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  • I'll limit the answers to character reasons, and mainly to the main characters. November, February and the penultimate episode of the season in May are the popular exit episodes. In order of departure:

    Dr. Susan Lewis ([link]

  • In April 2008, NBC decided to make it final that ER would have its 15th and final season in the the 2008-09 season. Some of the reasons included rise in production costs and decline in ratings since 2002.

  • ***** No particular order: ***** (off the top of my head)

    * Carol Hathaway - attempted suicide/childbirth (twins)

    * Jeannie Boulet - car crash/complications due to HIV

    * Robert "Rocket" Romano - kidney stones/arm reattachment surgery/ arm amputation surgery

    * Lucy Knight - stabbed (died)

    * John Carter - accidentally shocked by Chen/kicked in chest by Lucy/stabbed/kidney transplant

    * Peter Benton - appendicitis

    * Mark Greene - beaten up/brain tumor surgery

    * Kerry Weaver - collapse from fumes/hip replacement/miscarriage

    * Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen - childbirth/car crashed into river, broken ribs

    * Greg Pratt - Car crashed into river, delayed head injury/ambulance explosion (died)

    * Abby Lockhart - beaten up by neighbor/early labor-childbirth

    * Luka Kovac - malaria

    * Jerry Markovic - shot

    * Frank Martin - heart attack

    * Neela Rasgotra - trampled during an anti-war rally

    * Doug Ross - facial lacerations due to car crash/slugged by Ricky Abbott's father

    * Ray Barnett - hit by truck

    * David Morgenstern - heart attack

    * Anna Del Amico - donated bone marrow

    * Dennis Gant - hit by El-Train (died)

    * Victor Clemente - shot/psychological breakdown

    * Erin Harkins (Med Student) - car crash

    * Nurse Frank (aka: Rambo) - (father of Jing-Mei's baby) - Addison's Disease

    * Dr George Henry - Allergic reaction to latex gloves

    * Dr. Nick Cooper - too much meds pushed after asthma attack


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