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10 Jan. 2002
The One Where Joey Dates Rachel
Phoebe gives Chandler and Monica a late wedding present: the game Ms Pac-Man. Chandler plays it all day long to be better than Monica and Phoebe. Rachel misses dressing up for romantic dates so Joey promises to take her out. They have a wonderfully romantic date pretending they're not roommates and they get to know each other a whole new level. Monica and Phoebe have to try to beat Chandler's top scores because Ben is coming over to play and Chandler put dirty words as names for the top scores. Joey has a crush on Rachel and feels weird about it.
17 Jan. 2002
The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath
After his openhearted evening with Rachel, Joey finds it impossible to go back to thinking about her as just a friend, yet he can't talk about it, not even to Chandler. As Joey rambles, only shutting up when Phoebe enters make Monica concludes he must be in love with Phoebe. Considering baby names, parents to be Ross and Rachel find no word in common except 'veto'! They agree not to ask the child's sex, yet Ross notices the gynecologist takes a peak, sod asks the doc afterward. After Chandler was unable to understand why Monica loves taking an elaborate bath, she ...
31 Jan. 2002
The One with the Secret Closet
Chandler's very curious about a locked closet, but Monica won't tell him what is inside.
7 Feb. 2002
The One with the Birthing Video
During Valentine's Day, Chandler discovers the miracle of birth seeing an extremely graphic video.
28 Feb. 2002
The One Where Joey Tells Rachel
Ross freaks out when Joey tells him that he is in love with Rachel because Ross is afraid that they will get married and raise his kid together. Phoebe dates a guy called Don, who she thinks is Monica's soul-mate and introduces Don to Monica to see what will happen. Monica and Don get along perfectly. Ross goes to tell Joey that he doesn't hate him and Joey promises to never act on his feelings for Rachel because he won't jeopardize his friendship to Ross. But when Ross realizes that Joey really is in love for the first time he tells Joey to tell Rachel. When Joey ...
7 Mar. 2002
The One with the Tea Leaves
Chandler and Monica are happy together - their worst problem is his habit to put CDs in the wrong box and their different taste in music. Rachel is desperate to get back at good terms with Joey, so she takes Monica's advice to change the subject to something work-related. However in another uncomfortable conversation she manages to convince Joey that her boss, Mr. Zelner, wants to buy her baby. When Phoebe resumes reading tea leaves, she sees that she'll meet the man of her dreams soon, and takes that to be Jim, who she keeps bumping into. However she soon finds he ...
28 Mar. 2002
The One in Massapequa
The gang attend a party for Monica and Ross's parents' 35th wedding anniversary. Monica tries to make everyone cry with her speech. Phoebe's overly-enthusiastic date irritates everyone. Ross and Rachel are forced to pretend to be married.
4 Apr. 2002
The One with Joey's Interview
Joey gives an interview to a soap opera magazine.
25 Apr. 2002
The One with the Baby Shower
Monica and Phoebe throw Rachel a baby shower and forget to invite Rachel's mom. Rachel realizes she has no idea how to look after the baby after the birth. Meanwhile, Joey auditions for a job as a host for a new game show called "Bamboozled" and Chandler and Ross help him practice.
2 May 2002
The One with the Cooking Class
Monica's restaurant get a bad review. After confronting the critic who wrote it, she decides to join a cooking class, with Joey in tow. Rachel gets jealous when Ross hits it off with a woman at the baby department store.
9 May 2002
The One Where Rachel Is Late
Rachel becomes extremely irritable when her pregnancy is overdue by eight days, which leads to a bet between Monica and Phoebe. Meanwhile, Joey invites Chander to the screening of his new movie.
16 May 2002
The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 1
Ross and Rachel go to the hospital to have their baby but it's a long labor. They get stuck in a semi-private room and many other couples come and go before Rachel is ready to deliver, the last couple being Janice and her new husband. Chandler and Monica decide to start trying to have a baby.
16 May 2002
The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 2
After 21 hours Rachel is finally ready to go to the delivery room and baby-girl Geller Green is born and her name is Emma! Janice comes to see Rachel and Janice says she admires Rachel for her strength to raise the child on her own. When Rachel says she isn't alone because she has Ross, Janice tells her that Ross won't stay around forever and might meet someone else. Suddenly, Rachel feels very alone and she tries to talk to Ross about the kiss they had. Ross doesn't want to have a relationship with Rachel anymore because if it doesn't work out it would really hurt ...
26 Sep. 2002
The One Where No One Proposes
Rachel thinks that Joey has proposed to her. Monica and Chandler begin trying to have a baby.
3 Oct. 2002
The One Where Emma Cries
Rachel doesn't know what to do so Emma will stop crying and Monica is the only one who can make her stop. Chandler is very tired and falls asleep during a very important meeting which results in Chandler agreeing to being transferred.
10 Oct. 2002
The One with the Pediatrician
Joey arranges a blind date for Phoebe. Chandler is leaving for Tulsa without Monica, because she has got a great job offer.
17 Oct. 2002
The One with the Sharks
Monica thinks Chandler is aroused by shark documentaries.
31 Oct. 2002
The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner
Phoebe will celebrate her birthday by having a dinner with her friends at a fancy restaurant. But everybody is late to the dinner, due to a series of problems.
7 Nov. 2002
The One with the Male Nanny
Looking for a new nanny, Ross and Rachel hire a male nanny named Sandy. Monica tells Chandler that a guy at work is the funniest guy she has ever met.
14 Nov. 2002
The One with Ross's Inappropriate Song
Ross finds a way to make Emma laugh - singing "Baby Got Back."
21 Nov. 2002
The One with Rachel's Other Sister
Rachel's middle sister shows up at Thanksgiving and causes arguments amongst the gang.
5 Dec. 2002
The One with Rachel's Phone Number
Rachel is ready to start hanging out again. She and Phoebe go to a bar, where they meet two guys.
12 Dec. 2002
The One with Christmas in Tulsa
Chandler must spend Christmas in Tulsa, which Monica thinks he might have an affair with a former Miss Oklahoma runner-up while he is there. Chandler comes home early to announce that he quit his job.

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