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Season 1

Duckman accidentally saves the president from an assassin and becomes a national hero and celebrity overnight. Does it go to his head and lead to disaster?
5 Mar. 1994
I, Duckman
Duckman tries to figure out who is trying to kill him.
12 Mar. 1994
T.V. or Not to Be
A televangelist hires a skeptical Duckman to find a painting that she claims creates miracles, and has a near-death experience.
19 Mar. 1994
Gripes of Wrath
Duckman would rather go see mud wrestling, but is forced to take the kids to the unveiling of a supercomputer, where he makes a comment that inspires the computer to make the world a better place, for a while anyway.
26 Mar. 1994
Feeling inadequate, Duckman gets a bill job, leading to other problems.
9 Apr. 1994
Gland of Opportunity
Recieving the gland of a daredevil gives Duckman a new outlook on life.
16 Apr. 1994
Ride the High School
Ajax is sent to a boarding school for gifted children.
23 Apr. 1994
A Civil War
While investigating a murder, Duckman becomes jealous of the attention being given to his partner, Cornfed, and fires him.
30 Apr. 1994
Not So Easy Riders
Evading the IRS, Duckman and Cornfed go on a road trip.
7 May 1994
It's the Thing of the Principal
Ajax falls in love with his vice principal.
21 May 1994
Cellar Beware
Duckman purchases an expensive home protection system. The next morning, when the family is robbed, Duckman poorly rewires the system, leading them to run to the basement to avoid being killed by it.
28 May 1994
American Dicks
Duckman and Cornfed appear on a "Cops"-like reality show detailing the lives of famous private detectives.
4 Jun. 1994
About Face
After falling for an emergency phone operator named Angela, Duckman agrees to go out with her, unaware that she is less attractive than her voice. Embarresed by his reaction to her, Angela decides to have a makeover, but even this causes problems for her and Duckman.
11 Jun. 1994
Joking the Chicken
Duckman cannot understand the inexplicable popularity of a non-offensive comedian, until he learns the hack comic's secret.

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