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6 Jan. 1996
Noir Gang
Cornfed and Duckman both fall in love with a client in this black and white neo-noir tribute.
13 Jan. 1996
Forbidden Fruit
When Bernice hires an attractive nanny to tutor Ajax and the twins, Duckman tries to avoid making any advances toward her, but is sued for sexual harassment when he offers her an apple.
20 Jan. 1996
Grandma-ma's Flatulent Adventure
Growing tired of consistently taking care of Grandma-ma, Duckman decides to leave her in a car one night while engaging in his usual debauchery. However, when he returns, he finds the car and Grandma-ma missing.
27 Jan. 1996
Color of Naught
Lolita Davidovich reprises her role as the voice of Angela, an unwitting pawn in yet another diabolical plot by Duckman's arch-enemy, the evil genius King Chicken (Tim Curry). This time, King Chicken's scheme involves destroying the entire city, leaving Duckman alone to suffer.
10 Feb. 1996
Sperms of Endearment
Bernice decides to have children, and is artificially inseminated at a sperm bank. Later, she finds out that the donor is none other than Duckman!
17 Feb. 1996
A Room with a Bellevue
Duckman pleads insanity to avoid paying a $10 fine, ends up trapped in an asylum - and loves it. Things get even better when he's given electro-shock and released: finally our hero is at peace with the world's madness. John Byner guest voices as Dr. Morsink, Bronson Pinchot as Dr. Ducharme, and Victoria Jackson as the sing-songy nurse in this insane asylum.
24 Feb. 1996
Apocalypse Not
During an emergency drill which called for the city to be evacuated, Duckman is the only one who missed all of the notices and the drill, leaving him to believe that he is the only person left alive on Earth.
2 Mar. 1996
Clear and Presidente Danger
In a third-world country, Duckman inadvertably becomes the leader of a revolution, and is placed as the country's leader.
9 Mar. 1996
The Girls of Route Canal
In a sappy flashback quite reminiscent of "The Bridges of Madison County", Duckman recalls his courtship of Beatrice back when he was a traveling nudie photographer. David Duchovny guest as the voice of Robert, the loving husband who stands between Duckman's and Bernice's unbridled passion.
16 Mar. 1996
The Mallardian Candidate
Duckman is hypnotized to kill Cornfed, in a spoof of "The Manchurian Candidate."
6 Apr. 1996
Pig Amok
Upon learning that unless Cornfed has sex, he will die in twenty four hours, Duckman sets out to help Cornfed lose his virginity. However, the woman who ends up saving him is Bernice.
13 Apr. 1996
The Once and Future Duck
One night, Duckman is visited by a future version of himself that warns him of impending doom. Soon, he's being visited by all of his future selves, which are warning him about every decision that he's going to make in life.
20 Apr. 1996
The One with Lisa Kudrow in a Small Role
Ajax is abducted by inferior beings and taken to their happy, yet backward, planet called Beta Max where they worship him as a leader. The Beta Maxians follow his Duckman-inspired wisdom as if it were gospel, and soon enough their simplistic existence becomes corrupted with hate, bile, rage and nudie shows. Lisa Kudrow provides the voices for all of the female Beta Maxians (as they all sound exactly alike).
27 Apr. 1996
Aged Heat
A vicious killer holds the Duckman household hostage for many desperate hours - and she's a dead ringer for Grandma-ma. Brian Doyle Murray provides the voice for Agnes, the evil imposter for Grandma-ma.
4 May 1996
They Craved Duckman's Brain!
Is a satire of the American health system, Duckman's brain tissue is discovered to hold the cure for cancer - and the profit-obsessed medical establishment will stop at nothing to suppress it. Guest voices are Maureen McGovern, Judith Light and Joe Walsh, as himself.
11 May 1996
The Road to Dendron
In homage to the Hope-Crosby "Road" pictures, Duckman and Cornfed travel to the sand-swept Sahara in search of the kidnapped Ajax and stumble on a plot to kill an exotic desert Prince - who is an exact double for Ajax! Guest voices provided by Amanda Plummer, James Avery, Jay Thomas and John Rhys-Davies.
25 May 1996
Exile in Guyville
A televised argument between Duckman and Bernice results in the country being split between the male and female populations.
22 Jun. 1996
The Longest Weekend
In satire of nationalism, the Dutch Elm Street Association gets special favor for its block, spurring Duckman's North Phlegm Street to form it's own group, with Duckman as President. Despite Cornfed's peace-keeping efforts, an actual war breaks out between the two neighborhoods. Gilbert Gottfried guest voices as Art DeSalvo, Andrea Martin as Mayor Gallagher, and Judy Tenuta as Edna.
29 Jun. 1996
The Amazing Colossal Duckman
Discovering that his anger causes his entire body to grow to mammoth proportions, Duckman soon realizes that his anger has become his own worst enemy.
6 Jul. 1996
Cock Tales for Four
Ajax's new girlfriend's parents turn out to be King Chicken and his wife. While visiting them for dinner, Duckman and King Chicken's rivalry is confronted.

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