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1 Jan. 1995
A 12-year-old girl arrives for surgery to correct a severely cleft palate and suffers serious complications from another birth defect. A young nurse interferes in Dr. Shutt's care for the comatose Dr. Antonovich.
2 Jan. 1995
The Quarantine
Nyland informs Geiger that they may have been exposed to contagious disease. So they go into quarantine. And they have to inform everyone they may have come in contact with. And it begins with Camille whom Nyland had sex with. Then comes Aaron who was with Camille. Then Thurmond whom Camille performed CPR on. Then Nurse Atkisson whom Nyland was with. And finally Watters who came in contact with Atkisson. So while they wait, Geiger decides to open a discussion that becomes heated.
9 Jan. 1995
Love and Hope
Dr. Geiger takes part in a concert with his wife and her fellow patients. Aaron and Camille face new anxieties, and a patient admitted for one small problem ends up facing numerous ailments he never had before.
16 Jan. 1995
Great White Hope
A teenage boxer whom Dr. Watters helped train suffers a seizure. Birch lends support to a pregnant girl. Dr. Shutt is audited by the IRS and gets an unpleasant surprise.
23 Jan. 1995
Small Sacrifices
Dr. Infante reattaches a digit severed from the hand of a flutist. A former patient brings suit against the hospital and its doctors, and recruits some out of town help. A mysterious young man helps out in the ER.
6 Feb. 1995
Cutting Edges
Laurie has a big surprise for Jeffrey. An inner-city doctor suspects his teenage patient may have breast cancer.
13 Feb. 1995
Life Support
Dr. Geiger faces a volatile situation when a donor heart he tabbed for one of his patients is redirected to one of Hancock's. Dr. Shutt and Camille work to remove high-tech bullets from a cop that might explode at any minute.
20 Feb. 1995
Freeze Outs
The doctors race to save a boy who was submerged in icy waters for over three hours. An AIDS patient fights for his life and Dr. Infante has a startling request for Dr. Geiger.
27 Feb. 1995
Growth Pains
An explosion sends a dry cleaner to the ER. Dr. Kadalski is pressured to change his unorthodox methods when he treats a man who compulsively pulls out his hair. A fearful Birch lets off steam at Jeffrey as baby Alicia's condition worsens.
13 Mar. 1995
Informed Consent
Birch goes to court when Dr. Hancock is dropped from an HMO's list of providers. Shutt and Geiger offer to perform two experimental procedures simultaneously to save an elderly patient. Dr. Kronk finds out that his new girlfriend has been keeping an important fact about herself a secret.
20 Mar. 1995
Internal Affairs
Dr. Kronk uses extreme measures to save a life at an auto accident. Dr. Shutt finds himself on a collision course with Watters when the chief of staff learns of Shutt's plans for treating a man with Parkinson's disease. Dr. Nyland's a mess after presiding over an operation on an old flame that results in the removal of a healthy adrenal gland.
8 May 1995
The Virus
A public-health official threatens to close the hospital as staff members race to isolate the source of a deadly bacteria that's invaded the O.R.. A distraught Dr. Infante turns to Dr. Geiger for support.
15 May 1995
Full Moon
A troubled Dr. Geiger seeks a blessing from his institutionalized ex-wife so he can continue his relationship with Dr. Infante. A dying AIDS patient hopes Hancock can arrange a surgical procedure that would allow him to see one more sunrise.
22 May 1995
Songs from the Cuckoo Birds
After the state suspends his license to practice medicine, Dr. Geiger faces an administrative hearing in which his personal life is scrutinized as never before. And Alan feels slighted when Jeffrey chooses another lawyer to lead his defense.
18 Sep. 1995
Hello Goodbye
Jeffrey is distinctly unpopular with his fellow surgeons in the wake of his psychological problems. Jeffrey operates on one of Hancock's patients. Nyland performs the wrong operation on a patient. Birch offends everyone in his parenting class by offering unsolicited advice. Shutt's father brings a patient to Chicago Hope in the hopes Aaron will operate on her. Dr. Kronk participates in a charity bachelor auction, where he's 'purchased' by Dr. Kate Austin, new CT surgeon at the hospital.
25 Sep. 1995
Rise from the Dead
The wife of a comatose patient seeks to impregnate herself to preserve her husband's legacy. Nyland squares off against a patient when he refuses to fill her Demerol prescription. An inquisitive Kronk discovers that Nyland is the one who got the patient hooked on the drug in the first place. It's a battle of egos when Geiger meets with Austin. Aaron and Camille mutually agree on divorce. Alicia, Alan's child, has her baptism.
2 Oct. 1995
A Coupla Stiffs
Watters causes permanent damage when he participates in a charity boxing match. Diane intervenes when Billy wants to amputate a patient's leg. Dr. Grad suggests sewing maggots into the leg. Aaron and Camille make their divorce final.
9 Oct. 1995
Every Day a Little Death
Kronk and his dog move into Nyland's posh apartment after Billy's place burns down. Yvette White initially agrees to donate her late son's organs to others, but withdraws her consent when she discovers his heart will go to a Nazi-in-training. Birch finally gets up the nerve to invite Diane to lunch.
16 Oct. 1995
Wild Cards
Jeffrey becomes even more antagonistic towards Austin, believing she's out to get him. Camille considers heading up a new outpatient program. Birch gets up the nerve to express his feelings to Diane when her old boyfriend shows up. Aaron grapples with his feelings for both Camille and Kate.
30 Oct. 1995
Who Turned out the Lights?
A violent storm on Halloween night knocks out the hospital's power immediately following the arrival of several auto-accident victims.
6 Nov. 1995
From Soup to Nuts
Laurie invites Jeffrey, Aaron, and Camille to her wedding, which needs to be held soon due to the minister's impending transfer out of the asylum. Dr. Sutton operates on a fetus. Birch and Watters testify at a hearing on medicare, but are surprised when they're ambushed by a politically minded senator. Camille displays signs of depression.
13 Nov. 1995
Leave of Absence
Geiger desperately attempts to save Birch's life after he is senselessly gunned down by street thugs.
20 Nov. 1995
Dr. Watters remains 'sick' three days after Birch's death. Alan's sister Marguerite surprises Phillip, striking up an immediate friendship with him. Dr. Austin, the interim 'interim chief of staff', abuses her power to first stop a procedure, then give it the go-ahead. The unconventional procedure, performed on Multiple Sclerosis patient Joe Springer, goes forward. Diane, still suffering from the effects of the shooting, is sent home by Kate. Austin later reveals that she was raped many years ago, trying to let Diane know that she knows what it feels like to be ...
27 Nov. 1995
The Ethics of Hope
Dr. Austin is to blame when she inadvertently leaves a clamp inside a patient that later dies. Kate struggles over the dilemma of whether to stay silent and protect both herself and the hospital, or tell the patient's parents. Billy and Danny search for a street 'doctor', after one of his patients is brought in with severe internal damage. Dr. Grad successfully inoculates an ape with the AIDS virus using a vaccine she created. Harold Aldrich is temporarily hired as Birch's replacement. Camille asks Nyland to write her a prescription for sleeping pills.
11 Dec. 1995
Christmas Truce
Nyland and Hancock deliver a Christmas present to Ricky Jackson for Kronk. Gunfire erupts while they're in the apartment, forcing the doctors to stay until the gunfire abates. While there, Nyland does his best to save a man impaled on a pipe, while Dennis braves bullets to bring in medical assistance. Diane worries that she might have contracted HIV from Bam-Bam, a laboratory animal. Camille is brought in after suffering a seizure while dancing. Billy treats a high-school baseball phenom with possible colon cancer.

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