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21 Jan. 1999
A Likely Story
Benton and Diefenbaker's street vendor friend Mr. Tucci is killed and while at Mrs. Tucci's, Stanley becomes attracted to her aide Luann. The investigation of the murder is complicated by a missing son, hidden wealth, and mob involvement.
4 Mar. 1999
Say Amen
While out Benton and Stanley observe a young couple when the girl Eloise is abducted. It's discovered she's a faith healer but fund raising seems primary. A bodyguard is stabbed, her friend Davey accused and Fraser starts focusing on her family's background.
4 Mar. 1999
Hunting Season
A young constable from the Northwest Territories travels to Chicago on the trail of two murder suspects, asking for Benton Fraser's help. The mounties come to discover they have a lot more in common than they initially thought.
14 Mar. 1999
Call of the Wild: Part 1
A homicide investigation leads Fraser and Kowalski to a major arms smuggling operation masterminded by Fraser Sr.'s old adversary Holloway Muldoon. As Fraser and Kowalski pursue the case, they come up against the Feds, accidentally blowing the cover of the real Ray Vecchio. As Part I ended, Fraser and Kowalski had pursued arms dealer Holloway Muldoon to an airfield, arriving just in time to cling to the fuselage of the departing plane.
14 Mar. 1999
Call of the Wild: Part 2
Fraser and Kowalski pursue an arms dealer to the Yukon, where they trek across dangerous ice fields to intercept a mysterious arms shipment. Joining forces with Thatcher, Turnbull and Buck Frobisher's legendary northern detachment, Fraser and Kowalski take on the buyers-Cyrus Bolt and his revolutionary militia.

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