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18 Sep. 1994
Dr. Shutt has some difficulty concentrating on his patients after his wife files for divorce. Dr. Geiger agrees to separate conjoined twins, and Dr. Watters ponders suspending the eminent Dr. Thurmond's surgical privileges.
22 Sep. 1994
Over the Rainbow
Dr. Geiger clashes with the hospital's executive committee after he performs an experimental procedure on a deceased patient. Dr. Shutt takes on a hapless HMO representative who insists that a less experienced, (and less expensive) surgeon perform a complex operation.
29 Sep. 1994
Food Chains
The hospital's administrator dies while "with" Angela. Phillip is made acting administrator. Geiger tries to give a patient, who is waiting for a heart transplant, some more time by giving him the heart of a baboon. Thurmond upon learning that Nyland refuses to treat a woman with AIDS, considers firing him, unless Nyland can convince him not to. Thurmond also decides to use Geiger's baboon to treat the woman with AIDS by transplanting it's bone marrow to her.
6 Oct. 1994
With the Greatest of Ease
An accident brings tragedy to a family trapeze act while Dr.Geiger walks the fine edge of sanity. Dr.Shutt has a run-in with a bigoted patient and Camille returns to life without Aaron.
13 Oct. 1994
You Gotta Have Heart
When an infant suffering from a rare birth defect is pronounced legally dead, the child's mother refuses to grant an organ donation that could save another baby's life.
20 Oct. 1994
Shutt Down
Dr Shutt struggles with his ambivalence over the death of a gang member who opens fire in the ER. A boy is mysteriously paralyzed after a successful operation to correct a circulatory defect.
3 Nov. 1994
Genevieve and Fat Boy
Dr. Geiger performs a risky heart operation on an overweight mob killer who's a key witness for the FBI. Two weary residents plot a practical joke to get even with the dour Dr. Geiger. The budding relationship between Dr. Shutt and Dr. Antonovich takes an unexpected turn.
10 Nov. 1994
Death Be Proud
A 12-year-old girl arrives for surgery to correct a severely cleft palate and suffers serious complications from another birth defect. A young nurse interferes in Dr. Shutt's care for the comatose Dr. Antonovich.

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