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5 Jan. 1995
You Must Remember This
Ray falls in love with a woman who saves his life and then disappears, he and Fraser attempt to track her down leading ray to struggle with what he finds out about her.
19 Jan. 1995
A Hawk and a Handsaw
Fraser gets himself admitted to a psychiatric hospital to investigate the death of a patient.
2 Feb. 1995
An Eye for an Eye
While investigating a series of muggings involving the elderly, Fraser and Vecchio must contend with a mugging victim who decides to take the law into his own hands.
9 Feb. 1995
The Man Who Knew Too Little
A vacation-bound Vecchio reluctantly accompanies Fraser, who is escorting an uncooperative witness (and compulsive liar) back to Canada to testify. Along the way, they find themselves being hunted by hit-men for the Canadian mob.
16 Feb. 1995
The Wild Bunch
Deifenbaker is condemned after biting an animal control officer. Meanwhile that animal control officer is selling dogs to labs, including a husky toward whom Deifenbaker has taken a liking.
9 Mar. 1995
The Blue Line
While trying to rekindle a teenage friendship with a big-time Ice Hockey star, Fraser must overcome interference from the local mob as well as his old friends ego and arrogance
30 Mar. 1995
The Deal
Vecchio and Fraser protect a down-on-his-luck shoemaker from someone out of Vecchio's past: a former schoolyard bully turned powerful mob boss. Meanwhile, Vecchio's sister Francesca decides to romantically pursue Fraser in earnest.
6 Apr. 1995
An Invitation to Romance
While attempting to deliver a party invitation to a prominent Chicago businessman, Fraser can't seem to steer clear of the man's obnoxious fiancée, who leads him on a merry misadventure with her jealous groom-to-be in pursuit.
24 Apr. 1995
Heaven and Earth
A homeless man who sees visions may be Ray and Fraser's only link to finding a missing girl.
11 May 1995
Victoria's Secret: Part 1
Victoria, the only woman Fraser ever loved comes to Chicago, but does she have ulterior motives?
11 May 1995
Victoria's Secret: Part 2
Events with Victoria begin to spiral out of control for Fraser and Ray, putting their careers and possibly their lives on the line.
1 Jun. 1995
Letting Go
Fraser begins to suspect that a doctor at a hospital is being blackmailed.
7 Dec. 1995
Ray is furious after being declared legally dead, and goes to withdraw his savings from his local bank. Fraser and Ray then get caught up in a robbery, which leads to them ending up being trapped in the vault, with only a matter of time before the air runs out.
15 Dec. 1995
The Witness
Ray is thrown in jail for contempt of court, prompting Fraser to get himself arrested in order to protect ray and a fellow inmate.
22 Dec. 1995
Bird in the Hand
Fraser is forced to protect the man who killed his father from a group of gun smugglers, causing Fraser's emotions and his oath to do his duty to conflict.

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