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5 Jan. 1995
The One with Mrs. Bing
Chandler's flamboyant romance-novelist mother comes to visit, and Joey catches her kissing Ross. Meanwhile, Monica and Phoebe fight over a guy in a coma.
12 Jan. 1995
The One with the Dozen Lasagnas
Ross refuses to find the sex of his baby until it's born; Chandler and Joey go shopping for a new kitchen table and come home with a Foozball table.
19 Jan. 1995
The One with the Boobies
Joey finds out his dad has a mistress. Rachel tries to even the score after Chandler inadvertently catches a glimpse of her breasts. Phoebe dates a shrink who analyzes the gang.
9 Feb. 1995
The One with the Candy Hearts
As Valentine's Day approaches; Ross and his date end up at the same restaurant as Carol and Susan, Joey inadvertently sets Chandler up on a blind date with Janice, and the girls burn mementos of their old boyfriends.
16 Feb. 1995
The One with the Stoned Guy
Monica cooks a gourmet meal for a restaurateur who is looking for a new chef, however he arrives at the apartment stoned. Meanwhile, Ross tries to master 'dirty talk'.
23 Feb. 1995
The One with Two Parts: Part 1
Phoebe feels neglected when Joey falls for her twin sister. Chandler struggles to fire an attractive co-worker. Ross attends Lamaze classes with Carol and Susan.
23 Feb. 1995
The One with Two Parts: Part 2
Rachel switches identities with Monica so she can use her health insurance. Meanwhile, Ursula continues to come between Phoebe and Joey.
2 Mar. 1995
The One with All the Poker
As Rachel interviews for a new job, the girls take on the guys in a game of poker.
9 Mar. 1995
The One Where the Monkey Gets Away
The gang frantically search for Ross's monkey Marcel after Rachel loses him.
6 Apr. 1995
The One with the Evil Orthodontist
Rachel and Barry start dating again, despite the fact that he's now engaged to Mindy; Chandler goes nuts when a woman he likes won't return his phone calls.
27 Apr. 1995
The One with the Fake Monica
Monica befriends the woman who stole her credit card. Ross is forced to give away Marcel. Joey tries to come up with a less ethnic-sounding stage name.
4 May 1995
The One with the Ick Factor
Monica gets a shock when she finds out her boyfriend is a high school student. Chandler finds out his colleagues don't like him when Phoebe temps as his secretary.
11 May 1995
The One with the Birth
As Carol goes into labor; Ross and Susan argue, Rachel flirts with Carol's doctor, and Joey assists a pregnant single mother.
18 May 1995
The One Where Rachel Finds Out
As Ross leaves for China, Chandler accidentally reveals Ross's feelings for Rachel. Joey takes part in a fertility study and is unable to sleep with his new girlfriend.
21 Sep. 1995
The One with Ross's New Girlfriend
Rachel waits for Ross at the airport, unaware he has a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Chandler has a frightening experience with Joey's tailor, and Phoebe gives Monica a bad haircut.
28 Sep. 1995
The One with the Breast Milk
Monica goes shopping with Julie and tries to keep it a secret from Rachel. Ross is grossed out by Carol's breast milk. At his day job, Joey competes with a fellow cologne spritzer.
5 Oct. 1995
The One Where Heckles Dies
After Mr. Heckles dies and leaves all his belongings to Monica and Rachel, Chandler worries he will die alone just like him. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Ross argue over evolution.
12 Oct. 1995
The One with Phoebe's Husband
When the gang find out Phoebe married a gay Canadian ice dancer for a green card, more of their secrets are revealed. Meanwhile, Rachel gives Ross bad advice on his relationship with Julie.
19 Oct. 1995
The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant
The gang are divided by income issues; Monica, Ross and Chandler have money, and Rachel, Phoebe and Joey don't.
2 Nov. 1995
The One with the Baby on the Bus
Joey and Chandler are left to babysit Ben when Monica takes Ross to the hospital. Meanwhile, Phoebe loses her singing gig at Central Perk to a professional singer.
9 Nov. 1995
The One Where Ross Finds Out
A drunken Rachel calls Ross and reveals her feelings for him on his answering machine. Meanwhile, Monica keeps busy by being Chandler's personal trainer and Phoebe constantly wonders why her current boyfriend won't sleep with her.
16 Nov. 1995
The One with the List
with help from Chandler and Joey, Ross makes a list of pros and cons to decide whether to be with Julie or Rachel. Meanwhile, Monica gets a job making desert with a disgusting synthetic chocolate substitute.
14 Dec. 1995
The One with Phoebe's Dad
Phoebe tracks down her father, but isn't sure whether she should meet him. Ross asks Rachel to make a list of pros and cons about him.

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