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Another case of: "Too real for the viewing public"

Author: smshepard from United States
6 April 2001

Another Steven Bochco-branded hit which delved (perhaps too deeply) into modern day Hawaiian island's culture. My wife and I lived on Maui and the Big Island, the later destination where we resided during this great show's tragically short life. The issues were wonderfully relevant to families from "the mainland (USA)" trying to live in the duality of Hawaii's very complex cultures. So many see Hawaii from the balcony of the hotels or the beaches, the bike rides down Haleakala.

A few also see it when faced by some local people who speak pidgin English - that's right - If you're really one of "da kine",(a local) how 'ya talk-story' counts. And that is apparently one of several factors "language", and cultural / historical ignorance by many 'viewers') that got the show canceled.

Hawaii is a 'melting pot' of Native Hawaiians, many generations of Japanese-Americans, Chinese, Portuguese and Filipino-Americans as well as the 'perceived late-comers' known by the racist term "HAOLE" to some of the less-educated locals. Actually, people of European & British decent arrived well before the Japanese-Americans and people of Russian descent colonized Hawaii prior to that.

Mr. Bochco and crew (I am not sure who conceived the plot), combined the positive and negative to show a true-life Hawaii and a 'model- mainland' family struggling to adapt. Too bad so many people can't handle the reality of it. It was a show that should have been re- considered. Shame on you network hatchet-people - Hawaii's 'balcony dwellers' 2 weeks a year!

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great show....

Author: Akasha Nyx from Vancouver
15 April 2002

sadly enough, I remember when this show was one, and have been talking about it for years, yet no one ever remembers it's existance. I'm glad to see here that I wasn't going mad, and that the series did exist. From what I can remember, it was a really great show. I don't remember why or anything......sadly enough. Wish it would make a come back in the reruns.

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Nothing good ever lasts for long.

Author: MayhapsItWasGoodBackThen from ImpossibleToPleaseThirtySumthings
31 August 1999

As far as I can remember this was a great show. Weird to some content, maybe? I call that originality. And believe me that's exactly what's missing in TV-shows today in the same category.. errmm... family soap for teens(?). ;)

If it was up to me I'd rather watch Byrds of Paradise than Party of Five. Don't get me wrong. PoF is watchable for the most parts, but I considered BoP had some real potential... Well, I suppose we get what we deserve.

Check this out if you ever get the chance.

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Aloha! Looking for information on Byrds of Paradise Soundtrack

Author: dayeliza from United States
10 April 2008

I, too, miss Byrds of Paradise, one of the all-time great TV shows-- predictably short-lived. Even though I've forgotten most of the details, what lives on in memory is the Mood of the show! And a view of Hawaii never seen before.

Kinda nice to run across so many folks who actually remember it! I feel as though I'd found members of my endangered species after wandering endlessly around the entertainment wasteland all very alone...

One of the most beautiful and evocative musical performances I've ever heard or seen was Arlo Guthrie's with a Hawaiian musician (or musicians)on Byrds of Paradise. Don't remember name of episode, name of music, name of Hawaiian musician(s), or kind of instrument(s)(ukulele, guitar, both?). I want to hear it again! Can anyone help?

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"Byrds Of Paradise" #9

Author: rbrown109 from United States
1 July 2006

Yes, I was particularly excited about this show, when it premiered back on March 3, 1993. ( My Birthday ) I have been a long time fan of Arlo Guthrie, and I thought, Jeeze, what a great B-day present. A T.V. show, with Arlo Guthrie as one of the stars. Not only a fan of Guthrie's music, but I love his acting career as well... No matter how small, a library!!! (e.p. Woodstock, Alice's Rest., guest appearances on shows, from Seseame st. to the Old John Cash TV show.. His cameo appearances, are too many to mention... LOVED HIM in the movie, 'Roadside Prophets"... His acting in that movie, was GREAT.... Unlike certain scenes from Legendary Director's Arthur Penn.. Alices. ) The show was also, easy on the eyes, as a very young Jennifer Love Hewitt, was another great addition to the show.... I never really cared for actor Timothy Busfield, until I watched Byrds... Actor Seth Green, has shown a long track record of being a successful actor...

I guess to sum it up, is Americans don't want wholesome... The days of the Waltons are OVER!!! ( this was a favorite show of mine) I didn't learn till yrs. later, Will Geer was a longtime friend of Arlo's Dad, Woody.... Not that it would make any difference. The Waltons was a great show!!!! Yet, unless people can turn in every week, and witness, blood and guts (CSI, and all the CSI wannabees ) murder, rape, and prison life ( too many TV shows to mention ) or trashy over 40 wanna look 25, and cheating on they're spouses, they aren't gonna tune in... I'm speaking for the majority..

Myself, I love the minority here... NO, I don't want to watch a modern day 'Osmonds' or 'Partride Family'.... But it would be great, to watch a good drama, with no violence, now vulgarity, nudity, and heavy drug usage..... Recreational drug use is acceptable... But I don't make ratings, or have any influence on what people WANT to watch on TV..

Piece out/RB

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Very Good actors on a Very Good show.

Author: yoredm from Canada
1 August 2016

I think I started watching this show because Timothy Busfield was in another show I enjoyed (30 something) His character is much less whiny in this show. To this day (2016) every time I see Seth Green in a movie I ask if people remember him from this show. To this day, I haven't found anyone else that does.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. What else can I say. A talented beautiful actress. She got my attention and is a name to remember!

Being set in Hawai'i was something different than the average show. Something beautiful to look at besides the regular LA fare (BH90210?)

I guess including a somewhat authentic feel of life in Hawai'i was too foreign for most viewers and it didn't catch on. Add my vote for seeing this series being made available for download or on a DVD !

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Byrds of Paradise - love this show

Author: xoxo-18 from Canada
2 July 2007

Wow, I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who really liked this short-lived TV series. At the time it was actually running, I was the only person out of my group of friends that even knew it existed. I thought it was brilliant. I think my friends just couldn't relate to it or something. Around this time One West Waikiki started running, although it had a little more staying power, Byrds was still my favourite of the two. I was greatly disappointed when Byrds was cancelled and even more disappointed that I can't find it on any form of media (DVD, VHS, etc.) no matter how hard I search. I guess only people who taped it on VHS and then transferred it to DVD have it. Anyone know if it's available?

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I remember this show

Author: cedesmer from Maryland, United States
4 March 2006

I'm glad I'm not the only person that remembers this show. I loved that it took place in Hawaii. And the cast was actually quite well picked for this show as far as I can remember. It was also one of the first series' that I would actually wait all week for the next episode. I was so disappointed when it was canceled. It was a great show, and i thought it would have survived longer than that. I wish they would have some reruns of it. Though I guess because it was only one season that will never happen. I can't believe it has really been 12 years since it first aired. If anyone can find this on DVD or tape, I would definitely encourage them to check it out.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Author: uscbigcock from United States
23 July 2008

This was an entertaining show from what I remember.

I was about 12 years old and enjoyed it.

I also completely fell in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt so much that I watched party of five even though I did not like it.

She was the best thing a preteen could hope for And still is for that matter.

I started watching Ghost Whisperer for her but kept watching because it is a pretty good show.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a pretty good actress

I don't know why she does not get offered better roles.

With her body you don't even have to be a great actress

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