It was too bad it wasn't allowed to carry on further.

Jonathan Frakes was a great Villain, and the other baddies in the show were great as well.

Gargoyles had everything, from romance to comic relief, from magic to science fiction. Just a great Disney series. I hope it's on DVD so everyone who didn't catch it can rent it for themselves and their families.
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What a shame...
Movie_Poet8 June 2003
I was just watching "The Green," and can't help but miss this show. It was what every good cartoon/kids show should be, for it tried to make itself interesting not just to kids but to everyone. The characters, the plot, and everything in Gargoyles was memorable and it's a shame it lasted only 2 seasons. I love rewatching this show, yet I always end up feeling cheated afterwards because a show as good as Gargoyles deserved much better than what it got out of its TV shelf life. As well, I'll always be bothered by never knowing how things turned out for all the characters on the show, even the so-called bad guys. Simply put, Gargoyles is the type of TV show that makes a person proud of television in general.
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An Excellent animated series
Piett17 November 1998
Greg Weisman's "Gargoyles", whilst only living a short life, really provides an excellent example of an animated series that can be aimed at older viewers.

The series offered an engaging, arching storyline which was full of surprises, twists and turns at every corner. Full of enough action to keep younger children placated, but on the other hand mythological references and themes which enthralled much older people.

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled before its time - unable to compete with the commercial power of the 'Power Rangers'.
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A real contender for the best animated show ever
TheLittleSongbird2 August 2010
I cannot begin to detail how phenomenal this show is. I have seen plenty of exceptional animated shows, and some of them are very underrated, but Gargoyles has it all, mystery, complexity, depth, adventure and suspense, and one of those rarities where there is not a bad episode.

The animation is superb, very dark, moody and stylish. In fact, there are several animated sequences in Gargoyles that have a cinematic feel to it. The backgrounds especially are a wonder, and I loved the creative yet bold and dark use of colours. The music is outstanding, it is dark, atmospheric and mysterious constantly and adds to the mature tone of the show.

Another strong asset is the show's writing. No clichés, no wishy-washy moments. This writing can have a subtle humour to it, yet is also very intelligent, bold and thought-provoking. Then there are the story lines. They are filled with mystery and adventure, and I was really surprised at how incredibly deep Gargoyles was. I have seen some deep and complex animated shows, namely Peter Pan and the Pirates, to some extent ThunderCats and especially Batman:The Animated Series, and Gargoyles is just as deep as those. And the characters are wonderful, so unique and likable, while the voice work is top-notch from all involved especially from Keith David who is note-perfect in the title role of Goliath.

Overall, if you haven't seen Gargoyles, I suggest you do. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Excellent series
Warning: Spoilers
"Gargoyles" is one of the best cartoons (If not the best) produced by the Walt Disney company. This show wasn't like any other of the cartoons made by Disney before, being darker and targeted to a more mature audience than shows like "DuckTales" "Drakwing Duck" (Which are pretty good shows, by the way) "Gargoyles" was a serious, interesting action animated series, in the same line than the animated series of "Batman" made by Bruce Timm, being one of the best examples of the genre with intelligent, very well written stories, great animation, and the best of all, fascinating and realistic characters.

All about "Gargoyles" was excellent, as far I remember. Too bad that Disney doesn't make this kind of shows anymore. But for me and all that had the chance to see it, "Gargoyles" was one of the greatest animated series ever made.

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